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Chakra Classes

A Journey Through The Chakras with Michele Mayama
This series of eight classes is a contemporary teaching of the chakra system. Each class also includes in-depth processes for re-structuring each chakra to work in the New Field of Living Light. The course was recorded during classes held in 2006 and 2007. Each class contains both CD audio and DVD video discs. Classes are intended to be used in sequence since each process of energetic shifts sets the stage for what’s next. Video discs are used for Michele’s presentations, and audio discs are used for the guided processes. Also included with each set is a disc containing PDF files with additional information.

Entire Series $495

Class Descriptions

The Root Chakra

Healing and Restructuring Areas of focus in this class are the release of fear and trauma, unraveling adaptations due to survival or abuse, the development of the Root from pre-birth through 6 months of age, the nine veins of the evolved root, the choice to be here, and resourcing one’s life directly. Included in this class is a channeled experience with the consciousness of the Earth Mother. Our restored relationship with her is essential for vertical alignment.

The Pelvic Chakra

Hip, Knee, Ankle, and Foot Chakras This class includes: Working with the personal and collective unconscious, the developmental stage of 6 months to 2 years of age, magnetism and sexuality, body knowing and instinct, yes and no, and evolving the capacity to hold more charge or juice for the purpose of creation.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Includes: Shifting the frequency of the emotional body, developmental stage of age 2 to 6/7, clearing the inner feminine and inner masculine at solar plexus level, activation of the Merkaba.

The Heart Chakra

And Passageway Through Arms to the Palms This class includes: Understanding the evolution of the Heart Chakra during the developmental stage of about age 6 to 12, understanding the three dimensions of the Heart Chakra, Learning a process for establishing a Living Field of Consciousness to unfold creation, healing the Core Soul Wound.

The Throat Chakra

And Shoulder and Jaw Chakras Areas of focus in this class are issues related to throat, ears, jaws, neck, shoulders, top of arms to fingers. We explore issues relating to self-expression, resonance, hearing and being heard, judgment and criticism, adolescence, speaking one’s heart or truth, sharing emotion, etc. We unravel adaptive structures from the old story within Duality in this and other lifetimes, and begin to restructure the Throat Chakra to be used within the Living Field as Creator within Creation.

The Third Eye Chakra

Areas of focus in this class relate to the eyes, pituitary gland, nose, sinuses, forehead and temples, back of skull and brain chemistry. We explore issues related to visual memory and imprinting, translating information/light into consciousness, visions, telepathy, mysticism, rigid beliefs, doubt, archetypes, etc. The processes focus upon dissolving old patterns and imprints as well as restructuring the Third Eye as a translator for Living Awareness. The exercises are designed to strengthen and enhance natural capacities.

The Crown Chakra

Areas of focus in this class are issues related to the head, cranium, pineal gland, and fluid around the brain. We explore the domain of authority and authoring one’s own creation, crystallization of beliefs and patterned ways of thinking, and restructuring a receptive fluidity within the rings of the Crown Chakra. Included is an introduction into the Causal Plane of Consciousness and how to tune the Crown Chakra to specify what information or connections are desired. Using several exercises, participants connect with a personal guide, an angelic presence, someone on the “Other Side”, and one of the Rays of Creation.

The Solar Logos Chakra

The Solar Logos is the final class in a series of eight focused on the healing and restructuring of all of the chakras. Its focus is the spherical Light that sits just above the head and Crown Chakra. The Solar Logos is not a typical chakra because it is not located within the body. It has its own nature, functions as the individual’s Higher Self, and is essential for the vertical alignment through the Chakra system. It also holds the soul’s blueprint for optimal health as well as the Soul-print for the current life. The Soul-print may include past life overlays, karmic agreements, as well as our soul’s knowledge of what will evolve soul fulfillment within this lifetime. The second section includes an introduction into the Akashic Records and two facilitated exercises: one a connection with one’s own personal records, and the other a connection within the Universal level of the Akasha. The day ends with a facilitated process that assists personal integration of the whole living Chakra system as it relates to the field of Living Light.