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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yup, Still Doing Transformation

Probably didn't need to tell you that. I suspect that ours are not the
only postings you read speaking of the push that is happening right
now. As we have talked about in recent updates, our awareness is of a
group of souls diligently working on greater embodiment. What that
means is that more of a person's soul is trying to get into his or her
body. These are aspects of us that either left early in life (due to
the pain of living in Duality), or may have never fully incarnated in
any previous life on this planet. Or both.

There are reasons the soul has not come in more fully until now,
including that there hasn't been a way for it to be here, given the
restrictive structures of consciousness we have been living within. In
a sense, the way Duality compartmentalizes and classifies everything
makes it impossible to embody whatever doesn't fit into that system.
One tendency of Duality is attempting to control every aspect of life
(a fear response). That desire to control has the effect of limiting
what can be present, and carried to its end tends to kill off whatever
life remains.

The "death throes" of Duality we are now witnessing offer a vivid
outpicturing of the ultimate contraction process. Visible everywhere
are examples of intense polarizations, signified by violent extremes
and attempts to control what is seen as a problem. The "problem", of
course, is not seen as an aspect of self but rather as something that
must be controlled or even eliminated. Such is the nature of a
consciousness that compartmentalizes itself.

Actually making a transition to a new structure of consciousness while
staying embodied is both the opportunity and the challenge of the
moment. We are dismantling and releasing from old structures while
simultaneously restructuring for greater embodiment.

And you wonder why we're so pre-occupied right now.


The channeling with the Earth Mother on November 10th was a fun
evening, full of surprises. On this visit she brought three
representatives of indigenous cultures. First we heard from one who
had always been in the Americas. (S/He) spoke of always coming into a
life far out in nature, away from more populated areas. The process he
offered involved making a connection to the Earth and to nature.

The second visitor was one who previously embodied as a Mayan. This
one guided a process to help us restore our relationship to cycles,
planets, stars, and systems. This portion of the evening affected me
the most. I might describe it as something like being in the presence
of a sun. It felt like my core got really hot. At first I thought the
room was warming, but watching the readout of the temperature in the
room I found that it didn't change at all.

The third visitor felt very feminine. She spent many lives in the
southern hemisphere, embodied as a Maori. As she hooked up to Michele,
she came in singing. It was an unexpected pleasure, and a chance to
hear Michele's beautiful voice. Most people might not realize that
Michele was a choir director for 8 years, in her life previous to
channeling. This light-hearted being talked about our voices and asked
if we knew what they were for. She wanted to know if we sang everyday,
and did we realize that we use our voice to sing ourselves into
embodiment. The obvious process here was that she had us all sing back
to her, singing our own song to call ourselves in. As usual, being
mostly middle-aged adults with a Midwestern background, we all waited
for a brave person to begin. Fortunately, one did, and I would say we
all had a great experience.


A quick story about watching the Living Field in action. I was sitting
at my desk a few hours ago when Michele received a phone call. It was
someone cancelling a personal session scheduled for December 6th. I
watched Michele as she noted the change in her book, and then turned
to her computer. She checked her emails and then laughed. I asked what
was so funny, and learned that just then a message came in from
someone asking for an appointment specifically on December 6th because
it was her birthday and she wanted to gift herself. Michele is booked
well into December, and yet the opening appeared in perfect order as
needed. The Field is always mutual. What benefits one benefits


Once again, I can't adequately explain to you the quality of
experiences, information and processes we are continually given from
the Earth Mother and Friends in Spirit, not to mention the timely and
effective processes Michele guides at our Tune-Ups. I can only invite
you in to share what we are creating here at Lightsmith so you can
have your own experience. So, below I extend a few invitations.

Hope to be connecting soon......


First thing is to let you know that we have a CD or download available
of the Earth Mother channeling from November 10th.

Use the order buttons on our page here:

Next is the Tuesday Tune-Up, less than 24 hours away

Tuesday Tune-Up
November 20th , 7pm

"Honoring Ones Precious Self "

You can join us in person or by phone.
The cost is $30. Please see more information on our site at:

Then, only 1 week away, we will
again be assisted by the Earth Mother

Earth Mother Monday Channeling
November 26 th, 7pm, In person or by phone

What can I say? These are some very focused and powerful sessions with
the orchestrator of this transformation and the creator of our
physical forms. She assists in the most profound ways. Sessions are
$30. Information and phone sign-up:


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