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Friday, September 21, 2007

Lots Cooking

We are gradually making the transition into another beautiful
Minnesota fall. The trees are just starting to turn, and thoughts of
falling leaves and crisp apples begin to ride the cool breezes (fully
denying the summer-like heat wave just announced). I always hope for
the kind of gentle weather that coaxes the brightest leaf colors for
the longest duration, with the most sunny days for walking outdoors,
tasting fresh cider and making photographs. A special adventure for
many is heading up north to be with the majestic Lake Superior. When
the weather cooperates, there are few vistas more spectacular in our
part of the country.

Here at Lightsmith our own transition continues, and plans for the
coming months begin to fill our calendar. The last of our major
renovation projects is well under way, Michele has put together some
new programs, and we're gearing up for scheduled events from now to
next spring. A few other new things are also being stirred into the
pot, and we'll let you know more in a few weeks.

FYI - 2 things: About a week ago my new and recently rebuilt computer
drive died. I keep my files on separate drives, so nothing crucial was
lost. However, I did lose some of my more recent emails including
notes from several of you who offered to assist with transcriptions or
projects. Please resend your emails - if you haven't changed your mind
:) Also, we wanted to let you know that as of October 1st the hourly
rate for Michele's personal sessions will be increased by $10. I
suggested that after no changes for 6 years it would certainly be in
order for her to make this adjustment. She agreed.

We have plenty to share in this update, so I'll keep things short.

Have a spectacular week...



Michele has created a new series where she can facilitate deeper, more
practical and experiential courses for those working in the
energetic/inituitive fields of healing. Instead of one long course
like the Chakra series, Michele has split up the focal areas into
modules, each one consisting of two classes. The first class of each
module will focus on the principals and beginning to learn the
methods. The second focuses on reporting the experiences of working
with clients, specific support for individual soul designs, and
deepening the practice.

Four modules are ready to go, and more are possible. The prerequisite
is previous attendance at the chakra series or comparable background.
All modules are held on Saturdays.

Module I: October 27th and November 1st
Module II: January 19th and February 16th
Module III: March 15th and April 19th
Module IV: June 21st and July 19th

Complete descriptions and PDF available at


The recent visit from Mother Mary demonstrated once again that we can
never hold expectations from these wonderful beings who come to be
with us. The energetic experience of Mary's presence is like being
submerged in a warm pool of love. She expressed that she came because
she has felt so many hearts calling out. We learned that a contingent
of spirit beings accompanied her, joining with humanity to assist
bringing the process to everyone who is open to receive.

Mary spoke of how the new children are born without fear, and in this
session we were given a choice to participate in a process that would
shift our own hearts to also be without fear. That alone was a
priceless gift to participants. She also spoke of how this time is one
where a split is occuring between those who are choosing love and
those who are choosing away from love. Through her words she brought
our focus to what we are moving toward rather than what is passing
away, and she explained how Ave Maria was a reflection of what we are
all embodying, and wasn't only about her.

If you do not regularly experience these Second Saturday channelings,
I invite you to discover for yourself the extraordinary experiences
that are available through these events. The sessions are not just
spiritual information. They are powerful processes that affect the
collective, with some people participating consciously and directly
during the session. The energies work just the same on the recordings,
so please give them a try and you'll see what we mean.

The CD and Download are available at


First, a reminder that Michele's chakra classes begin again on
November 3rd. Class size is limited and they are filling, so please do
contact her if you plan to attend any or all of these classes. If you
need motivating, I will suggest that this transformational series is
unlikely to ever be repeated at this exceptional price.

The 2007-2008 series begins on Saturday, November 3rd

Download a PDF file with in-depth class descriptions and registration
information at

(with pre-Expo channeling event at Lightsmith)

We are not the creators of this expo being held October 21st, but I
mention it because this year we are involved in several ways. First of
all, Michele and I are the opening speakers at 10:15am on that Sunday
morning. Our presentation is titled Moving into the New Reality. Also,
we will be exhibiting at the expo, so please do stop by and say hello.

This is the third year for this expo, and again it has grown almost
exponentially. New this year is the creation of a pre-expo event, open
to everyone. On Saturday, October 20th, Lightsmith will host this
gathering at which Brenda Hill will channel Nademus, and Michele will
channel the Earth Mother. The cost of admission also includes entry to
the expo on the following day. Information about the expo and the
pre-expo channeling can be found through the links below. Please note:
tickets for the pre-expo channeling are available only through
Whispers of Spirit.

P.S. The expo is one day only from 10am to 6pm. Admission to this expo
is generously low at only $3, AND if you visit us at Lightsmith
anytime before October 20th, we'll give you a card good for free

Information about the expo at
Information about the pre-expo channeling at


Our next scheduled channeling with the Earth Mother is September 24th.
She has asked to be present more regularly over the coming months to
assist bodies with the transformative shifts. These channelings offer
unique opportunities to dialogue with her in a personal and intimate
setting. We find that she always has interesting information, helpful
processes and often a surprise or two. The cost is $30 at the door.


This profound channeling series continues on October 13th with a visit
from Ben Franklin. We may not know the content of the presentation,
but this founding father and participant in the creation of the new
consciousness is expected to be both informative and entertaining. You
can probably count on a helpful process, as well.

You can participate by phone or in person at the Lightsmith building.

Find more information at


Many people have spent many years clarifying who they are, healing
from past wounds, and discovering their own innate gifts that they now
are beginning to share with others. It is time to be visible, to allow
your own inner beauty, essence, and wisdom to come through clear
channels to others so they may receive you and your message without
confusion or filters. The focus of In Your Element is on learning to
"wear who you are," in other words to choose and wear clothing that is
in harmony with your physical energy and soul essence. When you do so
you feel supported on many levels and show up with amazing clarity,
beauty and power. Ultimately you will be able to tailor both your
wardrobe and home decor so that it more accurately reflects who you
are from the inside out.

Playshop I September 26th
Playshop II October 3rd
Playshop III October 14th

Playshop Descriptions and Registration Information at


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