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Earth Mother with the Children
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Advanced Practioner Courses
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Earth Mother Mondays
Special evenings with the Earth Mother
Check the calendar for specific dates
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Chakra Series is available on video
Organs of Consciousness;
A Journey Through the Chakras.

Chakra Series Order Page - Read More Here

Upcoming Second Saturday Channeling Visitors

Joan of Arc - July 12
Lady Venus - August 9
Earth Mother - September 13
Kuthumi - October 11

The Second Saturday Channelings have been an amazing series that began with a visit from Jesus on February, 2006. Other visitors on these special evenings have included: Mary Magdelene, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, King Arthur, St. Germaine, Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Mother of Creation, and several visits from the Earth Mother.

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Past channelings available in our Shoppe

Tuesday Tune-Ups
Monthly sessions. Guided process and shift facilitation by Michele. You can participate in person or by phone.
Check the calendar for dates and topics
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In Your Element Playshops
You've been doing much inner work and transformation. Now is the time to become more visible. These playshops are designed to help you match your outside appearance and presentation to your inner essence. The sessions are fun, interactive, and truly life-changing.
Check the calendar for dates and times
Read here for more information

Michele and Chris with 2 pre-festival events FRIDAY, Septermber 12th at LIVING WELL
Northwoods Festival in Hayward, Wisconsin.
Information here