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Earth Speaks

planet earth in space

This extraordinary moment in 1995 was captured on tape at the close of one of our early Lightsmith events. The recording expresses a message through Michele from the great being of consciousness we call Earth Mother. We had completed our planned session, then we were directed to continue without any sense of what was to occur. Our only clue was that Chris would be using his keyboards, so they were set up in advance.

The program is relatively short, under 17 minutes. It begins with a voice guiding a process of listening to the earth. At 2:38 the Earth Mother begins to speak a profound, direct, and unforgettable message to her children. The keyboard accompaniment by Chris is powerful musical support for the process that unfolds.

Since that eventful day, the Earth Mother has participated in many presentations co-presented by Michele, taught many groups of people about the body and human transformation, and even appeared on a community television program hosted by Chris. This first recording of her is passionate, and at times intense. She later said that she was so happy to finally have a voice, that feelings from centuries of longing to connect came pouring out.


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