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Synchronization Begins & Special Grid Class Offered

On Saturday, April 2nd, we will be hosting a much-anticipated event with the Earth Mother. Our friends in Spirit previously announced that our formal work with them was ending and we would begin a new phase of synchronization guided by Gaia Terra, the great being of the earth.

During the event I expect we will be more informed about the processes coming our way and what it means to stay in synchronization with the planet.

Yeshua made some interesting comments about our relationship to earth during his visit last month. Part of the understanding I picked up from the larger message is that potentials and possibilities for the new field have been formed at other dimensional levels and become available in the new field when enough people have brought a sufficient amount of their greater spiritual selves into their bodies. As frequencies continue to change, those possibilities begin to be brought into a manifest reality. The intention of the synchronization processes is to assist us to keep up with earth as she continues her own dimensional shift.

I transcribed a few other comments by Yeshua highlighting the nature of our relationship with our physical body’s mother, Gaia Terra (with some light editing for clarity):

“Every time you come into a body, you’re here. You’re part of her. You’re part of this planetary being that is having this experience while you’re here. Most of you present know this, but you’re about to learn that as a [collective] human consciousness in the next few years.”

“You’re going to synchronize, and synchronize, and synchronize and synchronize at more and more and more levels, in ways that you can’t quite yet imagine.”

“Those who are synchronizing in and with the earth, you will have no fear, because you are with her, you are part of her, you are in and of her. That is why we are turning you over to the arms and hands, body and heart of your great planetary birth mother. It is hers to synchronize at the levels that are hers to synchronize, because that alleviates the fear. We [in spirit] can’t alleviate fear. Isn’t that interesting? Everybody thinks we can.”

“All of the ages where humanity was synchronized with the earth were peaceful. The ages of humanity that had spirit as their focus, and getting out of here, have been hell. Put it together.”


Here’s where I mention again how profound was that February session with Yeshua. It’s one of the few Saturday events we’ve made widely available after the fact. The channeling is full of very interesting perspectives including much information none of us had heard before. The facilitated process guided by Yeshua and facilitated by Michele helped to prepare us for what’s next. It’s still a very timely session if you’d like to hear a lot more about what’s happening and participate in the process via the recording. See the page for the Return to Life Special Event. You can download immediately.

And now we continue the adventure with the Earth Mother, next Saturday, April 2nd. Remember that you can join us in person, by phone, or by internet stream. Sign-up information for those at a distance is on the calendar listing.


Three more quick things….

•  Many of you were not able to join us for the Equinox planetary event last Monday. I have uploaded the recording for anyone interested, and you can listen or download from the freebies section of the shop.

•  We’re finding that I caused some confusion in a previous update from how I worded changes taking place at Lightsmith. We want to be clear that Michele IS continuing to see clients into the foreseeable future.

•  And, a somewhat rare event has been scheduled. A small group of people recently asked Michele if she would teach her Grid Class, which she hasn’t offered for years. They are okay with adding more people, so we have opened the event to anyone interested. Michele will be teaching about how to make grids like the ones she uses for all the groups and planetary work that we do here at Lightsmith, as well as those that are useful in homes or offices.

Grids hold intention and frequency, and add support to an energy field for whatever is happening within that field. They can also form energetic walls to keep a space clear. This is an experiential class, and once you register you will receive a list of materials to collect for the class. Michele has extras of everything to share during the class, but it helps if each person has some basic supplies of their own.

During the class you will learn about:

Basic Numerology
Matrix (six pointed) grids
Manifestation Grids
Planetary Grids
Field Generators
Gridding a wall or room
Gridding a home or yard

The cost for the workshop is $107. Space is limited so please call 651-224-4451 or to register and hold your space.

There you have the April highlights, and when May comes around we will already have passed through 1/3 of the year. Yikes.

Always a little out of synch,











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