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Fusion Weekends

Note: This information is for the previous Fusion 1 Weekends. We have now merged Fusion 1 and 2 into a single weekend. Prerequisite for Fusion 1/2: Having your vibrational signature.

Fusion 3 requires completion of Fusion 1/2. Please see the calendar for dates and times.

Download a PDF file of this Fusion 1 information →

About The Workshop

Our focus with these weekends is to assist the burst of acceleration for those who are in the final stages of leaving Duality and participating in the New Field of consciousness. That process includes releasing remnants of our old stories and clearing the way for greater soul embodiment.

Most of us have been moving in steps through a process of dissolving our personal old story and restructuring within our body and lives for greater wholeness. Michele has put the whole process together into a thorough sequential experience so the soul/body/spirit system can synchronize, complete, open, and begin the fusion of one’s own Great Spirit within personal physical experience, our own fusion of Light within Life. There are also new nodes of consciousness opening within our body which we are calling enhancements. These enhancements are designed to open greater direct access between our soul core and this new dimension of creation. They are frequency specific and require us to stay conscious and aware to maintain them.

The Fusion process when done within a group creates a kind of alchemy that magnifies and multiplies the potential for individual shifts with greater ease and grace…..more is possible for everyone. There are a number of facilitated experiences during the weekend  that include individual focus where needed. Your bodies are supported to both release how they have held the old stories and memories and to open capacities to vibrate health and wholeness into or more of these fusion experiences, so the price is the same as for one two hour personal session with Michele. Much more is possible in the group experience, and we invite people who might otherwise consider a personal session to choose this instead.”

Each session will have similar elements, but differences arise in the processes depending on who is participating and how the larger energies are moving at the time.

Pre-Registration Required

Please register for these events. Group size is limited. Contact Chris at 651-224-4451 or to register or if you have questions.

Workshop Fees

The cost for the Fusion 1-2 weekend is $325, $285 for previous Fusion 1 participants and $120 for previous Fusion 2 participants.

The cost for Fusion 3 is $285 and $100 for previous Fusion 3 participants.