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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A Little Help

Yes, things are intense and the days are screaming by, and we feel as
if we've been in this latest "holding pattern" forever. Dumping old
programs, installing a new operating system and re-booting takes some
time. Or maybe you are just feeling the boot...hey you, over there,
come into alignment. So it is as we continue to tidy up in the hidden
nooks and crannies.

I have written before about how much assistance is available these
days, and we have done our best to make some of that assistance
available. You've probably come to realize that just having more
information doesn't help much...not that we don't have information to
offer. Rather, transformation is experiential and includes a process
of dissolving one system while embodying another. Life actually

Assistance with the processes of change is our specialty, and we
generally hope we include enough information to also keep you
informed. Or at least entertained. Since the previous update, we have
created two more rather potent recordings, and I have expeditiously
prepared them for use. I also want to let you know about a few events
soon to enter our month.
As you may know, at recent Lightsmith events we have had an abundance
of help from the Earth Mother. I'm still not sure how much she is
generally appreciated as the main orchestrator of this physical
transformation process. I always feel a bit sad when people miss out
on the stunning assistance she offers. Significant changes are taking
place in our bodies and the underlying structures of consciousness
that generate what we are experiencing, and the story of our
transformation is not separate from that of the Earth. If perchance
you still think of this great being only as "Mother Nature", you may
be missing the larger connection with this master of materialization.

On March 31st, the Earth Mother joined us at the scheduled monthly
channeling. Her focus was clear and direct, and she came to offer
specific assistance needed right now. She used a good deal of toning
along with her vibrational language, and the effects were immediate
for participants. It is easier for me to be a cheerleader for her than
to actually describe what takes place. It is so experiential that all
I can do is be the technician that cleans up the recording and puts it
up on the web. The rest is between you and her.

If you've been seeking some relief from the intensity of this shift,
please do give this recording some of your time and attention. I am
confident it will help. You'll find the download link below, and as
with all these Monday sessions, you set your own price. We want to
make it as easy as possible for you to participate. And, it doesn't
matter if you weren't present on the 31st, as the Earth Mother and
those who assist her will be just as present with you at any time you
choose to listen.

Click here to download:

Our last Tuesday Tune-up was an obvious reflection (to me) of just how
many things we are collectively working with as this recent wave comes
crashing through. Just about every core issue evident in the past
several months was represented in the process Michele facilitated. At
these Tune-Ups, Michele listens to the "field" that is created by the
input and presence of all people participating. The guidance comes
from what is needed to shift whatever structures and issues people are
working with. This session really covered some territory, and

Fear at the base of the spine, Clearing structures in the mental
field, The "back door" at the base of the neck, Clearing attachments
or "hitchhikers", Uploading felt injustices to the Karmic Council,
Releasing what is non-essential, Opening receptive areas, Dissolving
conditioning that doesn't fit anymore, Clearing other people's
emotions, Bringing in more of one's soul, Dissolving old containments,
Connecting root chakra, Clearing distortions and boundary incursions,
Clarifying wisdom, Loosening personas that no longer fit, and Overall
frequency adjustments to shift into the new field.

Like I said, this session was pretty thorough. You may not need all
the areas of focus in your current process, but I bet you will find
some real help from at least a portion of this Tune-Up. I haven't been
able to get very many of these posted on our web site, but I wanted to
add this one for sure, since it is so inclusive of common issues being
experienced right now.

The session is available in both CD and download forms, and can be
ordered on this page:

Sanat Kumara will be joining us at the Second Saturday Channeling this
weekend. If you are not familiar with Sanat Kumara, suggested reading
includes the Story of Creation found on our web site. This material
was given over three evenings in February of 1995, and you may not
have read it if you haven't dug through our archives. The story is
presented in three parts: The Creation of the Cosmos, The Design and
Evolution of the Human Being, and How We Are Being Assisted by Those
from Other Planets and Dimensions. Those were the general titles we
chose as we prepared for the channelings, but the depth of information
is broader.

Sanat Kumara has also been called "Ancient of Days". He is the being
that has known and carried out the plan of the heart of Creator, and
persisted in working with this planet and humanity when others thought
the plan here was not going to work out. Apparently the powers that be
were close to recycling the whole experiment when it didn't appear
possible that Duality could be shifted.

The opening of this series of channelings was the second time I
experienced the presence of Creator, as it began to tell His/Her/Its

"Blessings, greetings, hello to each and every one of you. It is
indeed a great pleasure, a great Divine pleasure to be here, to be
speaking to you in this way. It was my favorite topic, so how could I
stay away! So please, this night, join me as we take a journey, a
journey that is a story of love. A story of love that I hope will open
your hearts and your entire experience to knowing how much you are
indeed loved and how much you are indeed the focus of that great great
love that has been evolving and creating throughout eons of what you
know of as time, and yet without any time at all it has all been
magnificent and wondrous. So let us go backward, and yet stay in the
moment of this moment."

"Once there was only a consciousness undifferentiated and having a
great capacity for love, but no Other to love. Just an endless
consciousness and awareness of space, of what were possibilities and
potentials. At one point a thought differentiated. There was a light
formed by thought, rather like a laser, that broke out of that place
of the mystery of that consciousness. It had a tone within it, which
began to specify the potential, the possibilities, and to begin the
process of evolving an Other to love. That was the beginning."

Continue reading here:

And The Month Wraps Up With:

Our Tuesday Tune-Up on the 15th is about Vibrationally assisting the
body to recognize the new field and shift out of old manifestations.
More information:

Michele has the next two In Your Element Playshops on two consecutive
Wednesdays: April 23rd and 30th from 6 - 9:30pm. Wear who you are:

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