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New Year’s Channeling 2013 – play or download

This next year is a time we begin to move into an experience of full support while living in a place of being less concerned about what’s next while opening to what awaits us. A truly beautiful, loving, supportive message from Sananda (the being who incarnated as Yeshua/Jesus).


Heaven on Earth is present. It is here, you don’t have to seek it. It calls you, it opens to you, it is up to you to relax into it. It is up to you to understand in awareness that there is a dimension present you can relax into, open to receive, collaborate with and within, and create a different experience beyond duality, beyond the splits, all of the fragmentation, all of the wounding, the pain, the suffering.”

What if it is now that you can relax, open and create a new experience, a different experience than all of the cycles of your past.”

It’s rather like Eden, only for the new time. It’s rather like the Tree of Life, only for this age.”

“The entire cycle [this year] is focused on getting your mind to release and open to what it does not know.”


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  1. I was happy and relieved that no predictions were made for the next coming year. I found this process to be really incredible… I found a new friend in Sananda , my mind got a welcome break from reality (LOL) and this IS the new course of events… and I am READY.

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