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Joyfully Release Into Your True Nature As Creator

This channeling opens with commentary from Michele:

Take a deep breath and relax. Breathe again expanding the breath into your abdomen and all the way down to the earth. Consciously relax and turn on your senses. Listen. What do you hear? Move your ears beyond the surface sounds to the subtle. Focus on one of the subtle sounds and let it speak to you. What is its voice, its sound, its tone, its message? Breath again and relax. Open your sense of smell? What are the fragrances or odors in your environment? How do each of them affect you? Pay attention to the subtle interchange of your body and its environment sensed through your nose? Is your nose blocked? What in your environment are you unconsciously filtering? Make it conscious so you might decide how you want to experience your environment and create it to be in greater harmony with your sense of what evokes a smile and opens your senses to receive even more. There are many gifts for those with eyes that see clearly, ears that hear the subtle, a nose that discriminates, and senses that are functioning according to their design. Part of healing is to move beyond dysfunction to actively engage and exercise the potential within those areas we may have protectively shut down.

As we become whole, we move from a fear based reactive, powerless, defensive or controlling position of consciousness and its subsequent alterations in sensitivity and perception, to an open, receptive, creative choice position. Try on each of these positions. How do you stand and move in each of these stances? What beliefs or conclusions about yourself or reality are within each positioning? Is it time to make another choice, create another experience, open to unfolding the potential within your design?

What if you could be true to your Essential Nature, consciously creating according to your design within the hologram of creation? What would your dance look like? How would you be in relationship with others? With the earth? With creation? How would you feel, and how would your presence affect your environment and experience of creation as a whole? My friends in spirit offer their perspective on these questions………..

“Our focus for this time is joyful creation. Creation is much more than the ideas and inspirations you put into form. Creation is the experience of your life as you are living it. And life is inclusive of not only your input, so to speak, but all agreement with others that are sharing and experiencing this life with you, for all are coherent threads within the whole of creation. This includes not only people, but all of animate and inanimate life; trees, animals, beings in spirit, the Earth herself, as well as the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe.”

“So it is no little matter this creation. You think of it in terms of what can I do, what can I bring into form, what is my part or purpose, what is my expression? Those are not the questions to ask right now. The questions to ask are; how do I experience who I am within creation? In this experience of living as creator, what is fulfillment? But more than that, how is it that I am that which experiences at all? What is it that I am to experience? Each Hu-man is perfectly designed to be the conscious experience of the dynamic dance of all that is coming from Mystery into matter, from the Source of all thought, Source of all inspiration, Source of all consciousness into conscious form and living experience.”

“You have only seen yourselves through the limited lens of the material form, physical consciousness, the independent individual, trying to make things work, trying to make things happen, trying to make a living, trying to make your image in form. Begin to see yourselves not only as an isolated (what is my) part or an independent expression, but as an organically interdependent experiencing consciousness within a great body that is the Creator breathing into creation. As you do so you will begin to experience yourself in a different way. Within this perspective, fear does not apply, for you are always opening to greater and greater experience and expression as the dynamic Creator within each experience, which you are, which we are, as is all of creation that is expressing within form. So relax back into the Source beyond the little “I”, into the living creation consciousness that is weaving itself into new forms, new organizations, new structures, and a very beautiful new experience of Creator, the whole dynamic energy that is always, always, always moving itself into ever more pure and conscious forms of itself.”

“Joy is only known when the little self can fully release into the experience of its truest nature as Creator. As it does so there are no more limitations, no more constrictions, no more controls, no more pain, no more of what has been part of the old attached view of reality. It is now possible for you to turn the glimpses into open doorways. The doorways are portals of conscious awareness and experience. Consciousness is not a mental thing. It is the experience, the fulfillment of the awareness in form. Joy, that which is beyond happiness, is the fulfillment of that embodiment, of that awareness in living form.”

“It is time for you to mature your soul’s larger design. You are now to walk, talk, receive and express, and to joyfully, freely create the fulfillment of the design for creation. It may not happen all at once, but proceed without looking back. Open to the fulfillment and move through the doorways that are there for you. Connect collectively with those who are doing the same, and create experiential portals so that you might show others the potential and the possibilities beyond their limited views. It is time to let these doors fly wide open to be the portals of joyous conscious creation through which you might move, and then with your excitement and enthusiasm, invite others to join the dance. Loosen up, stretch into new frequencies, feel the pulse of creation flowing through your body of awareness, and joyfully create a new experience for all.”

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