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Lightsmith’s First First Tuesday is Tuesday.

I was hoping that subject line would get your attention :)

Tomorrow, June 2nd, we begin our new event schedule. In our previous update I noted that we are no longer doing events around New Moons. Instead, we have shifted the timing to be the first Tuesday of each month.

We refer to these events as First Tuesdays, a shortened version of First Tuesday for Personal Expansion and Development. The focus is very similar to what we have been doing on New Moons. These sessions are all about assisting you to transform or integrate something in your life. This kind of process work is guided by Michele as she reads the field created by all participants and directs the energy accordingly. There is no prerequisite to attend, and you can participate whenever it feels right for you.

We made this change to our schedule partly to help establish a regular rhythm to the sessions, and partly to avoid weekend conflicts. We have also recognized that so much is changing so quickly that whenever we have a facilitated session these days we are working with new energies. We have mostly moved beyond healing and release, and are now receiving and integrating more aspects of self and much directly from the New Field. We are offered a good deal of support at all times for this integration process, and riding on the New Moon energies has become less important.

As with the previous New Moon events, you can join us in person, by phone or by internet video stream. Anyone can join us and there are no pre-requisites. Information is on the calendar page or on the First Tuesday information page. The cost is $30 for single sessions, or is included with a subscription to The Lightsmith Deal. BTW, previous subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal will continue with First Tuesdays instead of New Moons.

FYI for those who participate in the Materializing Light series on second Saturdays, our guest co-facilitator this coming Saturday, June 6th, will be Michael. See the calendar for sign-up and info.


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