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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


NEW Tuesday Tune-Ins (Tune-Ups?) May 30th, June 6th
NEW Group Channelings
NEW Topical Channelings
END of Individual Channelings
NEXT Second Saturday Channeling, June 10th: Archangel Michael
NEW Calendar of Events


June rapidly approaches, and for us the highly focused time of remodeling and new beginnings seems to have become a blur of memory. Actually not even so much memory. It just was. Near as I can remember.

We continue to have many projects around the building, but we have definitely felt a shift of focus away from working with the space to working with what happens in the space. We start by offering something that feels like it has a current, and then things seem to "morph", sometimes with great surprise. Last fall we thought we'd begin a series of monthly channelings, and we named them Second Saturday Channelings. We decided to create a form and see what happened. We thought, hey, maybe we could alternate experiences between Spirit friends and the Earth Mother, and so we began. It didn't take us long to find that something else was in motion, and soon we found ourselves engaged in sessions with a number of magnificent beings, including Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary, to date.

We also are enjoying wonderful connections revealed throughout the many evenings. A story is being told that offers significant revision to information that has often been distorted in the creation of what many hold as beliefs. Not only are we learning fascinating details from the earthly lives of beloved beings, we are also being given a much deeper and broader understanding of the greater plan of creation, and how the stories weave together. In addition, we find ourselves, individually and collectively, on the receiving end of powerful processes designed to assist ours and humanity's continuing transformation out of duality and into the new field of living light. Quite a package.

The most recent evening with Mother Mary was special for me. I grew up Lutheran, and what I knew about Mary was a rather non-descript concept gleaned from the annual Christmas story of Mary, Joseph, and the trip to a stable. Consequently, I never had a connection such as might have been experienced by those with a Catholic background.

I was moved as I listened to Mary. Not only by her amazing story and the details that have been omitted from her history, but by her presence. Beautiful. Stunning. Immense. She spoke of being embodied only one time. What a significant life it was. I know she has been called Mary, Mother of God as relating to her role of birthing Yeshua. For me, it was closer to an experience of Mary, Mother God.

We are now looking forward to the next Second Saturday Channeling on June 10th. We learned from Mother Mary that the next visit will be from Archangel Michael. That's as much as we know.

As always, CD's of these events are available at


NEW TUESDAY TUNE-INS May 30th, June 6th 7:00pm

A couple of times each month we will open up a Tuesday evening for some exploration and guided facilitation with Michele. This is not channeling, but rather an opportunity to work with "what's up" at the time. Those evenings won't always have themes, but the two dates listed above do have a particular intention with the focus being on the throat chakra. This is a time when issues of will and control (for survival) are being cleared from this chakra. This part of the body is also an area of focus for many of the client sessions Michele has been having lately, so it felt like a good time to offer the processes. On these two Tuesdays, Michele will guide a process to loosen and release the old structures that continue to create a "stuckness" in the shift out of duality.

Both evenings will have a similar focus, so you can attend either one. Some people may wish to attend both to do additional work in this chakra. The cost is $30. You can also participate in these events by phone. See our home page at for a link to more information.



Michele is making a shift away from individual, personal channeling sessions. She has written more about this change (see further below), so I'll let her words further inform you.

As Michele ends her time of doing personal channeling sessions, we will instead begin offering channelings open for smaller groups of people to explore personal issues. We will also be adding times for what we call topical channelings where we ask our friends in Spirit to come and share their perspectives on a particular topic. The first topical channeling will be focused on relationships, particularly as experienced in the new matrix. Many of you seem to have questions about this topic, so we want to provide an opportunity for you to ask them. We have not set dates for these channelings yet, but they will begin in June. I'll be sending out updates about these evenings as soon as we have them scheduled.

And speaking of schedules........

We now have an event calendar that you can access from our home page at The direct link is This page will be the place to look for programs that are taking place at our building in St. Paul. I'll do my best to keep it updated and accurate, but please let me know if your attention is drawn to anything that seems askew.

I'll end here with thanks to you for reading this far. I look forward to connecting with you at one of our new events. Please check our web site, write to me, or call if you need any more information. Below you will find Michele's message about the changes she is making.

651-224-4451 (Lightsmith building)


From Michele:

Once one pledges to a life of transformation, change not only is a constant, it is the path. I have been a channel, a communication connection between those in Spirit and those here in bodies, since January of 1983. Besides the group channeling experiences, I have been available for private channeled consultations all of those 23 years. Since about 1993, I have also been soul and Light merging deeper and deeper within my body and experience. That is what I assist others to do as well, a mid-wife of souls choosing to fully embody within the New Matrix of Living Light.

As we move into the new building and I have begun more teaching, I also feel drawn back into my writing current. I have never attempted to publish the materials I have written over the years. They are usually passed along during the classes I teach. But now I feel more convergence and am re-inspired to put the story into a sharable form that more people could receive if desired. When I open the writing current, my process is one of immersion. I move into streams of consciousness and weave words and symbols into form from there. I now need to manage how much I channel and when, since that process requires me to dissociate from my own connection to the Living currents so I can stream the channel necessary for whoever might be receiving on this side.

So, I have decided to no longer offer individual channeled sessions. As an alternative, we will begin to offer one or perhaps two channeled group experiences a month focused upon personal questions and concerns. We may also offer one topical channeling a month that has a focus on a particular topic of interest. These groups will be open both to people who can join us in person and for those via phone. We are also working on a streaming video hook-up for those at a distance. The benefits of this arrangement for you are that you will be able to ask questions of a personal nature for less than the cost of an individual session. And you will benefit by the perspectives offered to the questions others may ask. It benefits me, as I can schedule the sessions with enough space between them so I can have longer immersion time periods for writing.

I will also continue to offer the personal healing/shift facilitation sessions with people for three weeks of each month. To support more people during this time of shift and to offer opportunities for people to connect with each other, we will begin offering a group attunement/facilitated process times twice a month. These groups will open with a check in so people can share what's up for them in this time of transformation and stepping out of duality. Then I will facilitate a process for clearing and restructuring the energetic body, and set up templates for the new pathways that work within the Living Field. Again we will open this for those both able to join us in person and via phone.

I know many of you have benefited by the personal channeled sessions you have had over these many years. I have enjoyed being the vehicle for those conversations. The conversations can continue in the new structure, perhaps enhanced with the insights and input of others. It is the next change for me....and certainly not the last.

Thanks for sharing the journey with us.........