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New Earth Radio with Chris LaFontaine #120

Archived show from March, 2002. Featured guest: Robert Cohanim.

Opening comments about shifts of consciousness
Music from Gina Citoli and Alchemy VII
Interview about homeopathy with Robert Cohanim of Historical Remedies
Wellness segment with Dr. Susan Wahl (now Dr. Susan Anderson) of The Healing Arts Wellcare Center in Hudson, WI.

Note: contact information given at the end of the program is no longer valid. Contact .

Dr. Susan Anderson website: http://thehawc.com/

New Earth Radio was broadcast from station KDWA in Hastings, Minnesota from 2001-2002.


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  1. YES!! This gets me excited. I want Lightsmith Radio ALL THE TIME! I’ll even make you a cool radio icon for it :D

  2. How did you make that comment so fast? I’m still updating the original post :|

  3. Well, as you and the Mayans know, there is no such thing as “time” anymore. I simply wrote the comment in the “future” ;-p

  4. Oh, yeah. I knew that, but not until tomorrow afternoon.

  5. And just when I thought there was nothing wittier than my comment!! Humph! Well at least the topic here is “timeless” content, a la radio show. We need more of that, but now with video.

  6. We could do some new shows with video, but with more collaborators. That was a one-person production, and I don’t think I’m up for that. Video could be the upgrade needed, along with much shorter and tightly-edited shows.

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