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Moving Right Along

Our challenging immersion into 2015 continues for many,  but at least sun and warm weather (here in Minnesota) allows us to be outdoors and moving about more freely. Funny how, without much notice, one-third of the year has snuck right past. Years ago the Earth Mother spoke of collapsing the matrix of time. We experience the effect as time speeding up, yet as past and future disappear from reference we gradually find ourselves in the only remaining place: the present moment.

“Living in the now” has often been seen as a goal rather than a state of being. I suggest that it will soon feel much more normal to simply be consciously aligning with each moment and what is being birthed into experience, uninfluenced by the past and unconcerned with knowing the future. The new dimension is fully available for partnership, and trust in the process of conscious creation is our practice until we establish our new “normal”. The shift of operating systems is a radical undertaking. Be patient with yourself as we all learn to navigate in a way none of us are familiar with.

Simultaneous completions and new openings seem abundant as we transit this first triad of the year and move into what’s next. Becoming more visible are conflicts between those extracting themselves from the old story and those invested in maintaining control and domination. While I am confident in the magnificence to be experienced in the outcome, the process can be difficult to observe. I suggest avoiding, as much as possible, most of what makes it to controlled media.

The reminder I offer, despite any appearances to the contrary, is that the transformation to the new reality is unstoppable and is accelerating substantially. On the subtler levels it has already occurred. It’s the sorting out and releasing of dense energies that takes time to work out in the physical. In cosmic time it truly is a blink of an eye, though our experience of the transition can be challenging when measured in years. I do sense that the sorting is mostly completed between those aspects that are merging as part of the new structure of consciousness, and those that will be moving on to a different experience. For those of us on the pioneering edge of the process, we may not know what tomorrow will bring but we are continually assured that all is well.

Here at Lightsmith the only future events we know about are the ones on our calendar. Even then they’ve been prone to rearrangement. So for today I will list our primary events for May. I figure if I don’t act promptly to send this reminder update it will suddenly be June.


Visible & Present Discovery Process One

By now you may be familiar with Michele’s Visible & Present Discovery series helping to guide you into alignment with your choices of clothing and other elements in your life. If not, check this page for details. The next session of Discovery Process 1: Authentication will be Saturday, May 16th from 10am to 5pm. This is where you begin the adventure. This is also the only date for this process we currently have on the calendar. We’re not yet sure when this first process will be repeated, so if you’ve been waiting to jump in now is the time. Payment is not due until the day of the event, but please pre-register soon if you plan to attend. Contact Michele at 651-224-4451 or michele@visibleandpresent.com

Cross-Quarter Planetary Event

Next Tuesday, May 5th, is our Cross-Quarter Planetary Event. During Planetary sessions we work as a group with guidance from the Earth Mother, usually through Michele and sometimes directly. These processes are focused on shifting levels of consciousness that affect the whole. There is no charge for this event (donations accepted), and you can join us in person, by phone or by internet video stream. If you’re at a distance, look for login information on the calendar listing.

Second Saturday Support Session

For those of you who have been participating in the Materializing Light series, the next Saturday support session is May 9th from 1-3:30pm.

Our LAST New Moon Session May 19th

We have decided to end our New Moon sessions. We will continue with another form of monthly group work similar in nature, but not focused on the schedule of the new moons. Our new events will be scheduled the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm central starting June 2nd. As with the New Moon sessions, these events will be opportunities to work with the most current energies in a group process directed by the needs of the individuals participating. Current subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal will continue with these events. In the past we had Tuesday Tune-ups. These will be similar. Name suggestion, anyone?

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