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Equinox Recording 09-22-13

This session continued the powerful shifts within consciousness that have been a hallmark of September. The Earth Mother worked with our group, hooking us up with other groups around the world to form a much larger unified whole. Focus was given to shifting structures within the mind that have held and bound awareness and intelligence in the old story. One specific area had to do with shifting away from the perception of winners and losers. The new field is equally abundant. We also were given a phrase in the vibrational language of the earth that we could repeat to help our minds make the transition whenever we find our minds caught in a duality.

The session began with clearing and setting the field for whatever process would present itself. Then Michele began to facilitate the work that was being done, followed by a channeled message from the Earth Mother.

After the channeling we played a song titled Storms of Africa from the Maiden of Mysteries album by the Taliesin Orchestra. The people gathered spread out into the room to use movement to help integrate the shifts. The session closed with a few additional comments by Michele and those in attendance. Those comments have been deleted from the recording for technical reasons. You can listen by using the integrated player below or you can download onto your device using the download link below the player.

YouTube link to the song we used:


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