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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Speechless


Wow, what an unexpected and stunning visit we had last Saturday night
at our Second Saturday Channeling. That experience has surely made my
top 5 list. The Earth Mother was scheduled...and she was present...but
she was merged with the Mother of Creation. Together they presented a
story of our planetary evolution from original intention before the
planet was even formed, with a previously unshared and very
interesting perspective on how the Mother of Creation aspect wanted to
proceed as compared to the way things went with the experiment planned
by Source. If that scenario has a familiar ring, you may be as
surprised as I to realize that our very, very long 'task' of evolving
this new field of conciousness could have happened in a much different

After the story was told, a process was offered from the Mothers to
assist the emotional body to release out of the past memories and
painful experiences we have carried forward. With this assistance we
can, in a sense, become more able to begin anew without baggage from
our long story. And then things got more interesting. I can only
describe it as Michele channeling the Earth Mother who was channeling
the Mother of Creation, and we received a direct message from this
ancient aspect of Creator (as best as can be expressed in English).

Over the years, those of use who have been working with this
transformation have learned that not all of what has grown in this
planet will continue to be part of the experience here. We have known
that those choosing away from Love would move on to another experience
in another place, because this planet was created with a much
different purpose than what has been reflected in our painful
experiences along the way. In the 'finale' of the evening last
Saturday we learned that the Earth Mother and the Mother of Creation
are the ones who will now sort out what is working and moves forward
into the new and what does not. For me it was a moment of realization
that the Great Feminine has indeed returned, quite literally, and is
moving with powerful intention to set things straight (my words). I am
left speechless.

**NEW** This amazing evening and experience was recorded, as usual. I
wanted to make this recording more easily available to more people,
and that desire gave me the motivation to finally start making these
channelings available as downloadable files as well as regular CD's.

The download price is less than half the cost of the physical CD (plus
no shipping), and the recordings are immediately available. Visit our
order page for either the CD or online version. You'll find it at


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