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Strange Days


Strange Days Have Found Us. Strange days have tracked us down.
The Doors, 1967 

1967. Strange then, strange now. Then again, days have felt strange to me for almost 67 years. And the immersion into peculiarity continues apace.

I’m never sure which facets of the weird to reference when creating these updates. Should I mention the recent spate of dreams filled with Dali-ish imagery and disjointed plot lines? Or how about the growing list of things I could/should/might do but have minimal energy to actually accomplish? Then there’s the mystery that is money, phasing in and out on a rhythm of its own. And I haven’t yet mentioned the curious global sideshow featuring supremely odd acts of people who seem unable to expunge themselves from a reality carved of delusion.

Life is shifting so rapidly and the sorting is so persistent that I’m amazed we’re able to weather this transition intact. Didn’t it seem heroic to be considered a first-waver, out on the edge blazing a trail? Sometimes I wonder if our participation happened like one of those comedies where the drill instructor calls for volunteers and you’re left standing in front when everyone else steps back. Or maybe we were just so fed up with the rate of progress that we took a breath, hunkered down and said let’s get ‘er done. All I know is there we were, here we are, and the better part of a lifetime has passed between.

And done it is, IT being the deconstruction of a decrepit old structure of consciousness. We dismantled it one small bit at a time by immersing ourselves within it, taking ourselves apart and reconstructing our reality. What’s nice is that the memory of the process seems to fade as fast as the new reality is taking hold, and that rapid memory dump is significant. That’s an indicator that we did well, we’re moving on, and the long, long, long endeavor is fini.

Now we’re less about transformation and more about transition. Less about healing, and more about polishing to clarity. We’re still shaking loose a few things hiding in fissures of the unconscious, since it’s evident that we can’t be conscious within creation when anything unconscious remains. Fortunately, it’s much easier now to move through processes triggered by little things. You know, the ones that just show up to poke us, pointing out where a spot was missed.

Along with this tidying up, we’re being brought up to speed, literally. That’s a different experience. No less taxing, just different. We are undergoing significant alteration of our DNA and cellular, physical form. It’s understandable that all we might feel like doing sometimes is sitting in a recliner doing nothing of significance, or binge-watching The Murdoch Mysteries while endlessly scrolling through Facebook. Plenty is happening, even if it isn’t exactly what you had envisioned after reading one too many predictions about the energy of these times. Be kind to yourself. Anything needing to get done will get done. The rest is you thinking about what you should be getting done.

As for our summer of political frivolity, it can be helpful to take a step back and view the hubbub as a process of people sorting themselves. There are several trajectories possible at this juncture from which souls may choose to continue their evolution. Those choices are significant in a story that goes beyond how one might vote for a president. Trust the process, and watch for the broad strokes of change. And notice the little things, too. There’s magic afoot.


Until recently I, too, have had a heaping helping of sluggishness and recliner chair non-activity, and have been slow to make available the Earth Mother Synchronization process from last month. As you probably know, we have reached the end of the major project with our friends in Spirit. The template is set for the new dimensional experience, and the Earth Mother is now our direct guide for continuing the transition out of Duality. This new recording is from the first of several expected sessions with the Earth Mother as she helps our bodies keep up with her own shifts and frequency acceleration.

The session includes a welcome by Michele, a channeling of the Earth Mother including helpful information, and a process using the language of creation. The session ends with a process co-facilitated by Michele and EM. I transcribed a few lines from the channeling to give a sense of the purpose for this first session:

“This experience is about allowing your bodies to vibrate with more life, to feel the experience of aliveness and to open the currents from my body to yours in ways that can assist more creation, more collaboration, and more consistency and sustainability.”

“There’s a need now, in the human population, to start to have a vibrational living consistency or sustainability. We are moving into waves of synchronization. We cannot do that if there is not an ability to sustain. Sustainability is primary. There are places within each person that are used to being responsive to what is going on with your mind, what is going on with your emotions, what is going on energetically. It is not within a kind of stabilized, sustainable life force that has its own vibration, and is less likely to be knocked off course with other things that go on.”

“My vibrational nature has been shifting, and shifting, and shifting. That has been sorting what can be sustained and synchronized here with us, and what is sorting out and will not be sustainable and not be synchronized. It’s very simple at that level.”

“If you look around you, you will see people that are vibrating away. They are vibrating out of synchronization here with life. They are anti-life. They are actually pushing away from life. They are anti-love, or anti-presence. You can watch it, their vibrations are sorting out. They will not be sustainable here on a physical level. But those who are staying need to become sustainable, and that is what we are here to do.”

“Those who are staying need to become sustainable.” That sums up the intention of the session, though words barely touch the nature of the experience and energetic assistance. The word I use for these kinds of sessions is potent. If you’ve been feeling the need for some kind of support and you’re not sure exactly what that might be, give this session a try. Check our shop menu for a link to order.

I have also added another item to our shop, which is the recording of Michele’s grid class from a few weeks ago. She demonstrated how to make energy grids to keep your space clear, grids for personal manifestation, and also touched on planetary grids. We use space-clearing grids at our building and at home. The clearing grids do a lot of work so you don’t have to, and learning how to make and activate them is a key part of the program. I’m also guessing you might have an interest in a personal manifestation grid.  This is a technology Michele rarely teaches, and we’re glad to finally have a video version available. The download includes both the video file and a two PDF handouts. Visit the shop for more information and the purchase link.

And, one last thing. Although we haven’t promoted ourselves much in this capacity, Michele and I work together to do space clearings and other energetic adjustments to buildings and property. We often are contacted because of entity interference, but adjustments can also include the moving of ley lines when needed, gridding of a space to keep out unwanted energies, or any number of other issues that we discover when we begin a project. I will be creating a page with more information, but in the mean time you can contact Michele directly for more information. 651-224-4451 or michele@lightsmith.com.

No, wait, THIS is the last thing: Our next planetary event will be the solstice, currently on our calendar for Monday, June 20th at 7pm CDT. You can join us by phone or internet stream.  I’ll have login information on the calendar listing prior to the event.






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  1. Chris- Thank you for this amazing post! Every time I think I’m going off the deep end, you somehow manage to come thru with posts like this! Perfect, specific and precise, right on, an yet somehow very hopeful. Thank you so much! Christie Lord.

    Christie Lord
  2. Ditto to what Christie Lord said.
    And for what it’s worth I did not receive this letter in my subscription/ email.
    I wonder if others did not receive it?

    Cyndy Tuttle

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