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Earth Mother Synchronization 04-02-16

This is the recording from the first of the Earth Mother synchronization events. The recording includes an introduction by Michele, a channeling from the Earth Mother, and a process facilitated by Michele. In February of 2016 we learned that our long project coordinated by beings in Spirit had been accomplished and our sessions with them were ending. We were informed that the next sequence of events would be with the Earth Mother. The intention of the EM sessions would be designed to assist us in making certain adjustments that would keep us synchronized with her larger planetary body and  shifts.

A sense of the purpose for this first session is made a little clearer by some of the opening remarks of the channeling from the Earth Mother:

“This experience is about allowing your bodies to vibrate with more life, to feel the experience of aliveness and to open the currents from my body to yours in ways that can assist more creation, more collaboration, and more consistency and sustainability.

Many of you have had ups and downs, and it has been difficult to find a sense of consistent sustainability, especially since your bodies are so responsive to how you’re feeling emotionally, so responsive to what is taking place with the absorption of light as you move things through your own experience, and embody more of you, etc.

There’s a need now, in the human population, to start to have a vibrational living consistency or sustainability. We are moving into waves of synchronization. We cannot do that if there is not an ability to sustain. Sustainability is primary. There are places within each person that have been so used to being responsive to what is going on with your mind, what is going on with your emotions, what is going on energetically. The body has been like flying behind everything. It is not with or within a kind of stabilized, functional, sustainable life force that has its own vibration and is less knocked off course with other things that go on.

My vibrational nature has been shifting, and shifting, and shifting. That has been sorting what can be sustained and synchronized here with us, and what is sorting out and will not be sustainable and not be synchronized. It’s very simple at that level.

If you look around you, you will see people that are vibrating away. They are vibrating out of synchronization here with life. They are anti-life. They are actually pushing away from life. They are anti-love, or anti-presence. You can watch it, their vibrations are sorting out. They will not be sustainable here on a physical level. But those who are staying need to become sustainable, and that is what we are here to do.”


The process starts within the channeled portion as the Earth Mother uses her language of creation to directly address and energetically start a shift in our physical bodies. The final portion facilitated by Michele continues and completes the process.

The full recording runs a little over 3 hours. You will note where the original group took a break, which you may also wish to do.

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