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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Solstice

Hi, and Happy Solstice!

I'm loving the light, so to speak. I know that summer schedules grow
full (especially here in Minnesota), but I wanted to remind you of the
remaining events we have scheduled for June.

Also, the Buddha channeling is now available. More below.....

We look forward to connecting with you soon! Enjoy discovering the
wonders these crazy times have to offer.



Through a sequence of events in 1993, Michele was introduced to the 12
Rays of Creation and the 13th Principle of Shift. These Rays are
directly from Source, and weave light into the various combinations
necessary to create structure, form and life within all of Creation.

Classes with Michele are always highly experiential, and so it is with
this one. Some older, esoteric teachings have offered various
interpretations about "rays", which are different from what is offered
this Saturday. In this event you will have an opportunity to directly
meet these emanations from Source, and will have the opportunity to
feel each Ray as unique, containing pure qualities of consciousness
that are now being rewoven within the New Living Field.

In this rarely-offered class, Michele will guide participants into a
personal experience of each Ray, and include the 13th Principle that
has been activated during this phase of shifting from the Matrix of
Duality to the New Matrix of Living Wholeness and Love.

Saturday, June 23, 2007 - 10am to 5pm

Cost: $144

To register, call 651-224-4451, or email to

Note: The process of connecting with the Rays is a workout for the
Crown Chakra. If you have not worked with Michele, have had a head
injury in this life, or are unsure of your Crown chakra's capacity to
work at this level, please check with Michele as you register.


Two months ago, the focus of our Tune-Ups was on the mental field,
clearing the old patterns. Last month, we moved in the emotional body,
shifting the emotional imiprints and lifting the base frequency of the
emotional body to synchronize better with the new, living field.

This month, the area of attention is clearing and opening the solar
core (the central column that runs along the spine). Releasing of pain
memories and work with the neurological system will be included in the

Tuesday, June 26, 2007 - 7pm - 9pm

Cost: $30

Participate in person or by phone.
More information at


I am always amazed at how distinctly different each energy is that
comes through Michele. Just as when embodied, each of our Second
Saturday Channeling visitors has a unique personality and sense of
presence. Abraham Lincoln's energy "stood tall", Martin Luther King
exuded the vision and charisma that drew people to him, Leonardo Da
Vinci was challenged to work with words as a primary means of
expression, and Mother Mary was Love, personified.

As you might expect, the energy of Gautama Buddha was one of
stillness. He spoke clearly and directly, purposefully avoiding a
strong engagement of the mind. In terms of information shared, the
core of his message was about the crystallizations that have grown
around all religions, and this time of embodiment and inner knowing as
the end of religions, beliefs, and rigidified structures of thought.
He also facilitated a process to further disengage the attachments of
the mind.

Experience Buddha and his guided process for yourself.........

You can purchase a CD or mp3 download on our order page.

Cost: $15 + shipping for CD, $7 for immediate download

You will also notice that all of the Second Saturday channelings are
now available by download, along with a few other specialty
recordings. High on my list of personally powerful experiences is the
session with the Karmic Council from 2005.


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