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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Skipping the Tunnel Into the Light Thing

Seems like every time I write I have to search for lesser-used
superlatives to infer uniqueness to what is taking place in our
collective adventure. I often run short of adequate descriptors when I
talk about our Second Saturday Channeling series, because using words
like profound and extraordinary quickly lose their meaning if
everything is profound and extraordinary. Unless, of course, we are
shifting (there's another one) to a place where what once seemed
beyond our every-day experience is rapidly becoming the new normal.

Our recent visit by Archangel Gabriel was a session that leaves me
without any ability to use hyper-descriptive terms when telling you
about the gist of the evening. Everything we are now learning - and
becoming - seems to have crossed that threshold from miraculous to
"oh, so THAT's what is next". I guess you'll just have to know that
for me the evening was still in the category of way cool with
occasional slippage into holy cow.

Remember the days when just talking about "ascension" would land you
squarely in the camp of the so-called delusional New Agers? Have fun
talking about this information, within any camp of your choosing.
Here's an inadequate summary of what Gabriel came to share:


He spoke of all past experiences leading to this time of choice. The
choice is to continue in the re-incarnational process to grow and
facilitate your experiences in a more lengthy process (in other words,
remain in Duality), OR to choose into the New Living Hologram where
Source Light has merged with Earth (self with body, body with light)
in a process of fusion.

He said that this fused state is the one referred to by the word
ascension, although the word ascension has so many interpretations
that it has become somewhat useless for describing anything. So, the
word fusion is currently being used to help with clarity.

The ascended, or fused, state of being allows you to merge into a new
state of being, vibrating a core essence or vibratory body into
another state of creation. Creation will not end when you vibrate in
the next state of being, but will continiue in a way that feels not so
different from here with even more vivid color, experiential senses,
and clarity of awareness.

Passing through a portal to another state of awareness has been our
path, but is beginning to change. Currently, most humans will still
use that path, but it is shifting. There are those that are already
passing from one state of being into the next state and experiencing
it as a breath of difference, but not so different. And it does not
mean that they are attached to the physical plane nor processing their
lives. Most of us are processing this and many other lives while
alive, so we will not have to go to the "other side" to process our

You will not have to go through the veil where you let go of all of
what you have grown and become conscious of. You will gather it with
you, take it along, and open up to even more. You may choose to
continue to enhance the creation of the New Field from within the new
state of being, and there are those already doing so. For many, moving
between this body and the next state of being will feel as delightful
as stepping onto a dance floor, or into a party, or into the light of
your own rainbow delight.

The adventure comes when you choose to come back into physicality.
Depending on how long you stay in the other dimension, you may find
that there is a way to re-merge into the physical field without
needing a rebirth. That is not automatic. Some will choose childhood,
and they will be gifted with many experiences. It will take some time
for enough beings in this merged, fused, Spirit-Material state to move
into the awareness of how to move into a deeper physicality with the
field. It's all part of the creative process and the new experience of
creation. There have been those who have done so before, and yet the
next phase of this creation is not for one or two, but it is for all
who choose.


There was much more, of course, during the channeling. As usual, there
were plenty of angels and guides assisting participants in a fusion
process. As you may know, that has been our theme for the Tuesday
Tune-Ups this month. The second Tune-Up is tomorrow night (December
18th), and you'll find more information below.

The Gabriel channeling has been uploaded, and is currently available
on our web site at
You'll find links for your choice of either a CD or an instant
download. Heady superlatives aside, this was clearly another
well-timed assist from the Spirit side. Like most of the other
channelings of this nature, the information is interesting and
helpful, but the talking is mostly to keep you engaged while the
energy does its work.

Overall, the clearing process seems to be continuing for most of us.
We just can't take the old structures forward, and our souls are being
rather persistent in nudging us to let go of everything that keeps us
out of alignment. The knock in the head, punch in the gut method is
not always so fun, but it must be effective given the number of people
using that approach. At least it's quick. As an option, I recommend
using conscious choice (feel the fear, do it anyway?) whenever
possible, but either way I'm confident that we'll party together in
the next state.

No, I don't mean Wisconsin.



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