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Monday, September 18, 2006

Upcoming Events and Message from Spirit


More clearing and more shift into personal alignment seems to be
what's up for most of this month. During our open night channeling
last Thursday we talked with our friends in Spirit and received a
perspective on the current energies. Their message spoke of many
convergences we are moving through right now, including the
anniversary of 9-11, eclipses, equinox, and another wave of light
penetrating the planet. Some of the effects we may be experiencing
include further challenges to assist the clearing of old consciousness
and a general sense that not much seems to be moving forward. The good
news: this phase will soon be over. More details follow in the update
at the end of this column.

I want to let you know some of the details of a few upcoming events,
and then I will add the channeling update at the end. Oh, and watch
for another email in the near future with a peek at my latest

Back soon,


TUESDAY TUNE-UP, Sept. 19, 7pm
"Moving Forward"

Even before receiving the most recent message, we were feeling the
"stuckness" that was spoken of and chose MOVING FORWARD as the focus
for the Tune-Ups this month. So along with a thorough energetic
tune-up, we will spend some time focusing on whatever would support
the people present to begin more forward motion. As usual, you can
join us in person or by phone. Additional information is available on
our site.

(the last one for awhile)
Saturday, Sept. 23rd, 10am-4pm

Many of you have been intrigued by the grids Michele makes for the
channeling events and classes here at Lightsmith. She will be teaching
a class on 'Creating Grids of Consciousness' on Saturday, September
23. The workshop will run from 10- 4 with an hour break for lunch. The
cost is $100, payable on that day.

Consciousness is the living fabric of Light which can focus energy and
form beliefs, but which is not controlled by either. Through
acknowledgement and intention, you will first learn how to establish a
living field of consciousness into which you place specific intention.
You will also learn how to listen to the Intelligence within the field
that informs your actions and choices as the conscious creator. Then,
through the creation of crystal grids, each person will learn how to
further expand and empower this process of creating the fields
necessary to fulfill either individual or group intentions. You will
create basic matrix grids, manifestation grids, planetary grids, field
generators for home or business, and talk about basic home grids.

Please pre-register: email or call Lightsmith
at 651-224-4451

Wednesday, September 27th, 6:30 - 9:30pm

Over the 23 years of working directly with individuals, Michele has
found that many people are naturally sensitive or empathic, but have
not discovered how to energetically care for themselves in a world
that emphasizes only what can be seen or verified by the five senses.
Many people have reported feeling relieved, safe for the first time,
and/or more connected to themselves after moving through the
visualizations and experiential tools she offers in the Energetic Self
Care Workshop. Some have continued to use the practices as
consistently as brushing one's teeth or taking a daily shower.

Included in this workshop are practices and tools that:

Clear emotional content picked up from others
Clear the mind of confusion and mental clutter
Energize and replenish one?s physical energy
Realign an individual with their core self
Heal and release trauma
Assist physical body rebalancing
Open the body and soul?s well of natural intelligence

Each participant receives a written handout with instructions for each
of the exercises that are covered in the workshop so they can continue
to practice what is learned. Cost: $55

Eight Month Series begins October 21st

As we move into the New Field of Living Love, our entire energetic
body is being rewired. The New Matrix is like a new operating system
and the chakra system is our own personal software that translates the
energy and information into consciousness and functional creation. Our
individual chakras adapted while growing up in Duality, more focused
on survival or getting needs met than on thriving as our individual
soul evolved into expression and creation. Last year Michele created a
series of 8 classes, each focused specifically on one chakra. You will
begin with the Root Chakra which is the most crucial for connecting
within and synchronizing with the Living Field. The details of this
course are available on our site at


Recent Message from our Friends in Spirit
September 14, 2006

During this time in your earth you are experiencing a number of
convergences in some ways, energetically and in consciousness. Those
of you who are sensitive are probably feeling a little more of the
pressure, or perhaps a sense of discombobulation at times, almost as
if you don’t quite know what to do with yourself or where to focus.
You might also feel almost urged to get something accomplished, as if
there is a hand pushing you from behind. It is a bit individual in
terms of how people experience this. The convergence affects each
person according to their own structures. But, when there is a
convergence of energy that is a sort of descending current coming in
to the earth, as well as a collective shifting in the consciousness as
a whole, there is also that to contend with.

Collectively, you have just gone through an anniversary of a
devastating experience when the twin towers were hit, they
disintegrated, and many people died. For this country it was quite a
shocking experience. Yet, as each anniversary has passed there has
been greater consciousness and greater awareness. This year there was
a sufficient amount of awareness to actually shift the current of it,
so that instead of it continuing to be what draws everyone into it,
almost as if it is a black hole, there was enough conscious energy to
begin to move it out of the black hole. That is another shift that is
experienced in a collective sense.

You are not immune to collective shifts. You are affected by them as
well as the transformative power of the currents that are moving
through from those levels of assistance that also affect the shift of
awareness. So, collectively there is a current opening up in a way
such that a new alignment is possible, with more people not perhaps
yet fully conscious but questioning what has been the status quo or
the interpretations that have been passed on. More people doubt,
question, wonder, and then are more open to a different perspective or
another awareness.

Those of you who have been working with this for awhile begin to sense
during such convergence times either a deeper penetration into your
own consciousness and some triggering of what has been unconscious, or
you might feel a sense of another wave letting go.

During such convergence times, those of you who have been working with
this for awhile may experience a deeper penetration into your own
consciousness and some triggering of what has been unconscious,
assisting it to rise to the surface. Or, you may feel a sense of
another wave of letting go, another wave of grief, another wave of
disconnect from what has been important to you in the past. You might
experience a wave of not knowing what the future holds. Sometimes the
letting go experience is preparatory before there is a new insight,
awareness, or vision for how to proceed. So then there is a void
experience perhaps, an emptiness, a ‘what now’ experience. Or perhaps
a sense of emotional disconnect or grief.

These are common experiences as we look around right now, as well as
some are on course to move ahead. It might not be moving as fast right
now as you thought it would, however, partly because the convergences
take energy. Even if you feel that there is a course that you are
following, it probably has slowed down or in some form is not as
involving or engaging as you thought it would be or as it once was.

So, probably you will experience the effects of these convergences
through most of this month, and then sometime early in October you
might begin to experience more of a sense of freedom from the feelings
we have mentioned. You might also begin to feel a little excitement as
you feel more inspiration and more movement, more animation, and more
of a sense of direction or course, and that you are moving more
quickly. All of that will feel more engaging and more alive.

The other thing we would say about your emotions and your physicality
in this time is that you might need to reassess what is working in
terms of your body, its needs, or its attempts to cleanse or realign
in some form. Sometimes the bodies don’t know how to get attention
unless they ‘poke’ at you a little. If that happens to you sometime in
the next couple weeks, pay attention and ask for what you body is
needing so that you can fulfill that need in a more direct way.

So, we are speaking of convergence and the effects of convergence. You
are moving into a time where there is equinox, and eclipses that can
have discombobulating effects. The equinox is a good time for setting
course, asking for inspiration and insights, or perhaps for a new
project to begin.

All in all, you ones are doing very well. We applaud you, and we know
that you now have enough experience to ride the waves that come
through. That is a good thing. Others might be wobbly, and perhaps
might be feeling as if they are yet battling the waves, but most of
you are riding the waves more easily right now.

And that is all.