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Invite Love To Move Into Your Life

This channeling opens with commentary from Michele:

It seems that awakening is upon us! More and more people I am with are speaking of an increasing joy with no specific reason. Or life seems more full, the senses more alive, gratitude more constant, or the experience of being within the flow of creation seems more tangible. Fear is losing its hold in these people, being revealed as the false god that was once given great power to control lives and choices. What if fear no longer rules reality? What if no more attention or energy is given to it or its offspring? What if greed, judgment, powerlessness, lack, positioning, competition, jealousy, war, pain, and all masks of separation and duality dissolve and another reality of wholeness and joy surfaces from within our very Being? And what if that Essential Being, living child of pure Light and Love, has over many lifetimes learned to look beyond the symptoms, the surface appearances, and fear to the deeper reality of Life as whole, full, and complete? What if? I offer the following message from Great Spirit as a gift to assist the awakening now in progress.

“As you read our message this month, please open to receive on several levels at once, to take in not only with the mind, but to be very receptive to other levels of awareness that are woven within what we say. We invite those who are reading to take a deep breath and stay open to receive as you proceed.”

“As time unfolds in earth, a great call is sounding within your hearts to listen and to respond with the quality of Love that transcends and moves you beyond your own personal conditioning, personal desires, and personal reactions. Attraction is different than this love. Desire is different than this love. Giving and receiving are different than this love. This Love does not ask you to give yourself away, nor does it mean having everything you want. It is not the same as attracting things that you like, or want, or that feel good to you. The quality of Love that we are asking you to open and choose to experience is a quality that is whole beyond any attachment to outcome or to the way in which it might unfold. It is perfect and pure, completely full and whole and joyous as well as complete in and of itself. If you open to this Love, it will begin to inform your own awareness, your own sense of yourself, and your own life to be just that; whole, full, complete, and joyous.”

“When you open this quality of Love into any moment, any feeling, any desire place, any situation, any question, any concern, anything that is part of your life, and you allow this quality to be present within it, within the middle of that thought, desire, situation, question, concern, etc., then wholeness, completeness, fullness and joy begin to manifest themselves in ways that you could not have planned, orchestrated, or imagined. How do you go about opening to receive or experience this quality of Love? By choice, by being willing to step aside enough to allow it to enter your experience, your presence, your heart, and then standing as if it is present, anchoring it deep into your body and deep into the present moment of your focus and attention. It is unable to be present or to penetrate your experience without your choice, without your presence of mind in the moment calling it to be there with you, as you.”

“Practicing this is a choice, but it is also being willing to acknowledge that everything else that you put your attention on is, in a sense, of less substance, less wholeness, and less joy. Once you open to this Love and it opens to you, Love becomes more and more the active principle of creation acting through you into your life and into your world. You will begin to relax, and you will relax deeper than you have ever relaxed before. Because in the experience of incompleteness, in the experience of lack, in the experience of fear, and in the experience where only the small self reigns and rules and controls and attempts to figure out what needs to happen, there is always stress or tension in the body in subtle places which know fear. As you relax within this active, filling quality of Love in your life, you will find your body and your life growing ever more peaceful as well as ever more joyful, whole, and complete, and full in its essence and in every facet of experience.”

“So, we invite you to take a deep breath and to invite this quality of Love, of fullness, wholeness and joy to be completely your experience just by acknowledging and choosing this to be your reality. Hold your mind apart, gently, as if it opens the door so Love can come through. You invite and allow. Let your mind, if you wish, choose any current experience in your life that you would like to have embraced, touched, transformed, filled, or made more whole by this Love. Is it your relationships? Is it your work, your creativity, your expression? Is it your home, where you are, where you are placed, where you live? Is it concerns about a larger world that you are part of? Or is it the need for greater resources? Whatever is the perception, let it be the doorway that now opens between that experience, that perception, that part of your life, and the wholeness of this Love, and do nothing else right now, except allow.”

“Then relax as your body opens wherever it opens. Perhaps your shoulders are holding the burdens and responsibility of trying to make something happen. Perhaps your heart is holding a sense of loss, a sense of grief, a sense of lack, or emptiness. Perhaps your hips and pelvis are holding fear or anger or powerlessness. Allow the transformation to happen, and then breathe and relax and watch. Watch its power move in your life to create itself in the experience of your own God-embodied self, your own greatness, your own Creator within creation experiencing this Love in form, in formation. What you are giving form to is the wholeness, the completeness, the fullness, and the joy of Love made manifest. What else is there, truly?”

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