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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Update with New Channeling


And a special hello to new friends we met at the Healing Touch
conference last weekend. It's always enjoyable for us to get away from
Lightsmith every now and then and connect with other people in new
ways. We had a full weekend, given our own Martin Luther King
channeling on Saturday evening, but we were glad to be able to visit
with this great group of healers. BTW, I'll have the MLK recording
available sometime tomorrow.

Most of this update will be a somewhat potent and rather direct
message from our friends in Spirit. In many ways, the core of the
message is something I have talked more quietly about in past months,
more so with friends than publicly. It would seem, however, that the
volume is needing to rise as a certain urgency presents itself.

I have spent many years (as have you) disengaging myself from and
releasing numerous old patterns and attachments. I have also struggled
to articulate what we are about here at Lightsmith, even to many who
are sharing this journey into a new experience. It is difficult enough
when strangers ask "what do you do?", but often more difficult when
others in the "new age" community assume they know what we have been
saying, when I'm aware that is not always so. We all have a
perspective to share, and I'm not so sure that we have always done an
adequate job sharing ours. I would like to think that we are beginning
to make changes that will lead to greater clarity in what we are
presenting, and that will begin with a new event we have created for
March 31st (more below).

In these past few weeks we have learned of numerous stories from
people who are being challenged in ways one would not call subtle.
Physical issues seem to dominate, with other significant life changes
not far behind. Souls are stepping up the pace to move us through this
shift, and deep old structures that have been crystallized are being
jolted into release in some uncomfortable ways. A crack or a whack is
often the prescription for busting something loose, and consciousness
seems to be working overtime assisting our re-creation.

This great transformation we are experiencing is part of a large story
that is, in many ways, now coming to a close. Yes, we are continuing,
but a new story is being written. The push many are feeling is
connected to making the choice to close the book on our own old
stories and begin anew. That message is the focus of the channeling,
and I will let those beings speak for themselves.

Trust the process,


A few quick notes:

Third Eye Chakra class this weekend
Saturday, March 17th, 10am - 5pm

This is the 6th of 8 classes designed to help reconstruct the chakras
for the new "operating system". There is still room for 2-3 more
people, so please contact Michele is you would like to attend. Call
651-224-4451 or email More information about
this series on our website.

Tuesday Tune-Up
Tuesday, March 20th, 7 - 9pm

The focus this month is clearing old patterns of disempowerment or
need to control. No pre-registration is necessary (except for phone
participants). Just show up. The cost is $30. More information is on
our site.

Choosing the New Field of Living Light
A day of immersion. Saturday, March 31st, 10am - 5pm, $140
Your guides will be Michele Mayama and Chris LaFontaine

When we bought the building for Lightsmith, one of the primary
intentions was to have a place where the New Field of Living Light
could land and begin to create its own field. The space itself would
then support people to choose to move beyond their old stories and
step into a process of re-creation from their soul essence out into
form and experience. Michele has been guiding people into a personal
experience of the Field in personal sessions and within the Mentored
Groups, and has been learning much along the way. It feels like it is
time to create a group experience that specifically focuses on the
process of choosing and then creating within the new Living Field.
This is the first of what we hope to be several experiential
gatherings that grow our experience within the new Field of Conscious

Pre-registration is not critical for this event if you decide to come
at the last minute. It will be helpful to us, though, to have a note
of your intention to attend. Please email or
call 651-224-4451.

The focus for the day:

• Creating a day of immersion with the Living Field so it becomes more
real and conscious.

• What is the New Field? How do we release from duality and our old

• An overview of the choice in this time of our collective story.

• Facilitated processes to support that choice and the
re-creation of our energetic structures.

•Sharing within small groups about your own experiences
while collecting/growing language for this experience.

• Guidelines for individual practices that grow your own
experience of creating with and within the Living Field.

BTW, If you are still thinking of conscious creation (small "c") as
something that you DO (learn some technique to focus energy into
manifestation, etc.), we would like to offer another view from the
perspective of the transformed system:

Conscious Creation IS. You ARE it.

More on that to come.


Our recent channeled message

Several days ago, a small group of us gathered to open a discussion
with our friends in Spirit. These are beings whose focus is assisting
this transformation of consciousness. The transcript contains the
initial message, as well as additional discussion that evolved from
questions we asked. Because of the length, I will begin the transcript
here and then provide a link for you to find the complete document on
our web site. I will also post a PDF file for you to download and
print. Feel free to share this message any way you wish.

They begin:

Blessings, greetings, we are present, we are here. Hello.

As we join you in this time, there are two things that we notice. One
is that there seems to be a kind of urgency, or push, that people are
beginning to feel. The push is coming from a need to make a choice.
The choice being given is to move beyond the old story of what you
have known in your time on earth, and step into the new experience of
creation. Many do not know that this is what the sense of urgency is
about, and so they divert their attention, or perhaps blame or project
those feelings outward.

There are many who have chosen to become self-aware or self-conscious,
using methods that have previously been laid out through different
practices or religions. These methodologies were laid out in the old
structure of duality as pathways leading into this new experience.
However, many get attached to the methodology, and then they wonder
why they still feel as if something is not breaking through. They feel
as if they are not fully free to be who they are, and to create the
life that belongs to them. They may feel a kind of attachment to the
methodology, or to the community connected to the methodology.

If you are one of those people who have used such methodologies or
communities, and are now feeling a kind of urgency or push from
within, then you may need to begin to relax the structures of the
methodology, itself. The old structures that were laid out are like a
path, and they do form pathways. They work for a time to move you
along, but in order to move in the new energies there is a need to
release all structures that have been laid down in duality.

There may be a little anxiety or fear that comes along with that
choice, because there is a sense of security within any structure that
is familiar. Those structures may be within your own consciousness, or
they may have been adopted in order to make your transition into
greater awareness. But, at some point it doesn't matter where these
structures are from, as all structures laid out in duality must begin
to dissolve and transmute into a more living hologram. Structures laid
down in duality do not live. They may be structures of belief,
structures of consciousness, old stories, old methodologies, or old
dogmas. They are not alive, do not have an ability to be changeable
and creative, and cannot continue.

Within the new living field, all structure is mutable and creative.
The new structures are alive, can move, and can continue to be
creative and creating. All structure in the new field is a hologram of
living intention, and is unable to crystallize or rigidify into the
kinds of forms you have known that created a false sense of security
within the old story.

You are on a path of moving into fulfillment of what the plan of God
has been about for this great planet you call Earth, and each one of
you will reach a time during this year, whether now or later, where
you will face those old structures and have to make another choice.

Each of you has a story, and each story crystallized and created
pathways over and over again while you were in duality. You have been
softening, healing, relaxing, and revealing. As you surrender those
old stories, you are beginning to realize that you were conditioned to
focus outside yourself. You were made to feel as if you had to relate
to something external, or attempt greater control over something, or
perhaps feel powerless, depending on how you related to it. Those
experiences are now transmuting and, in this new story, are becoming
experiences of living consciousness, or living awareness.

Structure will continue to inform you in the new field, but it is not
rigid, does not crystallize, and is so creative and alive that your
body also begins to regenerate in its own awareness of what is alive
and creative. Your body is also moving through this process this year,
since it is the place where the structures from the old story have
embedded, and lived out a kind of physical experience. If you find
that your physical experience is challenged, then most likely it is an
area of your body where there is some old crystallization, or old
story structures that are not yet mutable and creative. These old
structures still carry some of the old rigidity and lack of life. So,
if you are challenged, then let the challenge move you into a new
possibility of experience: physically, emotionally, and energetically.

You will also find that your minds will be challenged during this
time, along with your bodies. Your emotions may be less affected, but
it can depend on your make-up. If you are a very emotional person,
then sometimes your emotions loom large, and they convince you that
what you are feeling is most real.

In whatever area you feel the challenge - emotional, physical, mental,
or energetic – allow your experience to make a direct relationship
with the living field. The new field is mutable and creative with an
organic awareness, and when you connect to it you will be informed,
almost as if you are sitting within this living information. It can
assist those places in you that have felt fear and reluctance, or
whatever might be your story of moving beyond that old place

Let the information come in. It's easier to make a choice when you
have a sense of what you are choosing, or when you have a sense of
something to move into or move toward. The living field is here, and
it is available. Call it forth. Sit with, live with, and breathe it
into whatever is surfacing in your system. Something is rising to
consciousness so a choice can be made for something new, beyond where
you have yet been.

[much explanation and discussion continues in the extended version]

to continue reading on our website:

to download a PDF file of this transcript:


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