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Sunday, September 20, 2009

In the Spin

Dizzy lately? I mistook my summer episodes of vertigo as a physical sign
of aging and failed to previously mention it. Silly me, your
metaphorical interpreter, missing the forest for the queaz. Turns out I
haven't been the only one sometimes afraid to move the position of my
head. The issue of vertigo arose as a question by someone at our
channeling last Saturday with Archangel Michael and the Karmic Council.
Archangel Michael first responded by suggesting a show of hands from
people who have had such symptoms in the last three months, and the
count was about two-thirds of those attending. Two days later I had
lunch with a metaphysical teacher friend who recently had an entire
class of students with a similar complaint. I found the explanation
interesting, and I have transcribed the answer with slight editing for
clarity. I hope you find it helpful.

"Your mind has been the structure that bound you and contained you, and
it became your sense of who you are. As the mind is unbinding, and it
literally unbinds, there comes a time when it has to loosen up the
structures that have bound your sense of reality and identity. As those
bindings loosen up, and especially if they do so rather rapidly, you
will find yourself very disoriented and dizzy. Continue to breathe and
breathe without moving, and allow the fusion that then is part of the
experience, for your own spirit is in charge of this dissolution of what
is not truly of essence. So breathe, allow the fusion and it will pass.
You will sense a sort of difference as these structures disappear,
literally disappear, so that your own humanity is not bound. You have a
body and there is a physicality, but the structures of consciousness of
mind are no longer your reality for personhood, for identity and for
experiencing who you are here. That shifts."

I consider this channeling to be very significant, and I'll tell you why
as I continue below.

Planetary Service Shift

As I wrote in September we will be engaged with several planetary
projects in the coming years and we invite participation from those who
feel drawn. An experience on our recent Oregon trip along with a focus
shift from the Saturday channeling have prompted modification to plans
we previously posted regarding this planetary work. For now, we have
removed the planetary events that were on the calendar. We teach of the
need to listen to the energy for the impulse to move, so you can
appreciate the irony in making a schedule of how and when we will
interact with nature. Planetary-level projects will arise in their own
timing, and we will offer notice as early as possible.

We continually learn from our experiences out on the earth and realize
that a certain awareness and practice is necessary for the individuals
in the groups. If you have interest in joining us for these projects we
strongly encourage you to participate in the advanced practitioner
classes with Michele which start October 24th. Of particular importance
would be modules 1, 2 & 4 (you can take any or all of the classes).
Although focused on practitioners or those desiring to become
practitioners, the information and processes are foundational to anyone
working within the Living Field of consciousness and on the planetary
levels. Here's a link to download a PDF file with more information about
the pracitioner modules:

Increased Focus on Fusion

Our focus for the coming months will be weighted toward fusion, and we
are adding additional fusion events to our calendar including the
weekend of October 17th and 18th. Briefly, fusion is the union of spirit
within the body and human experience. By design and choice many of us
are leaving one life and entering another without going through the
death/rebirth process. The life/identity we are leaving is one of
limited embodiment grown during the reign of Duality. The life we begin
is born of our choice to be fully who we are within a new dimension of
Living Light, of wholeness based in Love. Fusion describes a state of
being of greater soul embodiment than we have experienced to date.
Poetically, we awaken as Creator within Creation. Here I offer a
reminder that our Transformation Tuesdays will also continue to be a
resource for this process. The next TT event is this coming Tuesday,
September 22nd.

And to my babyboomer compatriots: Has it occurred to you that we are
finished with the transformation we came to do? Perhaps a little party
is in order for a job well done, and maybe we should consider that idea,
but it is soon time to move on. Enough already with the healing and
transforming. You had to know we wouldn't be doing it forever. We're
excited (with some trepidation) to begin something new, but perhaps we
have reluctance to let go of an identity derived from our experiences
during the healing and transforming stage. Our old identity was born of
that old story, but we're entering a new story that accepts no
identities beyond our essential natures. It is time to be who we really
are. Get ready for fusion.

The Core Message

Which leads me to the purpose of last Saturday's channeling:

We learned that there will be a speeding up of completion (the release
of old structures opening the way for fusion) for those who have been
moving out of Duality and into the New Field. Spirit will be offering
extra assistance over the next 3-4 months to release mental structures
that have kept us bound. This assistance is given by request at some
level and can also begin with the process given at the channeling, which
starts the softening of tightly held structures. This extra assistance
reflects a shift of emphasis by spirit to bring as many people as
possible into "oases" away from what is to take place in the larger

And why is that? Because things are about to get very intense. I have
transcribed a portion of the channeling for you to read, but first I
wish to make a request. I ask you to remember what it took to move you
out of your own bound places in the course of your personal healing and
transformation. Usually it involved discomfort that required your
attention and could not be avoided. Perhaps you first tried to "fix"
something or someone so you could feel more comfortable staying the
same. As you resisted change the discomfort grew, until finally you
began to make choices to act on your own behalf, discarding the voices
and programs that attempted to define and control you. I ask your
remembrance so that you neither judge nor fear what it will take to
prompt large numbers of people to begin the same process of choice and
change for themselves. Their experiences are not ours to alter, but we
can know that the pathways we opened will assist them on their journeys.

Here begins a transcribed portion of the Saturday channeling:

"There is a significant opening in the next years of 2010, 2011, and
2012 in the unfolding of consciousness. The very structures of Duality,
not only in individuals but in the larger collective, are going to begin
to break down in ways that are unpredictable in impact."

"There was a hope that the unfolding of the larger structures within
consciousness could be done more gradually and gently, but it looks to
us - and that is partially why we came tonight - that it is taking a
less gentle approach in terms of the experience of these unbinding
structures and we do not know how the [experiences will unfold in the]
majority of humanity."

"So, we have chosen to prepare those who are now ready to move into the
oasis of their own experience and fusion, and then to allow those
structures as they unfold to affect those that they affect and to
support those who are awakening within that process, but to also
encourage the oasis of the new field's humanity experience to be able to
evolve, to grow, to have greater fulfillment even while the other is
happening. Rather like living a very different experience even while
something else is happening around you. So there is a need, a desire on
our part to assist this to finish in the next few months and to be ready
for the unpredictability of what is probably going to be a roller
coaster over the next 3 or 4 years."

In other words, there will soon be two very different experiences
happening simultaneously. One reality will be dissolving with a good
deal of intensity for those involved, while the other will be supported
to grow new expressions. In all cases support is given for the choices
being made.

You can appreciate why I called this channeling significant. At 96
minutes it runs longer than any other channeling we have done since we
began the Second Saturday series almost 4 years ago. The recording
offers much more information than I have briefly shared, including
discussion about the end of this time of choice and the next experience
for those who are not ready to disengage from Duality.

During the final 24 minutes of the recording you can participate in the
process that begins to soften the old mental structures that have been
binding. If you wish to accelerate your own process of fusion you will
find the process helpful. The download is here: Note the link where
you can instantly listen to the first 12 minutes.

Check our home page or the calendar for details on classes and events.
Some of the information is still being updated over the weekend, but I
wanted to get this message out ASAP. Over the next few weeks look for
briefer, more frequent mailings from us. With so much stirring I'd
rather send short digestible messages than try to cram too much into one
email. That said, I'll be back soon.


BTW, my most recent article for The Edge magazine is here:


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