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Full Circle

Hi to Everyone on the Lightsmith Community List,

Within the last few weeks I have found myself re-visiting, and in some cases re-energizing, things that I thought had permanently slipped into my past. The most stellar example is a return to my roots of photography and image making. I started out months ago sifting through and scanning mounds of old negatives and slides, discovering photographs I barely remembered making and family shots I didn’t remember at all. What affected me the most, though, was when I began to work with my old large-format panoramic negatives. The images are so unique, and the quality available from such a large piece of film is so excellent that something came alive in my core when I began to digitally process the photos.

Within a day I went from seldom thinking about my photographic past to feeling a deep loss over having sold my 3 specialty panoramic cameras many years ago. The longing persisted, and with little hesitation I made a visit to ebay and purchased the same model camera I shot with up until the early 90’s. In the same way I made a reconnection to vinyl records and tube amplification, I wanted to once again shoot with real film. My training and background as a photofinisher was about the darkroom process, and what’s fun for me now is to shoot on film but have a digital darkroom that allows me to make images I never could by traditional means.

So, long story short, I feel like I had set aside a substantial part of myself to enter into a process of transformation where my focus and energy was needed elsewhere almost full time. Hard to believe I DON’T have to do that same level of work anymore, but that seems to finally be so. The Earth Mother and other beings have talked about how many of us who have been doing this work can now relax and open to fulfillment, and certainly that includes enjoying activities that are so personally connected to heart and soul.

I am very curious to know if any of you have had a similar experience, maybe with jobs, relationships, music, hobbies, or anything else. Please leave a comment or two (if you’re reading this in email just click the Full Circle title to see the main post and comment section). Note the box you can check if you’d like to receive notification when others comment.


PS – With piano and drums as part of my history I’m wondering if musical performance will be making a comeback. Stay tuned :)

About Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or


  1. I know *exactly* what you’re talking about here… this has been happening with me as well. I got a bug about digging out my guitars again and the fury has not stopped. I’ve been noodling with guitars for 25 years and never learned to play how I sensed I could play. I’m back at it with a vengeance and perhaps this time might be different. Resurrect the Lightsmith band!! :D

  2. Well, cool! I appear to be doing more deep unloading of crap for now and am heartily suck of it, but maybe I’ll be ready for that Lightsmith band one of these days.

    Sharon Hylton
  3. Hey Sharon, I’ll bet you’re heartily sick of it, too :)

  4. I am not picking up old musical instruments (that would be the violin) but I am a whole lot more creative. I’ve been making movies since January 17th and I’m currently geeked up about writing a book.

  5. Michele, Happy, happy birthday wishes. I join you in celebratory joy today and am so grateful for you, Chris and the Lightsmith community. Words fail to express the gratitude for all of the yeses you have said to life, and the nos!, and for what you manifest through Lightsmith in the trainings and the channelings and the gatherings and the community. I send you love on the waves of the majestic Rays and the Currents of Life and wishes for a great birthday and new solar year.

    Aureal Williams
  6. Wow! Chris, you really nailed it. I have found myself feeling so light and full of energy. And all of a sudden, my love of literature grabbed ahold of me and won’t let go, witnessed by the ton of books that have appeared on my desk tagged as immediate reads. Also, my long-standing desire to do stand up comedy has resurfaced and I’m taking a short class on that and getting my act together. Also music is coming up as big for me. I’ve played guitar and the piano, but haven’t played for years. I’ve got to get my callouses back on my finger tips, and I also have been excited about ukeleles. I’d love to be in a ukelele band or some group that would need a beginning percussionist using lots of made up instruments. SO EXCITING. Thanks, Chris, for putting some focus on this…focus, get it?

    Paula Anderson
  7. Hum… it seems we may have another band member…

  8. Could become the Lightsmith Orchestra…

  9. I have to say I’ve been more in the space that Sharon indicated. Old stuff coming back? Yeah, like depression I haven’t felt for a while, a rawness and vulnerability sometimes that I thought I was long since protected against. Not fun in the least! So happy to hear the great news from Chris and others; I shall hold out hope.

    And tagging on to Aureal’s birthday wishes for Michele: a day late now (I hadn’t known), but indeed enormous love and gratitude.

    Michelle in L.A.
  10. Yeah, next update topic to write about. Restoring self makes one more sensitive, so existing within the structures of Duality sucks even more (which is why parts of us left in the first place). Hence the recently begun work of restructuring the chakras to disconnect from Duality so as not to be affected. I guess that in itself is another kind of full circle phenomenon.

  11. Funny I was just thinking about that today! The way I look at it, I get to see how I impacted everyone else when I was still unconscious. (And sometimes can still be unconscious)!

  12. Michelle, I appreciate your honesty in sharing. We are in this life together and I wish you all that you need to work with what is opening for you. I hope you are on the call tonight!

    Love to you,


    Aureal Williams
  13. feeling much better after the Cross Q process — YAY YAY YAY. Let’s hope it lasts! Sharon — what about you? were you able to participate?

    Michelle in L.A.
  14. Ok, I’ll jump in. Although it’s never gone away, my love for traveling seems to be coming back much stronger now. An unexpected opportunity came up for me to work at the Festival of Nations on Friday and when my shift was done I got to play. I was in bliss watching the performances and trying out some fun food! Being a vegetarian and animal lover I wasn’t too impressed with the Nigerian goat stew though. I do draw the line at certain things. Ha! But to each their own. *smile*

    Rather than old interests coming back, it appears that some totally new ideas are popping up. Right now I am considering two that if someone had told me a year ago that I would do them I’m sure I would have just laughed it off. I’m not sharing quite yet, as they are still in nurturing mode, but I’m enjoying feeling challenged in a way that’s different from my healing work.
    Just staying open to whatever shows up!

    Rosanne Brekken
  15. Right now I’m in Bayfield WI and am playing with my new ukelele. It’s so fun! In addition, I’m ready to start a “Chix with Stix” band using chop sticks to play “drums” on non-drum items. Anyone interested in forming a non-traditional band or orchestra? I also used to write (country) songs, although I haven’t for years, but would love to work on some (possibly humorous) new material geared to a specific group, say for example, the Lightsmith Orchestra Extraordinaire.

    Paula Anderson
  16. I don’t know who may eventually come together for such a project, but we can definitely offer a rehearsal/performance space :)

  17. I think your musical group idea is awesome! Paula, I love your name suggestion – LIghtsmith Orchestra Extraordinaire. Classy!!

    Rosanne Brekken
  18. I guess I must have had the comment notification thingy disabled or I would have checked back here sooner. It’s great to hear about all the creative juices bubbling up in so many different ways. Personally, I feel like crap and I can’t seem to get out of it or through it. It totally sucks and yes, I am heartily sick of it and trust is a big challenge. Still, I have a good day here or there and my own creative ideas start perking up. The music thing sounds like fun. I love to sing and play piano, although my creative juices haven’t flowed in that direction quite yet.

    I’d like to hear more about your thoughts on duality and sensitivity, Chris.

    Sharon Hylton

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