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Accelerated Chakra Shifting

Accelerated Chakra ShiftingChakras are in the process of transforming into a new toroidal structure to interface with the new dimension we are shifting into. This unique and timely event is designed to assist people to clear their chakras, prepare them for this structural reconfiguration and assist the process of this change.

We are adding this special event to our summer calendar, available on two dates. The first will be from 10am-4pm on Saturday, June 30th, then repeated on Saturday, August 25. There is no pre-requisite, so anyone can participate that feels ready. And, like the Fusion events, you can choose to do this process more than once, depending on your system. The cost is $165 (and half price to repeat).

You can participate in person, by phone or by internet stream. Please pre-register in the following way:

Attending in person: Pre-register by sending email to   Note: Pre-payment is not necessary if you are attending in person.

Participating by phone or internet: use the button below. Login information will be mailed to you.

Button below if you are repeating: