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Anxiety, Anticipation

Been cranky lately? We seem to be in a time where senses of grand possibility rapidly alternate with overwhelming senses of annihilation. The influx of energies have become increasingly relentless and demanding, obliterating the unreal and inauthentic with swift, stunning efficiency. Yes, it appears we’re still in a deep-cleaning process of uprooting and releasing various bits of ourselves that cling to enticing illusions of safety and security, binding us to the matrix of duality.

With energetic help from the New Field we’re moving through cleansing blitzes that can last a few days or a few hours. During that time we might feel withdrawn, tired, and preoccupied. And annoyed. What follows is a sense of loss, then grief for something that has often been so unconscious we may barely recognize it as it leaves. Barely does the grief lift when the space we have opened begins to fill with surprising quickness, shifting us into the next phase of the process.

Dropping in more of ourselves is next, aspects of self long waiting in queue for the opportunity of full embodiment. Then we integrate the new aspect, not so much with mastery but with the mystery of not knowing how to fully be here or understanding clearly how the New Field works. Add a pinch of no vision of the future, and dish yourself up a serving of confusion with a side of anxiety. Then, as soon as we re-stabilize just enough, the cycle repeats. Until it’s done. So, yay.

We did, after all, volunteer to participate in this process, fully intending to be part of the transformation. And haven’t you been asking for change in your life and in the world? Well, here you are. Good on ya. I’m sure it sounded easier in theory. You’ve also heard of living in the moment? That would be now. And FYI, practicing such has been made easier since in the New Field there really is no option. That helps.

Our part here at Lightsmith has been to offer assistance for the transformation through the many waves of process. Michele has steadfastly maintained the full-ahead approach for those who have felt the call to participate in whatever was next. Reaching the culmination of the Grand Plan has taken eons of time and unfathomable numbers of beings. We are grateful to the many hundreds of people with whom we have crossed paths over the past 20+ years, and perhaps during many lifetimes. Whether you joined us one time or for many years, your presence has been known and is acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you.

April Events

Mother Mary will be the co-facilitator this coming Saturday for the second session of our 2015 Materializing Light series. These events continue to help us negotiate the intense energies of what’s up right now, and we always love the opportunity to hear from those in Spirit who are being of assistance. These Saturdays begin early for Michele when she receives information about the focus for the day. That information is later shared with the group, giving context for the  process that will take place. We also hear directly from our co-facilitator in a channeled segment, and then Michele guides a process of clearing, shifting and integration.

We have worked with Mary before (the beings have asked that we drop titles, such as master, archangel, etc.) and there is no shortage of love in her presence. If you wish to join us in person or remotely, you’ll find information on the calendar listing.

NOTE: if you will be driving to our building from Minneapolis, know that I-94 will be closed in both directions for 6.5 miles from highway 280 to 35E. Plan alternate routes.

Michele also has this message for you:

“Many of us are making new choices to eat more consciously and to align our lives with who we are. What about how our presence influences every energy field we visit? Our field is influenced by what is in our field, especially the energy vibrating from the clothes we are wearing…the colors, the textures, the amount of light we absorb or reflect, etc.. If you think of the clothing we wear as our visible voice, are you communicating with clarity and coherency or are you dressing in a way that is creating static between you and others? It may be time to consider including conscious clothing choices as another aspect of personal transformation.”

“The next opportunity to learn to dress who you are is Discovery Process I: Authentication on Saturday, May 16 from 10-5 pm at Lightsmith. You will learn about four primary rhythms or elements and which combination is animated through your body. As we move through the day you will learn how to vibrationally attune to notice what vibrates with you and what does not. This is a skill you can use with other things too! Then you will make a personal fabric-filled shopping guide to support your choices. Look for cost and other information on the calendar listing.

This process is very fun to do with a friend or relative so as to support each other as you are moving through the process of integrating the principles into your life and wardrobe. Contact Michele to register or learn more about the program.

One last note: Our next New Moon session is on Sunday, April 19th at 3pm. These events also work with current energies and are focused on individual participants. You can join us in person, by phone or by internet stream. Details on the calendar.


Not exactly relaxed,









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  1. Thanks for this post, Chris. “Not exactly relaxed…” You nailed that one, I laughed out loud in agreement. :-)

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