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And Now We Pivot

To describe the transition we’re now in as a “shift” is wholly inadequate. Our recent event with Yeshua spoke to our current state of transition, was helpful in its clarification and stunning in its message. Like most events of this type, we had direct conversation through channeling and a guided process facilitated by Michele.

Changes. I’m wondering if something in you is saying “I’m done. No more. I am not only unwilling, but unable to continue in the way that I have.” Maybe it’s a job, maybe it’s a relationship, maybe it’s where you live. Maybe it’s how you have defined yourself to yourself or others. Maybe it’s just an impulse you’re following. Maybe we are all giving up roles in favor of true expression as unique, individuated beings. Maybe sacrificing our authenticity to fit in has become unbearable. Or maybe organizing ourselves around theories, beliefs, codes and dogma is giving way to a greater immersion into life and new experiences of unrealized possibility.

Letting go when it is time truly does create an opening for something new. You’re already aware how old forms are dissolving on all levels. No one is exempt from the effects of this dissolution, nor from the demands of the transformative process.

We are headed for a new experience that includes fulfillment of heart and soul desires. There is more dissolving needed in the whole, and perhaps personally, but do not fear the re-creation of painful experiences. That is not the way of the New Field. I believe you will find that consciously choosing to release yourself from old forms is much more liberating that you might have thought possible and much easier than the struggle of resistance. It is nigh time to move forward. Boldly go.

Lightsmith, Too

Lightsmith also is yielding to the winds of change. We, too, must release what has reached completion as we recognize and honor shifts of energy. And, as two people expressing through the Lightsmith form, Michele and I are no different in having initial reluctance to releasing what has been known. But, we get to practice what we preach. Trusting the flow and opening to the Mystery is the order of the day. And so we take a deep breath and leap into changes of our own, which include:

  • The ending of all First Tuesday sessions
  • The completion of Spirit channelings or Spirit-guided events.
  • The cancellation of all subscriptions to The Lightsmith Deal (since covered events have ended).
  • The elimination of Cross-Quarter planetary events.

What will continue:

  • Equinox and Solstice planetary events remain on the calendar.
  • Sessions with the Earth Mother will continue to arrange as needed.
  • Visible & Present Discovery Processes will continue and are expanding.
  • Michele will continue to see individual clients, at least for awhile.

These changes partly reflect a very large collective shift (I’m getting to that). And, might I note that when something feels done it is increasingly more difficult to focus any energy into attempting business as usual. I suspect you’ve noticed.

The Pivot

There is a reason we at Lightsmith are moving away from working so directly with compatriots in Spirit, which is that they are changing their relationship with us. Another chapter in the story is opening. For many years certain people, Michele among them, have been positioned to be conduits for downloads from those in Spirit assisting the evolutionary process. Many more people have been the receivers of these downloads, willing to do the inevitable personal work and shifting necessary to integrate these energetic shifts into their consciousnesses, thereby affecting the hologram of the collective. This phase is done, so Spirit is also making a shift. The series of downloads into human consciousness from Spirit sources has completed. We are being directed to now shift our focus.

It is this turning of attention, what I am calling a pivot point, that is behind many of the challenges you are experiencing and Lightsmith is reflecting. Attention is now returning to Life. For us, that also means sharing our grateful appreciation for the magnificent being directing this grand transformation. We call her Earth Mother. Some know her as Gaia Terra.

Gaia Terra is a master manifester, capable of materializing light into infinite forms. It is she who has been evolving a human form capable of embodying the fullness of our Source-light. It is also she who volunteered to gather all the aspects of consciousness that were evolved in the universe(s), with the intention of weaving a New Field within a new dimensional experience. She is not just “nature”. She is a vast being in a planetary embodiment that is fulfilling an intention to fuse eternal Spirit within a living, materialized experience. That willingness to do so is a gift yet to be fully appreciated by most.

Besides extensive work with those in Spirit, Lightsmith has also represented Earth Mother. She began communicating through Michele in 1995, and subsequently Michele and I have traveled to many countries on behalf of the earth. We have usually done so without much foreknowledge of the purpose. We have been her advocates, even as we worked with Spirit to facilitate their portion of the plan. We are aware of her role and will continue to be of assistance to her when asked. The shift is re-directing attention to Life, and healing a separation that has caused great imbalance in our understanding and perceptions about why we are here and what we are doing.

We do not consider Spirit superior to Matter. Neither do we consider physical form to be dross, nor life embodied as something to be endured for lessons to be learned before returning to the “real” realm of Spirit. Physicality is, and always has been, part of the plan. The fusion of Light within Matter to create a new dimensional experience is the endgame of a long-held intention within Creation. The capacity for full embodiment in human form means Spirit can have emotional, sensory experiences. And playmates. And synchronous, collaborative creative experiences in form.

Imagine the possibility of living a life where you can express your authenticity and be honored for your uniqueness, where you can evolve beyond pain and separation, and where conscious co-creation is reality. Then imagine it right here. It’s not so far away as you might think.

Some time ago we were informed that the 8 years between 2012 and 2020 would be tumultuous as old structures began to exponentially lose integrity and energy. That sense of acceleration in the rate of breakdown sure feels accurate to me, and I know how challenging it can be to stay focused on the big picture when dramatic meltdowns can stimulate distraction.

To help me maintain integrity and alignment while the world moves through chaos, I keep a few things in mind:

  • The shift into the new field is assured. It cannot be stopped.
  • A great sorting is taking place, and choices made by each person will determine the kind of experience they will have going forward.
  • This is a transformation, not a collapse and rebuild project. The breakdowns we are witnessing in the world are needed. All that has been unconscious needs to be revealed, and the energy must be released to be reclaimed for new expressions. Some of us have been at it for awhile on a personal level. Now the greater collective gets a turn.
  • The Earth Mother has estimated 2020 as the year the scales will tip the other direction. Until now, the old story has held dominance. As the rate of change quickens, the new story will soon become dominant.
  • Earth is transforming. Some call it ascension. She is creating a new dimensional level of experience. Those who are choosing Life are invited to go with her into that experience. Those choosing against Life have another trajectory.

The Next Phase

As the transformation process returns our attention to earth, we find ourselves making adjustments in our bodies. I bet you can list several issues you’ve had in the last 3 months. This pivoting toward Life is why you may feel discombobulated (more than usual) and why we are currently being so challenged in our physical experience. It’s also why you will find things arranging, or maybe rearranging, between you and others in ways that are unexpected. Life is orchestrating, you don’t have to. Honor yourself and your feelings. Practice discernment.

What’s next is a phase of synchronization with the earth. We can’t yet understand the implications of what awaits, but the reference is to stages we will be moved through as the earth continues her dimensional transition. For those who have chosen to participate with her, she will be doing everything possible to help us keep up. When asked what’s the best thing we could do for ourselves right now, Yeshua said “hang on to the earth”. Buckle up.


Our event with Yeshua was quite magnificent. During the channeling he opened the conversation for us to ask questions. Between his initial message and his responses to our questions we learned more about what’s coming with the current shift toward Life. I was also stunned to learn about changes in the way we will transition in and out of life in the future, starting even in the current generation with those who are embodying more fully.

This was our last such session with Spirit, and both the channeling and final Spirit-directed process were rich with information and significant energetic adjustments. We have already heard from people who missed this event, asking if we could make it available. I now have a link on our website for purchasing the download.

This event was the highlight of many sessions we’ve had over the years. We had a clear, expanded message from Yeshua, and the channeling went an hour and 22 minutes with Q&A included, an abundance of fascinating and helpful information. The channeling set the stage for the last process of its type, and the final preparatory step before the Earth Mother begins her series of synchronizations.

You may be interested in hearing what Yeshua had to say and to complete this final process for yourself. I have created a product page where you can order the full session, if you wish. Even if you don’t choose to hear the entire program, you can listen to the first 10 minutes of the channeling using the player at the bottom of the page. I’m sure you will find the information interesting.

We’d love to hear what’s up with you. Remember that you can make comments, share your own experiences or ask questions about this or any other update. You’ll need to be viewing the post on our website. You can click on the article title in your email, or go to the website directly.

And now we pivot right along with you, with receptivity and curiosity, looking forward to where our new direction leads.

To Life.





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Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or


  1. Being present at the Yeshua channeling was life changing and life affirming. It is with great glee that my path is truly doing a major pivot right now, a big move across the country, to connect with myself and the planet in a slower more earth-based way. Here’s to the Great Earth Mother sourcing our beautiful moves together towards the life we were always intended for. Thank you for translating this complex subject in your usual droll and understandable manner. We will miss you but will love the new way life will unfold for all of us.

  2. Hi Chris and Michele,
    I so enjoyed this article…I suppose because it echoes what I have experienced, felt and done. I especially liked this: “The series of downloads into human consciousness from Spirit sources has completed.” I believe that is true, although I am sure we will continue to get personal guidance and help. It is, as you said, very hard to give up a role and a job, but the rewards are amazing.
    I wish you joy and love on the next step of this amazing journey we are all on!
    Blessings, Kathryn

    Kathryn Harwig
  3. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks for the comment. I may need to add a note to a future update about the shifts with Spirit, but I’ll add it here for anyone who may come across these comments. Those in the group we have worked with are not going anywhere, and people can still be in connection as desired. It’s the specific task (if that’s the right word) that has been completed, so they have no need to continue with the guided processes as they have come through Michele. The next phase will be different.


  4. Chris , your gathering of words to state what is going on in the current, is such a high calibre.
    As you put into words what I am living, it begins to ground and integrate, seeds activate, path unfurls.
    I wanted to comment right away ,yet the impact of your letter is still with me and I can not find words large enough.
    Perhaps not spoken, just physical sensate experience.
    Thanks to All in Spirit, our Great Gaia, Lightsmith, Chris and Michelle.
    May we all pivot with the spiritual/energetic equivalent of WD-40.
    Bravo Bravissimo

    Cyndy Tuttle
  5. Oh my goodness… this has been my mantra and drive since we moved to our new home in Oct 2015… “I’m done. No more. I am not only unwilling, but unable to continue in the way that I have.” I have acted on it numerous times with such an ease of response, I am often baffled! Things are feeling really clear, and I have an understanding of where I need to go and where I want to go and that it will all happen in perfect timing. This was such a message of confirmation – and please know I did not need it, but celebrate it! Thanks so much for your website and effort to share!

  6. Hi Chris,

    I too, am grateful beyond words for all you and Michelle have done. LIghtsmith has been my Touchstone in a seemingly insane inner and outer world. Your words have given me clarity and great hope. I’m wondering; will you still write your blogs? Sincerely, Christie Lord.

    Christie Lord
  7. Thanks, Christie. Yes, I expect blog posts will continue.

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