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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On the Road Again


The other morning I was engaged in my morning breakfast ritual of
preparing fruit and granola. I removed a carton of blueberries from
the refrigerator, placed a handful in a strainer, and proceeded to
rinse them and pick off remaining stems. When they were ready, I shook
off the excess water and without a second thought poured them right
back in the carton with all the other blueberries. Didn't matter that
my bowl was right there, waiting to be filled.

Now, I'm not sure if mental fatigue is indicated or it's just a sign
of these losing our mind times (I'll bet you have some stories of your
own!). Whatever the case, we are planning to be gone for a few days at
the end of the month and into early September, and I know that the
change of pace will be appreciated.

Our most recent Second Saturday Channeling was with the Earth Mother,
featuring another visit from the Great Mother of Creation. As you
might expect, there was no shortage of powerful and potent processes
designed for the participants. The CD and download options are now up
on our order page, so please give a listen.

And so, we wrap up August at Lightsmith with a couple of regular
events as well as a few other happenings I'd like to mention looking
into the weeks ahead.

Resting my brain,


But first:

2 great bits of news about Michele's chakra classes

#1: Her 2007-2008 series begins on Saturday, November 3rd.
You can download a PDF file with in-depth class descriptions and
registration information here -

#2: Her 2006-2007 series is now available on video.
Click here to go to our web site for full descriptions and order
information -

As your might expect from Michele, these classes are not the usual
old-school teachings about the chakras. From her 24 years of working
with clients and 12 years of channeling the Earth Mother and learning
from her, she brings forward contemporary teachings about the chakra
system with in-depth processes for re-structuring each chakra to work
in the New Field of Living Light. See both links above for more info.

Next visit: August 27, 2007, 7pm

A Visit with our Planetary Mother

Earth Mother Mondays are new events for us, and take place twice per
month (check our calendar). The Earth Mother has asked to be present
more regularly over the coming months to assist bodies with the
transformative shifts.

These channelings offer special and unique opportunities to dialogue
with her in a personal and intimate setting. We find that she always
has interesting information, helpful processes, and often a surprise
or two.

The cost is $30 at the door. This session will not include phone
participation, but we will add that capability in the future. Watch
for CD's and downloads from these evenings.

Next visitor: Mother Mary
September 8 , 2007, 7pm

Mother Mary was one of our early visitors in the Second Saturday
Channeling series, and for me (Chris) one of the most profoundly
moving. We learned much of interest about her life prior to birthing
Jesus, and how she has had no other earth embodiments beyond that
time. She's a stunning presence of beauty and love, and I look forward
to another visit from this great being.

You can participate in person or by phone. More information on our
site at

We may be leaving town, but much will be stirring here at Lightsmith.
Please come and join Aine (ahn-ya) Armour for
Celtic Fire and Faerie; The Shining Path of the Sidhe

Thursday, August 30, 4-7pm
A Gathering of the Faerie Children

For the kids! Three hours of pure play with the Faerie Realm: Sharing
Faerie stories, making your own Faerie Friend, playing and listening
to the Stones. Getting to know your own Faerie Stone. Sharing about
the Trees and flowers and all about the Magical Faerie Ring. $25/$20
for siblings. Parents attend free if they promise to BE their Inner

Friday, August 31, 7-9pm
Awakening to Celtic Fire and Faerie

Awakening to the Faerie World and the magic within. Activations of
LIGHT through the Language of ONE. Soul streaming, stories, sharing
and fun. Free, or free will donation.

Saturday, September 1, 10:30am - 5pm
The Creator Within

Learn about the Faerie Realm, the Shimmering, the Unicorns, the
Dragons, the Magical You! Understand the Faerie Ring, the Megalithic
Stones and Stars. Awaken to the Creator within your own breath and
bones. $125.

Sunday, September 2, a0:30 - 4:30pm
The Deepening

A day to go deeper. Experience the Celtic Fire, the Beloved Within,
the Three Fold Magic of the Celtic Worlds and how we are non-local and
local in the same moment. Expanding your horizons of the inner song,
the inner sight, the iinner feeling world, and exploring where they
all interface with the worlds we continually create. $122. Both
Saturday and Sunday for $222.

Friday, August 31st, and Monday September 3rd
Personal Faerie Readings with Aine

75 minute sessions. Appointments start at 10am. $111.

To register, schedule a personal session or for further information
about Aine and these events, please contact Loris Sofia Gregory at
952-431-5586 or send email to:

Download a PDF flyer with all this information at

about Aine:


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