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Selected files from Lightsmith events or archived material. Includes audio, video & PDF formats. (A work in progress, new files soon)

Equinox Session 09-22-16

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Summer Solstice 06-20-16 Recording

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Recording of Equinox Event 03-21-16

Our Equinox event of March 21, 2016. Guided by Earth Mother, facilitated by Michele. Continue →

Equinox Recording 09-22-15

Another powerful planetary event with many participants, coordinated by the Earth Mother and facilitated by Michele. Free download for those who couldn't join us in person. Continue →

Cross Quarter Recording 08-06-15

A process directed by the Earth Mother and facilitated by many beings in Spirit and Earth. Continue →

Solstice Session 06-21-15

Going deep. Continue →

Earth Speaks

This extraordinary moment in 1995 was captured on tape at the close of one of our early Lightsmith events. The recording expresses a message through Michele from the great being of consciousness we call Earth Mother. We had completed our planned session, then we were directed to continue without any sense of what was to occur. Our only clue was that Chris would be using his keyboards, so they were Continue →

Thomas Jefferson Channeling, November 2006

Another channeling from beings we knew as historical figures who played a part in the evolution of consciousness. In this case one who assisted with the formation of the United States. Other sessions in the Lightsmith series that are relevant to the early years of the United States include discussions with Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Abigail Adams (wife of John Adams). Also included for Continue →

Equinox Session March 21, 2015

Recording of the powerful Vernal Equinox planetary event facilitated by Michele. Continue →

Yeshua (Jesus) Channeling, February, 2006

The being that lived as Jesus was our first visitor at our first special-event series in our new building almost a decade ago. He will also be our first co-facilitator of the new series for 2015, Materializing Light, that begins February 14. We are happy to again represent this one beyond the limitation of the stories told about him. Continue →

Martin Luther King Channeling, March 2007

One of our early visitors during our initial channeling series at the Lightsmith building. Continue →

New Year's Day Channeling, 2015

Food, money, energy, governments, and more of the fibers of our material existence will be in the spotlight this year. What challenges and new openings might we experience in 2015? Where could change affect your life, and why does chaos seem to be the order of the day? The structures of consciousness that have bound our sense of reality are rapidly shifting, stripping away illusions and recreating Continue →

Solstice Recording 12-21-14

Audio recording of the powerful 2014 Winter Solstice process with contribution by Earth Mother. Continue →

Cross-Quarter Recording of 08-07-14

Wow, what an eventful evening! A tremendously potent and effective process. Includes the opening of two vortices and concludes with a major, supportive message from the Earth Mother. If you don't want to experience the entire process you can skip to the final channeling with EM starting at 58:50. Excerpt: "Together there is a finishing, a completion, and a deep sigh of relief.  Would you Continue →

Cross-Quarter 05-05-14

Another powerful process using the group to work with the consciousness of the collective. This time spending much of the session focused in the mind. The recording has introduction and explanation by Michele, preparation of the group and guided process. Continue →

Equinox 03-20-14 recording

A significantly potent process, energetically challenging and effective. As with all planetary sessions we are working with the collective. Some of the work in this process focused on clearing interference from the lower astral. Continue →

Cross-Quarter Recording 02-03-14

Quite a powerful session with an opportunity for participants to receive assistance in the sorting process. Continue →

New Year's Channeling 01-01-14

An excellent overview of what we're moving through right now. Helpful insights about the new Pope, president Obama, the extreme cold weather, alternative energy, and in general the coming disillusionments or "drawing back of the curtain" in many areas of the false reality. The main speaker was Gabriel with a presence of Lady Venus and other friends in Spirit. The recording opens with a welcome Continue →

Solstice 12-21-13

Recording of a powerful planetary event for those who could not attend in person. Continue →

Cross-Quarter 10-30-13

A particularly powerful session preceding the November 4th New Moon. Listen or download. Continue →

Equinox Recording 09-22-13

This session continued the powerful shifts within consciousness that have been a hallmark of September. The Earth Mother worked with our group, hooking us up with other groups around the world to form a much larger unified whole. Focus was given to shifting structures within the mind that have held and bound awareness and intelligence in the old story. One specific area had to do with shifting Continue →

Cross-Quarter Recording 08-01-13

Audio file of the Cross-Quarter planetary session August 1, 2013. Includes channeled message by Earth Mother. Continue →

Solstice Recording 06-20-13

Listen to another powerful session with friends in Spirit along with the Earth Mother and her many aspects. A favorite moment is when the Earth Mother speaks in her language of creation. Continue →

Cross Quarter 05-01-13

Wow. Just wow. Intro and preparation the first half hour. Working directly under the guidance of the Earth Mother starts at 29:23. Continue →

Spring Equinox Planetary Event Recording

We knew this was an important moment in the grand scheme of things, and the actual experience of what took place was beyond all expectations. Participants claimed their place in the whole, the Earth Mother and Spirit worked the potent energies, and a manifestation grid was created to activate personal desires. If you are energy sensitive you will feel the powerful waves as hear the Earth Mother Continue →

New Year's Channeling 2013 - play or download

This next year is a time we begin to move into an experience of full support while living in a place of being less concerned about what's next while opening to what awaits us. A truly beautiful, loving, supportive message from Sananda (the being who incarnated as Yeshua/Jesus). Excerpts: "Heaven on Earth is present. It is here, you don't have to seek it. It calls you, it opens to you, it is Continue →

Cross Quarter Recording from 11-05-12 Planetary Event

Yowzer, this was one major session working with the earth and the soul of the United States - for starters. It has been some time since we last had this many people focusing on this large of a process. Our thanks to everyone who participated. You are welcome to listen and continue with the process for yourself, if you wish. Continue →

Chakra Shift Intro by Michele Mayama

A free PDF transcript of the Accelerated Chakra Shifting introduction by Michele Mayama as presented to a class on September 8, 2012. Information about changes in the chakras and other fascinating information from our transformation process. Recommended reading for everyone whether attending a class or not. Download PDF of this presentation Free Continue →

Autumnal Equinox Event Complete Recording 09-23-12

This event was particularly powerful due to the presence of the Earth Mother speaking a clear, direct message. Her main purpose in joining us was to further assist the embodiment of those who have made the choice to stay with the Earth. She acknowledged that others may choose otherwise. The Earth Mother also spoke of feeling weary from having to deal with the human fallout from living in illusion, Continue →

Special Message from Sol Ra, the Being of our Sun

This message was given at the end of our August 11th channeling and is a special request to give a focus of attention to the planetary oceans. Continue →

Cross Quarter Recording from 08-06-12

This planetary event was a bit of a new experience for all of us as we worked in sort of a merged way with other aspects of earth and creation. The focus was on healing certain places in the oceans. Continue →

Solstice 06-20-12

An unexpectedly powerful process setting up a collaboration between our group and numerous beings in Spirit and Earth. The main focus was to begin dissolving the myth/lie that resources are meant to be owned, controlled, made into commodities and sold to people instead of having been provided for the benefit of all. The days leading up to this event have been less energetically pushy than other Continue →

Venus Transit Planetary Event Download

A free mp3 download from the Lightsmith planetary event of June 5, 2012. A good one! We were joined by Lady Venus and the Great Deva of the Tree of Life. Continue →

New Earth Radio with Chris LaFontaine #120

Archived show from March, 2002. Featured guest: Robert Cohanim. Opening comments about shifts of consciousness Music from Gina Citoli and Alchemy VII Interview about homeopathy with Robert Cohanim of Historical Remedies Wellness segment with Dr. Susan Wahl (now Dr. Susan Anderson) of The Healing Arts Wellcare Center in Hudson, WI. Note: contact information given at the end of the program is Continue →

Energetic Selfcare PDF

A handy reference for practitioners and anyone who would like to keep their energy field clear. Continue →

Cross-Quarter Session May 4, 2012

Description to follow. You can listen to the file in entirety using the player below. Continue →