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Lightsmith’s Last Hurrah

It is time. Or maybe the end of time. Our original need to exist has completed, our raison d’être fulfilled. We have assisted those of Spirit and Earth to accomplish what was agreed upon eons ago. We have stayed the course, we have moved as directed, we have done our work, we have given 100% to the plan. And so have you, which is why you understand what is coming to a close.

Our finale, so to speak, is the upcoming two-part event with the Earth Mother beginning next Saturday, September 10th, followed by part two on Saturday, October 8th. My sense is that some large movement is just on the horizon, and she will be working to help prepare us, making sure we are ready for the shifts up ahead. If you have come this far with us and feel ready to proceed, I invite you to join us for what may be the last event of its kind. I can’t think of a better ending than an Earth Mother process shared with all of you. Many of you have already signed up, and we will make room for all who are interested. Check the calendar for more information about how to sign up if you are at a distance. No pre-registration is necessary if you are coming in person.

Perhaps the first large change for us is that we are putting the Lightsmith building up for sale. If you’ve been to the building, you know what a gem it is. We do feel the time is right for this transition, and without events and classes to support the expense we have to let it go. If you feel called to explore the idea of having your own building, please . Also, if you know a good commercial real estate agent, please send them our direction.

As the year winds down, here is what’s up for us:

Michele will continue offering individual sessions by phone and in person. Location will change at some point.

Some commentary and other updates are likely to continue arriving at your inbox. We’re not disappearing, as far as we know :)

Visible & Present will continue on its current schedule through the fall. Future plans will be announced. If you’ve been putting off this adventure, now would be the time to commit. Discovery Process One – Authentication is soon upon us on Saturday, September 17th. See the website or calendar listing for more information. Please pre-register with Michele. or call 651-224-4451. FYI, there are currently 3 spots open.

Here’s where I will sign off for now. Michele has a special contribution to this update that you can read below.

Still I scribe,



From Michele:

To Ed: Gratitude and Good-bye  

Ed Stone died last week. He was my partner in life when I became a channel, and if it were not for Ed’s presence I would not have opened that capacity to channel or continued to use it. Ed showed up about the time I was giving up, complete with cancer, dreams of dying, and an emotional log jam. He told me I didn’t have to die and was the first person to tell me of reincarnation and meditation. Reincarnation immediately explained a number of mysteries in my life and helped me to see life’s continuum. Eventually, meditation led to channeling.

Long story short, I did not choose to become a channel. It was Ed who recognized the voice coming though my meditative writing as guidance beyond my conscious knowing, and he was very excited to question and learn and record it all. Ed initiated conversations and the Spirit Teachers taught. They taught me about the energy body, the causal plane of creation, and how to pay attention and listen to the soul of people and the consciousness in all life. They taught Ed and then others about the big picture of what has been unfolding here on Earth and offered perspective, guidance, and experiential processes to heal and transform lifetimes of constriction, trauma, and fear. “Love it all!” was one of their first lessons.

So Ed and I started “The Whole Course”, a small newsletter of channeled material, commentary, and stories. It was at that time that our son Markael was born, an unexpected but joyful presence whose love has been healing to us both. We lived quietly, tucked away in the Minnesota River Valley with little outside contact. While there, my capacity to channel evolved to be able to merge with a greater variety of Spirit Beings than the initial group of teachers. People found out about the channeling and I began to travel, meeting with groups around the state, with Ed often staying home with Mark. But he always transcribed the sessions, learning what he could and sharing it with others.

Eventually my path took me beyond the valley and Ed, which he never fully understood. I hope he can see and understand now. That path lead to meeting Chris, the formation of Lightsmith, and a whole new chapter. But what opened with Ed nearly 34 years ago is now ending as he leaves. My planetary work bringing through the Beings in Spirit completed last February and I am sensing the same coming soon with the planetary work that comes through my merger with the Earth Mother. I hope to continue a personal relationship with them and I know they know I am available if needed. Ed’s passing now seems synchronized with the closure of this life I never consciously chose but grew to cherish and love. Thank you Ed, you are now free to merge within the Love and Divine Union you searched for throughout your life. I love you, and good bye for now.

For those of you who knew Ed and are interested in details of his memorial on Sept. 18th, please .


What is next? That is still unknown. I have been through the death and rebirth process three previous times in this body. This time the process has been exponentially more gentle and my trust in the flow and timing more solid. I feel some sadness as we prepare to release the building that has been home to Lightsmith these past 11 years. This solid red brick servant who sits on a ley line has been the perfect place to anchor all the downloads into the planetary grid and collective consciousness. The Fusion process that birthed the Fifth Dimension is complete…Light is now merged within Life, Heaven within Earth a reality. Thank you dear Humboldt building….you have supported and served us well!

With and within Love,




About Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or


  1. Dear Chris and MIchelle,
    I read your announcement to end LIghtsmith.com with mixed feelings today. Clearly it is time for this long livelihood to close, and for a new chapter in your lives to open. I am one of the folks who has been with you in spirit, via email and occasionally phone conferencing, since 1996. Michelle’s channelings from the Earth Mother and other friends in spirit were some of the very first I experienced on this long journey towards the new earth and our new, higher dimensional awareness of ourselves and each other as One.
    I wish to thank you both from my deep heart for all your inspiration, encouragement and faith in this often tumultuous process of evolution. None of us are the same as when we began this journey, and your love and uplifting messages helped me to stay afloat in some of those very rocky waters!!
    I wish you both many blessings for whatever lies ahead, and hope that you will somehow stay connected with us, if only through the etheric airways. What a long, strange trip it has been!!
    with love and peace, in light of the Blessed Mother/Father/Christ,
    Leigh Jardine

    Leigh Jardine

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