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Lightsmith 2.0, Lists and Comments

One more important action needed from you:

The dust has settled from the first phase of our email changeover, and there is one more very important step I ask you to take before we wrap up this topic. We now have 4 different email lists, and you may only be on one. Why 4? Because we want you to have more control over what you receive from us. Since our new website is blog-based, each time we add a new post an email is sent. You may not care about receiving all of them, so we have made categories from which to choose. ​


This is the list for news, announcements, event reminders and all the latest stuff going on at Lightsmith. Anyone receiving this notice by email is already on this list.


Chris and Michele like to share insights and offer perspectives about current energies and experiences. To receive these personal comments you need to add yourself to this list.


Kind of like hanging out at the coffee shop. Either we or others in our community makes a post meant to encourage conversation through comments from you. Not exactly Facebook, but more than regular email.

Visible and Present

Primarily for people who have completed the In Your Element or Visible and Present clothing playshops with Michele. Among other things, Michele can now post photos to this list in real time when she’s out shopping. She loves to share where a Fire-Earth can grab the perfect new top, shoes or pants :)

So, first thing is to go to the email list sign-up page. Select the list(s) you wish to be on and click submit. This is an opt-in process, so you will receive a link by email to complete the process for each list you select. So, we’re done with THAT.

Now for the fun part:

When you receive email from us you can click on the title and go straight to our website where you can make comments at the bottom of each new post. Give it a try on this one and say hello. Almost every page on our site has comments enabled, including all posts, class descriptions and shop items. Feel free to add your own experiences or viewpoints, if you wish. There are several quietly powerful features built into the new site, and the ability to add comments is one of them. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about another.


About Chris

Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or


  1. The new site is just what you promised — FUN! I feel like I’m a little kid wandering around at a fair. I haven’t done too much exploring yet, but I sense it’s all vast, colorful, and exciting, with wonderful surprises around every corner. And if I get lost, that’s part of the fun of it all, too, and I know I can find my way back home whenever I need to.

    The other site was linear, this one is in form (as it always was in content) — hmmm …. not easily named — something like that GORGEOUS spiralling graphic on the home page.

    AND, speaking of graphics on the home page: I LOVE that home page pic of our dynamic duo, M&C! Best picture of the two of you I’ve ever seen. (Chris, you actually look like you’re having — dare I say that word again — fun!)

    BIG congratulations!

    Michelle Gubbay
  2. Love the new website. It is beautiful!!

    Joanie Ford
  3. WOW! I love the new look! Will poke around later when I have more time. Thanks to you two for all you do! :)

    Kris Harper
  4. Chris.
    You indicated that we can only be on one list. What if we want the mailings and your musings – do we need separate email addresses?

    Judith Olson
  5. Hey Judith,
    I noted that you may already be on one list and that you would need to add yourself to any others if you were interested. Our list signup page is link to lightsmith.com

  6. Chris and Michele – I know what a BIG shift this was for Lightsmith and I have to say it was birthed and arrived beautifully. You already know I LOVE the feel and the vibe of this new version and hopefully it will foster a lot more interaction and communication between all the Lightsmithers around the world! Congratulations on the arrival of this new phase. I’m ready for fun :D

  7. Congratulations Lightsmith!!
    AND I am going add a heaping measure of GRATITUDE to Suzanne for the expert WP midwifery. Well done gang. I am soooo looking forward to the enhanced community connection. Lots of love.

  8. Greetings from South Africa! Congratulations to all involved on the launch of the new site – It’s looking fabulous! I have been enjoying the new search function – sifting through old articles is so much easier now! :)

    Nicole Bergstedt
  9. Hey Chris and Michelle from Ireland. Great stuff! :-) Ann

    Anusha (aka Ann Clare McCarthy)
  10. I agree with Michelle too… your new photos are so much more NOW and present and alive. Very cool!

  11. It is gorgeous! I just love the colors and the accessible feel and I agree with Nicole about searching. You rock, Suzanne! Looking forward to more interaction on this beautiful site.

    Sharon Hylton
  12. Wow!!! Chris you where right, the web site is fantastic! I can feel the fibration of Lightsmith in all of the wonderful pictures. Yes, Chris I can even feel your true essence shining out of your picture. I think it might be the hat. Thank you for all of your commitment in making this happen. It will help me greatly in staying more connected to all of you. I really like the visable and present aspect. A BIG HUG to you too, Suzanne for sharing all your gifts!
    Love all around!
    ps. How fun is it to create how your post looks? Your getting my creative juices flowing! lol

    Beth Boland

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