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The Cloud. The Portal.

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The Cloud

I do realize that it has been weeks, nay, months since last a commentary was posted. Like many of you, Michele and I have been occupied by both dramatic and mundane hullabaloo and hoopla demanding significant time, attention and energy. And sometimes often I simply have not felt like doing much at all, so no reason for a pointless struggle to appear coherent in written form. Yet, at this moment I find myself with Word fired up and fingers poised to strike, so apparently the muse has grown restless.

The Cloud” is a somewhat newly-minted concept generally thought of in reference to computer data stored on a remote server farm. I use cloud storage to backup my personal computer, while other individuals or businesses use cloud storage to enable data access from any location. That evolution of technology offers an interesting window into how the transformation of humanity is shifting collective consciousness. Warning: metaphors about to be deployed.

In previous writings I have made reference to shifts in the human design by saying we are upgrading our hardware and installing a new operating system. The Cloud is a concept even more literally capable of providing a glimpse of the workings of the new reality, yet the connection remains mostly unseen. So, let’s take a little peak under the hood.

All manifestation is preceded by its creation at a non-physical level of cause within consciousness. Turns out neither the chicken nor the egg came first.  But no dwelling on that conundrum right now because that little tease is just a setup.

The transformation of the mind and release of old mental structures has been a large part of our collective work in the last three years. By design, the mind is intended to be more akin to a data processor. Due to separation inherent in Duality the mind took on roles it believed were necessary for survival. The resulting Masculine/Mental dominance was just one result of many dualistic distortions.

In the New Dimension data is stored in The Field, i.e., The Cloud, with access available as needed. The creation of the internet gave us a picture of the global mind hooking up, and the cloud is another step in the evolution. This change is incredibly freeing for a mind that has felt alone and solely responsible for continued existence. So when you think you should be doing something that your energy does not support, relax. That impulse may be the voice of an old structure still keeping you company. Let it release. You are neither growing irresponsible nor are you losing your mind. Well, maybe a bit, but not the parts you need.

What you are losing is the old need for dominance, control and competition. No longer does the focus of your mind direct energy into manifestation. That is the old software, and that program will not run in the new system. It is now the desire of your heart and soul that calls for realization, and the New Field is responsive to your needs even when you’re not sure what they are. You are becoming conscious as Creator within Creation and fulfillment is your birthright. Enough said. You get the gist and I need room for the next part.

The Portal

A few weeks ago Michele began witnessing a new phenomenon when working with some of her clients. When she told me what she was seeing I immediately had a powerful emotional reaction. I felt tears welling though my emotion was not of sadness. Rather, I was responding with an unexpected level of deep, deep relief, like a long, tortuous nightmare had just ended. I then asked for permission from Michele to share my sense of what is taking place.

For decades I and most of you have been quietly and almost invisibly doing the work of transformation for ourselves and the greater whole. We have come to understand the significance of what we have accomplished personally, yet often we don’t get the satisfaction of really knowing how our diligence has had notable effects on a world so painfully struggling to evolve. And now we have reached a point in our collective experience where even though we may not see it, something quite remarkable has begun.

Michele’s focus for over 30 years, including the last 20 with me and Lightsmith, has been assisting and participating in a transformation of consciousness unmatched by any known previously in our evolutionary history. At least that’s the story as I know it while freely admitting I don’t remember what I did yesterday. We see the great being of the earth, the Earth Mother, as the primary orchestrator of an intention to merge previously evolved aspects of consciousness from many dimensional levels into a New Field formed of Life, Light and Love. This merger, or fusion, has begun.

But, there is another part of the story not often acknowledged. We first shared a channeling from Source during the spring of 1994. The document was a transcript we titled A Choice for Love, and the message remains one of the more significant postings on our website. The choice for Love is what has been offered to all, yet all are not making that choice. The message that some aspects within consciousness are not able to merge into the frequency of the New Dimension has been consistent throughout the 20 years I have been with Michele. The question for me has been what happens to the souls that embody these aspects and hold too much fear or arrogance to release them.

Over these past three years we have often referred to the sorting. The sorting is discernment by The Field of what aspects of consciousness can weave into the planetary evolution going forward. Choices being made consciously or unconsciously by souls, whether embodied or not, are reflected in this sorting. The Letter to Humanity Michele co-authored in July spoke to this time of harvest, a reference to the discerning process underway. The message has obviously been woven throughout many spiritual systems well before the time of Lightsmith. One difference today is that we are in the time of culmination of an ancient plan of Creation, and a time of a greater awakening creating an opportunity for more conscious choosing.

We have come to understand that not all souls will remain with the earth as we make this dimensional shift. Some of us are doing our best to transform while embodied. Many will move through their transformation after death and return within the context of the New Earth. Others, however, are moving on to a different opportunity for growth. Which leads us to The Portal.

The Portal is what Michele has been watching in action as she works with clients who have astral-level attachments. Michele is very adept at assisting the release of entities from people, often with assistance from friends in Spirit. Some of those beings agree to move into the dimension we call heaven, which was established to accelerate the soul’s evolution. Some refuse the opportunity and are quite resistant to moving on. Those who refuse to evolve sometimes return to continue attaching to another who is embodied.

What is happening now with increased regularity is that these souls who do not embrace the opportunities given for their own evolution are being transported elsewhere. Michele says she watches as a portal opens and they simply disappear. The understanding is that they will continue their growth in a different planetary experience and they will no longer be present to interfere with what is taking place here.

Do you sense the ramifications of what is happening and understand why I had such an emotional reaction? I have been part of many healing processes for myself, other people and the earth. I have seen much transformation and felt numerous energetic shifts. I have witnessed the drift into extreme polarity for those caught in Duality, and I have observed the fearful grasping of power and control by the extractors who sense their energy slipping away as Duality dissolves. But this is the first time I have felt a validation of the alternative that exists for the continuation of those who have become unable to open to Love as the basis of reality. They are leaving, and that awareness brings me relief.

Follow-up: After my initial conversation about this portal with Michele she was awakened early one morning for a conversation with Archangel Michael and company. This is some of what was shared:

“You were correct in assuming that the portal you witnessed the other day was different. The migration of souls has begun. Those in the lower astral plane who are refusing to evolve will be moving one by one as they release. I and others are escorting them into their next home’s energetic atmosphere where they will acclimate. Those in bodies now that refuse the last invitation to evolve and shift with the Earth will be escorted as they die. Do not fear the process of this migration. Those leaving will continue to exist and you know that Love is Love throughout all of creation.”

“Besides the personal choices being made, there is a dissolution of all karmic or clan binding so souls are no longer bound in small or larger collective soul pools. Most of those pools enabled some souls to evolve more quickly while other pools seem to have allowed old patterns of blame and hate to rigidify. The pools are all dissolving since this last choice is personal and individual. No one can blame another for their experience and especially their rejection of Love.”

“Yes, as of now the numbers that have contracted is large, but not so many that will make creation in Earth problematic. There will be adjustments, but with the increase of Light, wisdom and insight, what is needed will move more quickly into manifestation. The generation now in their teens and twenties will emerge with the inventions, ideas and abilities to give focus to resolutions for much of what the old consciousness left behind.”

“Yes, death will touch many but not all are portal bound. There are those who will continue to be woven into the fabric of this creation from the Spirit plane. They will learn much in Spirit form as they transform their consciousness before returning. They may have chosen late in the process, but a choice is a choice!”

We are eager to get on with this process! The choice and sorting time has escalated and will continue to do so. Not only is time speeding up but so will this level of sorting. It is the prophesied time of sorting and we are hopeful that many souls will yet choose Love and Wholeness. Those who are resisting, afraid, or so rigidified that they have assumed a position of righteousness, they will experience pain as their long relationship with this Mother planet is severed. Even in the severing there exist moments of possible choice since choice exists up to the final moments of life. It will be important for people to have more awareness of what is happening. Not in ways that stimulate fear, but from a place of great Love.”

Michele also adds that this sorting of consciousness is being experienced on the personal level too. Consciousness which cannot evolve and is no longer to be used for learning or healing is coalescing and leaving our fields, freeing us and our energy to create without constriction.

A long read no doubt, but I hope you have found it interesting and helpful. Remember that you can have a conversation with us in the comment section of the post. If you are reading this by email just click on the title at the top of the page and the post on our website will open. Comments are at the bottom. We would enjoying hearing from you.

Yikes and so on,


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  1. Chris,

    Your writing is perfection. Keep on keepin’ on. Love to You and Michele.

    Wendy Gnitka
  2. Thanks Chris, for that articulate summary! I found your words really helpful. Good one!

    Jeanne Cherner
  3. YES! I have noticed this change over the last few weeks….the astral and the movement of energies and entities in my body has changed and shifted! I am amazed and grateful!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowings.

    Peg Leutele
  4. Yikes is right. What a perfect predawn Thanksgiving missive to receive from you. I am all about Big Love these days and feel very affirmed by what you have written of your and Michele’s experiences and knowing. Thank you so very much for sending this and for being in my life. With love, Wendy

  5. Wow, what a summarization of how I’ve been feeling and experiencing. Thank you for posting this. Much love to you

  6. Thanks so much for writing all of this information down in the most articulate and understandable way. I, too, for many many years of deep energetic work, often feel like I’m in an invisible bubble, not able to see or experience the effects of what I’ve been doing. I totally understand your emotional response and sense of relief at knowing that the migration has indeed begun. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    Trudy Ramirez
  7. Wow, Chris. I have the same reaction. And I wanna just yell it out for everyone to hear “ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!” Hahahaha

  8. Thanks for the note and all that you and Michelle bring. All I can say is…
    In Love, Of Love, Now Love.

    Darwin Dyce
  9. A very welcome confirmation of the sendings that have been around of late! Your articulation and thoroughness in presenting, Chris, make it much more tangible feeling like a very big WOO HOO :) Deep gratitude and love to you both !

  10. Thank you, Chris, for keeping in touch :-)

  11. I must chirp in, as this is so significant and has been my experience in myself and observing others. So, very nice to have words to it . Yes, this is happening and at first a feeling of relief that almost doubles you over and THEN just ab”soul”lutely SOARING with it. It seems to be creating monumental momentum. And this is just one layer of what’s going on. So significant and yet with all that is going on, in all the layers it is a grain of sand on the beach. Which does not diminish the significance of this grain- just so much more on it’s way. Celebration and high fives all around.

  12. Oh yes … exhale … the relief, the joy …. I’m still a little dazed by it all … and what you write of, dear Chris, is so wondrous, even though we have been speaking/ hearing/ learning of/ processing this for years now … Here we are (almost) December 2013. And where will we, all life on our Mother Planet, be in ten years, in twenty years? But I can barely think ahead to tomorrow … Deep gratitude to you and Michele, to the Lightsmith community, and to all Beings with us through these times …

    Michelle in L.A.
  13. Totally resonant and affirming! As usual Chris……your words are beautiful and “aware-full” and I am grateful for you and Michele…..as always…..and in ALL WAYS! :)

  14. The shifting of deep patterns.

    I seems my body has been holding on to old patterns that have gone in a loop for many years.
    TIme seemed to have come to force a change. It was physically done when the driver in the car behind us fell a sleep at the wheel and his foot went on the gas pedal speeding up his car. I noticed a moment before in my rearview mirror a car coming at a too high of a speed. Then I was turned off. My consciousness likely leaving the body for the moment the collision lasted. The car behind us slammed into our car. Back window exploding pushing us forward on the highway. My health is alright. Aching and a shock that moves through the body. A week and a half have gone by, as this happened on 6th of December. The two others in my car have more achs and hurts in their bodies.

    It seemed the time had come to shake up whatever issues in my body that was affected by this. A strong process is going on…

    Paal Joachim Romdahl

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