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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Fog Lifts a Little Bit

The interesting times continue. Michele's birthday was last week, so
we actually took a little time away from the building. The break from
the routine was nice. During our short getaway, we assisted with the
reconfiguring of a very interesting type of vortex on the land of a
Wisconsin friend, and spent a quiet evening holed up in comfort near a
lake further north of the vortex site.

The vortex was interesting to us because it is not a spinning field
formed by the intersection of ley lines. Instead, it is a vertical
structure that functions as a kind of pump, bubbling up healing energy
to the bodies of those in the vicinity. Every other month the energy
peaks, and things arranged so that we were present during one of those
windows of maximum energy. It was a neat experience, and an unexpected
introduction to yet another facet of the wondrous workings of our
mother planet. The energy is once again "pumping" after millennia of
inactivity, and at some point the property owner may offer access to
visitors. We'll let you know if that happens.

We returned to St. Paul and a rather full schedule. Michele is more
booked up with individual clients than I've seen for some time. As you
know, many people have areas of challenge these days. It's easy to see
the disruptions, breakdowns, and general chaos in the collective
experience, and we're just as busy in our personal worlds since every
level reflects the changing structures of the hologram.

None of us are navigating this shift of consciousness without a good
deal of support. Michele and I feel constantly supported from many
levels, and we move as gracefully as we can through our own processes,
as do all of you. Michele also learns a great deal in the course of
assisting her clients, and the awarenesses are continually woven
throughout our classes and events. The Tuesday Tune-Ups this month
have a focus designed to assist what's "up" at the moment, and I'll
tell you more about the theme in the section below.

I do sense a lift from where I was a few weeks ago, yet certain
experiences seem to continue, including a sense of being in a void and
lacking motivation to do much of anything beyond what seems
fundamentally necessary. Oh, and sleeping or resting more that what
used to seem normal. At the same time, I can feel how it is becoming
more and more difficult to engage anything that does not feel like an
energetic match. I even find myself flipping off (both meanings) TV
shows I venture to watch while mumbling about how irritating most
programs have become.

I don't know how much of my intolerance reflects my own shifts and how
much reflects ever-greater attempts to grab me, but I start to feel
violated by the energy that is emanating from television, attempting
to mold my emotions and experiences. I've never been more grateful for
The Simpsons, which probably gets away with being smart because it's
"only a cartoon". I do know that I have lost pretty much all patience
with long-winded intellectual analyses, and obviously detached
politicians (aka the walking dead).

Anywho…….I'd like to tell you about some really great events coming up
this week. Hope to visit with you, soon. Oh, almost forgot, the Gandhi
recording is now available on CD or downloadable mp3. See the order
page on our site.



May 8th and 22nd , 7pm - 9pm
"Repatterning the Emotional Body"

Tune-Ups are process work done in a small group with Michele as
facilitator. These evenings are some of the most powerful sessions you
can participate in here at Lightsmith, short of private sessions with

Last month we focused on the mental field, clearing the old patterns.
This month we move into the emotional body, continuing to shift the
emotional imprints and lift the base frequency of the emotional body
to synchronize better with the new, living field.

You can participate in person or by phone. Some individual attention
to personal needs is also offered. The cost is $30. More information

Thursday, May 10th, 7 - 9:30pm

This is the rarely-offered, condensed version of Michele's full-day
workshop on creating vibrational crystal grids.

Michele is simplifying the class and offering the basics of grid
formation on thursday evening, Feb. 21, from 7-9:30pm. You will learn
how to make basic Matrix grids that hold and support an intention
within your field, a Manifestation Grid to hold and support intentions
for materializing something in your life, and Field Generators to
support keeping your home, office, or space clear of interference or
left behind energies. We will cover the basic energetic technology
behind the effectiveness of grids and how they can be useful in a
number of situations.

If you have the following, please bring a white cloth napkin or small
white cloth, six matching stones, quartz points, amethyst, rose
quartz, etc., one larger stone or object for the center, and any small
objects or symbols that have personal meaning for you. If you do not
have these things, I have plenty to borrow for use during the class.

Cost: $60

Call or e-mail Michele if you plan to attend:
651-224-4451 or

The Earth Mother and Friends this Saturday, May 12th, 7pm

We have been awaiting this visit from the Earth Mother. We haven't had
a visit from her for several months, and last we heard she would be in
attendance with "friends". We know something is planned, but we have
no idea what that something might be.

The Earth Mother offers masterful assistance with physical changes and
deeper embodiment. If you are experiencing difficulty embodying this
shift, we feel that this would be a significant session to attend.

Our next Second Saturday Channeling visitors will be:

Gautama Buddha, June 16th (*special date - 3rd Saturday*)
Archangel Metatron , July 12th

Please pass the word. We consider these visits to be some of the most
amazing events we offer. Bring your friends for a singularly unique
experience. You can attend in person, listen by phone, or participate
by CD or mp3 download. The cost in person is $30. Prices for other
options vary. Read more information on our site.


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