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Monday, October 22, 2007

Intensity, Discombobulation, Unexplained Symptoms

The opening commentary is offered by Michele Mayama:

Every once in awhile a strong theme emerges as I work with clients as
well as my own processes. The last 10 days have had such a theme and I
am prompted to write, both to inform and to assure and coach those who
may be experiencing some unexplained symptoms.

First, some context:

When we are born, our soul begins the descent into our body.
Immediately, we begin to sense whether or not the body and the
environment/emotional energy field is warm and welcoming. Since our
soul would find it extremely challenging if most of it came in when we
were tiny and uncoordinated, we come into our bodies in increments.
The aspect of our soul that comes in between Birth and 4-5 months
activates the Root Chakra. Another increment works its way in between
4-5 months and age 2, activating and evolving the Pelvic Chakra, etc.
The Crown Chakra is not fully evolved and activated until the
increment that shows up around age 29-30.

Early in our lives, most of us sensed that there was a lack of
resonance between our soul's nature and the environment we were born
into. If we came in and then had difficulty being here within the old
structures of duality, some part of us left again. We may have either
gone back up through the Crown to the Higher Self or out what I call
the "back door". This back door is an opening at the base of the skull
that only opens as a soul leaves during the first two years of life.
After that, there is less danger of our soul separating from our body
so we typically leave through the Crown.

Over the past few months I have felt the New Field strengthening, and
have sensed a coming shift into greater manifestation. Worth noting is
that it seems we cannot move into collaborative creation if we are not
more fully embodied. What has been happening the past 10 days is a
larger influx of Soul, a kind of collective jumping into the Living

If you have felt pressure in or on top of your head, discombobulation,
pressure or pain in the back of your neck, a sense of intensifying
anxiety or mental chatter, sleep disturbances, or a feeling of wanting
to give up.....these and perhaps other symptoms seem to be related to
the pushing of the soul to either return or come in at this time.
Sometimes there are old resistant protective structures that are
making it harder. Some have old fears of what they remember it felt
like when more of their Essence was here in older duality times.
However, what may have been created to survive in the old story is no
longer relevant. Those things are non-Essential and can not weave into
our soul's creation of who we are within the new Living Field.

I offer my assurance to each of you that you can relax. Trust that
your soul knows that the time is now and that the Living Field is
Real. You are welcomed into your greater life, into Soul Fulfillment
while embodied. Certain frequencies of Light can help your process of
further embodiment. Surround yourself with the warm Rose light of
Love. Ask to release the old structures, and allow the Love to find
and soften those old structure. Ask for Blue-Violet frequencies of
Light to dissolve those structures that are inhibiting your soul's
entrance. You may also wish to use Violet to clear out old emotional
imprinting from the past and Blue to clear old conclusions or beliefs
about yourself.

Your soul knows how to descend into your body, it is a natural
process. More may be coming in than you have needed or experienced in
the past since more of your Essence is required to merge within matter
so that you can synchronize with the Organic Wisdom of Living Light.
As more of your soul merges, your core becomes stronger and most
people feel calmer and less affected by anything or anyone external.
If you are feeling pressure such as I have described, set aside some
time to invite and allow this process.

If you feel a need for some additional support, I will add some
incarnational coaching to the next Tuesday Tune-up on Oct. 23rd. We
will also include some synchronizing with the manifestation currents
within the Living Field.

I realize that sometimes I slip into teacher mode when I offer these
explanations, but the bottom line is that each of us is now bringing
in more of our soul for being more visibly present and creative in the
New Field. So come on down! Come down and in, or forward and in. We
have been waiting for this invitation for lifetimes. The Living Field
of Light and Love is here and so are we! Three cheers!


The remainder of this update is the usual whoop dee do from

Since Michele kicked things off this time, I'll (try to) be
conservative with my verbage. However, I DO have to let you know what
a KICK it was to sit and talk at last Saturday's channeling with the
lively being that was Ben Franklin. What great entertainment. There is
such a difference in personality among all the visitors that come for
these channelings. They may all be speaking through Michele's vocal
cords, but they clearly transmit their own energies and expressions.
This old soul was highly creative in life, and it was clear how
inspired his lives have been as he spoke of how much he loved being
human. An interesting tidbit that he shared with us was that he also
lived a life of another person we knew of: Buckminster Fuller. Did you
catch the initials of the names? And can you see what creative and
inspirational energy was present with us? It was just very cool.

One thing I noticed during the evening was how my perception changed
when I learned of the two personalities. I have known that we
reincarnate, but a shift occurred for me when I found myself talking
to someone for whom I could no longer attach a specific definition.
The sense of the soul continuing, creating and growing through many
lives suddenly struck me as something more than a point of dogma or
spiritual belief. Because I could not hold just one definition of this
soul (expressing as Ben Franklin), I gave up the definition and began
relating to the being as a great, wise soul and aspect of creation. At
the same time, this experience caused me to move beyond my own limited
definition of myself as Chris LaFontaine. It was freeing in an odd and
unexpected way.

By the end of the evening, I once again was reminded that these
channelings are not about just interesting information or talking to
historical figures. In some way these sessions are all powerfully
transformative, whether through guided processes that are shared, or
by sheer energetic presence and a kind of osmosis that happens.
Through these evenings, a great story is being told by players who
have had significant roles. It is our story, and as this leg of the
journey comes to an end, we can reflect on what has been, and what we
have accomplished through it all.

We see, and it is good.

BTW, "Franklin" talked about the state of our country (U.S.A). He
assured us that all was well, despite any surface appearances. Here is
a brief excerpt:

"I came to assure you that even though you have fears at times about
the unfolding of this nation and this nation's experience within the
world, that the structure that was grounded into the foundation here
still holds. Freedom and democracy will continue in this land. There
are many who perhaps do not understand what that means. They have
grown confused by their own basic power desires. There were those in
my time that had desires for power, too, but they were willing and
able to put the greater good in front of those desires."

" There were those of us who decided that if there was someone who
would put ahead their own agenda in front of the greater good, then
the structures that we were putting in place would begin to not only
make it uncomfortable for them, but there would be a sort of added
karma, you might say. That was our part. We could weave it in, and we
did. Therefore, those who have served in particular positions within
the three arms of government, and have put their own agendas ahead of
the common good have a little extra to deal with once they leave this
experience, or even before. So, you can rest assured."

"The other thing that you perhaps would like to know is that this time
of the transformation of consciousness, which you are all engaged in,
IS the revolution of this age, as my compatriot Thomas Jefferson, who
I greatly respect, said when he came to visit with you."

All sounds wonderful to me.......


Channeling with Ben Franklin now on CD or by Download
This is a lively, entertaining, informative and helpful session.
I promise, you'll like it!

Tuesday Tune-Up
October 23rd, 7pm

"Magnetizing, Materilization, and Manifestation "
Also: added assistance with further incarnating as per Michele's note

You can join us in person or by phone.
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Pre-Expo Channeling at Lightsmith
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Michele channeling the Earth Mother. The channeling of Nademus by
Brenda will not take place. Also, the time has been shortened and the
price has been reduced.
Saturday, October 20th, 1-3pm, $30

Michele and Chris speak at Expo - Moving Into the New Reality
Sunday, October 21st, 10:15am

Information about the Pre-Expo Channeling

Information about the Expo and our

Earth Mother Monday Channeling
October 29th, 7pm, In person or by phone

What can I say? These are some very focused and powerful sessions with
the orchestrator of this transformation and the creator of our
physical forms. She assists in the most profound ways. Sessions are
$30, and are in person at Lightsmith. We are adding phone capability
with this channeling. I don't have a sign-up link, yet, but check our
home page in the next few days.

Reminder: Chakra Classes begin November 3rd

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Advanced Practitioner Courses begin This Month!

Michele has created a new series where she can facilitate deeper, more
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energetic/inituitive fields of healing. Instead of one long course
like the Chakra course, Michele has split up the focal areas into
modules, each one consisting of two classes. The first class of each
module will focus on the principals and beginning to learn the
methods. The second focuses on reporting the experiences of working
with clients, specific support for individual soul designs, and
deepening the practice.

Four modules are ready to go, and more are possible. The prerequisite
is previous attendance at the chakra series or comparable background.
All modules are held on Saturdays.

Module I: October 27th and November 17th
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