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Spring Equinox Planetary Event Recording

We knew this was an important moment in the grand scheme of things, and the actual experience of what took place was beyond all expectations. Participants claimed their place in the whole, the Earth Mother and Spirit worked the potent energies, and a manifestation grid was created to activate personal desires. If you are energy sensitive you will feel the powerful waves as hear the Earth Mother speak her vibrational language of creation. You will also hear a very direct message from her about those who are choosing against Life. What has been is dissolving and the transition to a new dimensional reality has accelerated.

This description can not do justice to the energetic experience, so we invite you to take advantage of this process. If you could not join us on the evening of this event you have a short window of opportunity to still participate through this recording.


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  1. What an amazing experience this was. . .Thank You so much.

    My wish is to experience Beauty, Joy, Ease, Grace, Harmony, Balance and Abundant Love within and without. And so it is.

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