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Our First Community Post

Welcome to those of you who have signed up for the community mail list. I’m making a post to kick off this new feature and invite you to add a comment of your own. Tell us what’s up with you, what you have noticed in the energies this week, or how much candy you ate last weekend. It’s all yours!


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Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or


  1. I’m hesitating to reveal how much chocolate I ate over the weekend! Definitely must get back to my running routine now. I continue to notice the need for sleep – a lot of sleep – and lately I’ve been experiencing strange little “spurts” of euphoria, only seconds long, and centered in my head. Not sure what’s up with that, but those started after one of the mastery classes so there ya go!

    How are you and Michele doing with all this change???

  2. Lots of sleep for me, too, but that’s been the case for weeks. Sometimes I go to bed at 9:30 and sleep for 10 or 11 hours. I have also initiated what feels like a large soul return that is still running in my system. That’s another interesting story I probably won’t be detailing here, but feels like the most significant thing in weeks if not months.

    I do think that joy and euphoria is what’s pushing in to be the new experience of “normal”, and what’s in the way requires processing until the clog is blasted. That’s my Drano analogy for the day.

  3. Glad to see that I am normal with the few post so far. Yes , lots of chocolate lately but “healthy ones Lightsmith turned me on too. Those Acai covered drops have been landing in my daily intake of granola. Sleep has been really deep when I have it. Last night I laid in bed and had a remarkable down load of juicy ideas for the future. Exciting! I shared them with my husband when I woke up and he said “your scarring me”. lol
    Hey Chris wondering if we could get a spell check on the site for people like me whose brains and fingers are not always so connected.
    My daughters golden Birthday is tommorrow Friday the 13th. time to celebrate!

    Beth Boland
  4. Hey, Beth – I don’t know about spell-checking, but how about auto-correct so when you type I’m so sad it spells out I’d like a bagel, or check my bag. Or, do what I do. Type your comment in Word until it’s good to go and then copy and paste into the box. Nobody will ever know your brain and fingers are glitchy :)

  5. I wanted to write something delightful, as befitting this delightful new site (I wrote something somewhere on it, earlier, about how it’s gorgeously non-linear, and full of surprises, and that I felt like a child wandering around at a fair) — but, problem is, it’s 8:40 PM and I’m already tired and wanting to go to bed. (Ah, SO good to know I am not alone … )

    Michelle in L.A.
  6. Mmm, chocolate. For me, sleep has been the opposite. I have trouble getting myself to bed and then lay awake for some time, but I wake up on my own promptly at 6:15, which is very new.

    I got a piece of my root back and some soul aspects so I’ve been deliciously stable this past week. The realization that I am not an improvement project has been very helpful as well. To imperfection!

    Sharon Hylton
  7. First off, Suzanne, thank you SO much for your outstanding work on the new website! It looks fabulous and is great fun!

    I’ve needed more sleep as well. I’m also feeling an intense desire to complete old tasks/projects, be in top physical health and form, and find as much to laugh about as I can. My Soul just wants to be happy and play!

    Rosanne Brekken
  8. Thanks for the kudos Rosanne. I’ve been working with Chris for three and a half years on the rebirth of this site and I’m thrilled to see it finally arrive. It was really fun to create.

  9. It is good to know everyone is tired…..and feeling it! The lack of sleep is adding up …..
    and the speed of what is showing up to be done is also adding up. I’m asking the field to smooth it all out. Blessings everyone!

    Peg Leutele
  10. What I have noticed is my level of equanimity when things are not going the way they had hoped. Maybe it is because I don’t have the energy to go through the highs and lows, due to lack of sleep, and needing more sleep. I totally agree with that. Another thing I noticed is that I’ll made a decision about something, and it is as if the angels are right there in the room saying “yes, that was good”, or “no, please do reconsider that, you’ll need to meet that person, etc.”. I like that kind of deeper support.

  11. HI everyone,

    This site is fun, colourful and current, wonderful job Chris and Suzanne, thank you!
    Michele, I love your tag line, it is perfect fit for you. Sharon, great to see your beautiful, happy children and Rosanne, your dog is heart magnetizing! Lucky you!

    I look forward to the mastery class today!

    in joy,


    Aureal Williams
  12. Hi everyone,

    Deep healing and liberating experiences from today’s Mastery Class and this evening’s channeling with Lady Venus. After the sessions, I looked up the cycles of Venus and am eager to integrate them into the natural cycles work that I do, starting with own integration! In the search, I found this widget that Chris and Suzanne, along with others, might find fascinating, although I cannot seem to cut and paste the url here. It is a widget for website visitors to one’s site that shows from where in the world they are — it is a 3d revolving globe. Way cool! Check it out at http://www.revolvermaps.com.

    Sweet dreams in beauty to all,


    Aureal Williams
  13. Thank you Aureal! Such a sweet thing to say! Sparky continues to have that affect on people. She crossed over almost two years ago now, but I still feel her presence with me. We are a little two member Beagle Pack. *smile* I’ll always honor her for the pure joy, unconditional love and many laughs she gifted me with.

    Rosanne Brekken
  14. I seem to be on the cusp of resolving some trust issues with my soul, and its taken a lot of down time in these last few months. In these past few days things seems to have sycned, and things are slowly moving again it seems. so thats sort of wur im at.

    its highly a relief to remember that im responsible for only myself :)

    i sort of realized that things really do always move…. im letting myself begin to trust that current again.


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