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You Cannot Avoid the Void


  It's weird. On one hand it seems there is much ado about everything. On the other it seems there is not much ado about anything. There is compelling drama as the old reality melts down into chaos, yet there is immersion into the pregnant stillness of a world yet unknown. And impatient frustration reigns as we navigate between them. We're tested in every moment these days. The old Continue →

Two-Part Event with Earth Mother, September and October


This is a save-the-dates notice. The Earth Mother returns with another process to assist us to move in synchronization with her. We know nothing of the content so far, and may not until the event begins and we are then informed. Perhaps I'll know more later and will share on a future update. Then again, maybe not. To be honest, I don't think that matters to those of you who will be drawn to Continue →

Solstice Planetary Event Monday, June 20th at 7pm


Hi All, This is a reminder of our Solstice Planetary Event next Monday at 7pm central daylight time. The information you need to join us by phone or internet stream is posted on the calendar listing. Our Lightsmith events have shifted so much, and I have missed connecting with so many of you. It's such a challenging time for many reasons, and I'm looking forward to this opportunity to visit Continue →

Strange Days


  Strange Days Have Found Us. Strange days have tracked us down. The Doors, 1967  1967. Strange then, strange now. Then again, days have felt strange to me for almost 67 years. And the immersion into peculiarity continues apace. I'm never sure which facets of the weird to reference when creating these updates. Should I mention the recent spate of dreams filled with Dali-ish imagery Continue →

Reminders from Michele, Thomas Jefferson Birthday Bonus


Happy Spring! From Michele: Just a quick note to say there are still several spaces open in this Saturday's Visible & Present Discovery Process I: Authentication (10-5). This is a perfect time of year as we shift seasons. If you have been thinking about clearing out your closets or longing to come into greater integrity with who you are, this will assist you immeasurably! People have called Continue →

Michele Adds 2nd Grid Class, Video-Streamed


My error of omission on the last update ruined my shot at a glitch-free 2016. It's the 66th year in a row I have made at least one mistake, though this one barely glistens in the shadow of some. I wrote that Michele is offering a Grid Class in April, and I failed to mention the date. Some of you, however, did find the listing on our events calendar (to which I also forgot to make a link, so 0 Continue →

Synchronization Begins & Special Grid Class Offered


On Saturday, April 2nd, we will be hosting a much-anticipated event with the Earth Mother. Our friends in Spirit previously announced that our formal work with them was ending and we would begin a new phase of synchronization guided by Gaia Terra, the great being of the earth. During the event I expect we will be more informed about the processes coming our way and what it means to stay in Continue →

Reminder: Equinox event on Monday at 7pm CDT


A quick reminder that this coming Monday evening, March 21st, at 7pm CDT we present one of our 4 planetary events of the year (equinoxes and solstices). During these events we partner with the Earth Mother and other beings of Spirit and Earth. The purpose is to provide a group for processes intended to facilitate transformation on a scale larger than personal. Although we never know content of Continue →

New Earth Mother Event, Message From Michele


Hi, and welcome to a week of radical shifts. It's such a special time, no? Lots of kablooie happening as more things lacking resonance are suddenly ejected from your life. Or you from them. I guess it's mutual. I know that the times of new moons and eclipses birth a multitude of reflections and analyses, but really, what day recently hasn't been chock full of entertaining scarifying transition and Continue →

And Now We Pivot


To describe the transition we're now in as a "shift" is wholly inadequate. Our recent event with Yeshua spoke to our current state of transition, was helpful in its clarification and stunning in its message. Like most events of this type, we had direct conversation through channeling and a guided process facilitated by Michele. Changes. I'm wondering if something in you is saying "I'm done. No Continue →