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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mama Mia


Comes off like a bad fake headline in The Onion. Just when I think my
well-scrubbed floor is ready for inspection, I discover another little
patch of gunk waiting for the dissolution of the cleanse. Will I ever
be done swabbing the deck?

The bright news is that I am feeling a big yes; that I'm closer and
closer to being done. I can't even remember how many weeks (months?)
it has been since I haven't felt the pressure of the immense waves of
light washing over and into the earth. It's so easy to forget how
physically challenging it is to shift out the old structures and how
exhausting it can be. Most nights when I go to bed I quickly drop off
to sleep and then continue oodles (as opposed to scads or slews) of
processing in my dreams. Sometimes I wake up feeling like I've been
working all night, wishing I could remember what I've been doing and
feeling somewhat grateful that I can't. Who needs more old stories to
cling to. Better they just dissipate, no?

This past weekend Michele and I offered our workshop of "immersion"
into the new living field. The program had significant differences
from the last presentation we did in March, and I expect that it will
continue to evolve each time we do it. I really enjoyed the day and
the people who participated, and I had my own new experiences to boot.
I was really reminded of how this movement out of duality and into the
new field is not primarily a journey of the mind (don't worry dear
mind, you still get to play). Fundamentally, the mind cannot think its
way into a new experience. My sense is that the mind seems to be
pretty much the last holdout in the process of transformation,
gripping mightily to its concepts of how things should go. The
illusion of beliefs is not equivalent to a state of being experienced.

So, we head into August with a new event or two and additional
opportunities to trust our processes, wherever they may take us. The
following is a brief list of upcoming events. The reminder of the
Earth Mother Monday channeling (tonight) may reach you a bit late, but
I wanted to include it.

Hope to connect soon,


July 30, 2007, 7pm

A Visit with our Planetary Mother

Earth Mother Mondays are new events for us, and will take place once
or twice per month (check our calendar). When she visits during our
Second Saturday Channelings she is often working with other beings,
and there is a specific purpose for the session. Earth Mother Mondays
will give both her and us an opportunity to dialogue in a more
personal and intimate setting. She is always entertaining, funny, and
desiring to assist our bodies as we make our way through this
transformation. The cost is $30 at the door. This first session will
not include phone participation, but we will add that capability in
the future. Watch for CD's and downloads from these evenings.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Wear Who You Are"

Many people have spent years clarifying who they are, healing from
past wounds, and discovering their own innate gifts that they now are
beginning to share with others. It is time to be visible, to allow
your own inner beauty, essence, and wisdom to come through clear
channels to others so they may receive you and your message without
confusion or filters. The focus of �In Your Element� is on learning to
"wear who you are," in other words, to choose and wear clothing that
is in harmony with your physical energy and soul essence. When you do
so, you feel supported on many levels and show up with amazing
clarity, beauty and power. Ultimately you will be able to tailor both
your wardrobe and home decor so that it more accurately reflects who
you are from the inside out.

Playshop 1

The first Playshop of "In Your Element" is a kind of makeover of "how
you project yourself into the world." At its core, it is discovering
your soul�s essential vibration and learning how to amplify your
vibration out into the world, so there isn't "static" in the way
people experience you. In Playshop I, you learn about the four primary
elements used in this program, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth, how to
distinguish their characteristics and color palettes, and how they
translate into clothing, hair styles, eye glasses, jewelry, and
accessories. Each person then discovers their personal primary Element
and receives a laminated color/texture fan to take shopping with you.
The cost for this Playshop is $100.

If you have already participated in a Playshop and would like a
refresher, the cost is $30, if you bring one person, your cost drops
to $15, and if you bring two or more, you are in free!

Please pre-register with Michele.
Call 651-224-4451, or send email to

Playshop 2 will continue the adventure
on Wednesday, August 8th

Playshop 3 will be presented for the first time
on Sunday, August 12th

check our calendar for more information at

August 11, 2007, 7pm

This evening will again provide an opportunity to receive from the
Earth Mother. We don't know any specifics of this evening, but we feel
sure that it will provide another piece for our collective puzzle. We
feel confident that we can also count on a potent process to assist us
with the integration of the current waves of light.

You can participate in person or by phone. Read more information on
our site at


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