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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yup, Still Doing Transformation

Probably didn't need to tell you that. I suspect that ours are not the
only postings you read speaking of the push that is happening right
now. As we have talked about in recent updates, our awareness is of a
group of souls diligently working on greater embodiment. What that
means is that more of a person's soul is trying to get into his or her
body. These are aspects of us that either left early in life (due to
the pain of living in Duality), or may have never fully incarnated in
any previous life on this planet. Or both.

There are reasons the soul has not come in more fully until now,
including that there hasn't been a way for it to be here, given the
restrictive structures of consciousness we have been living within. In
a sense, the way Duality compartmentalizes and classifies everything
makes it impossible to embody whatever doesn't fit into that system.
One tendency of Duality is attempting to control every aspect of life
(a fear response). That desire to control has the effect of limiting
what can be present, and carried to its end tends to kill off whatever
life remains.

The "death throes" of Duality we are now witnessing offer a vivid
outpicturing of the ultimate contraction process. Visible everywhere
are examples of intense polarizations, signified by violent extremes
and attempts to control what is seen as a problem. The "problem", of
course, is not seen as an aspect of self but rather as something that
must be controlled or even eliminated. Such is the nature of a
consciousness that compartmentalizes itself.

Actually making a transition to a new structure of consciousness while
staying embodied is both the opportunity and the challenge of the
moment. We are dismantling and releasing from old structures while
simultaneously restructuring for greater embodiment.

And you wonder why we're so pre-occupied right now.


The channeling with the Earth Mother on November 10th was a fun
evening, full of surprises. On this visit she brought three
representatives of indigenous cultures. First we heard from one who
had always been in the Americas. (S/He) spoke of always coming into a
life far out in nature, away from more populated areas. The process he
offered involved making a connection to the Earth and to nature.

The second visitor was one who previously embodied as a Mayan. This
one guided a process to help us restore our relationship to cycles,
planets, stars, and systems. This portion of the evening affected me
the most. I might describe it as something like being in the presence
of a sun. It felt like my core got really hot. At first I thought the
room was warming, but watching the readout of the temperature in the
room I found that it didn't change at all.

The third visitor felt very feminine. She spent many lives in the
southern hemisphere, embodied as a Maori. As she hooked up to Michele,
she came in singing. It was an unexpected pleasure, and a chance to
hear Michele's beautiful voice. Most people might not realize that
Michele was a choir director for 8 years, in her life previous to
channeling. This light-hearted being talked about our voices and asked
if we knew what they were for. She wanted to know if we sang everyday,
and did we realize that we use our voice to sing ourselves into
embodiment. The obvious process here was that she had us all sing back
to her, singing our own song to call ourselves in. As usual, being
mostly middle-aged adults with a Midwestern background, we all waited
for a brave person to begin. Fortunately, one did, and I would say we
all had a great experience.


A quick story about watching the Living Field in action. I was sitting
at my desk a few hours ago when Michele received a phone call. It was
someone cancelling a personal session scheduled for December 6th. I
watched Michele as she noted the change in her book, and then turned
to her computer. She checked her emails and then laughed. I asked what
was so funny, and learned that just then a message came in from
someone asking for an appointment specifically on December 6th because
it was her birthday and she wanted to gift herself. Michele is booked
well into December, and yet the opening appeared in perfect order as
needed. The Field is always mutual. What benefits one benefits


Once again, I can't adequately explain to you the quality of
experiences, information and processes we are continually given from
the Earth Mother and Friends in Spirit, not to mention the timely and
effective processes Michele guides at our Tune-Ups. I can only invite
you in to share what we are creating here at Lightsmith so you can
have your own experience. So, below I extend a few invitations.

Hope to be connecting soon......


First thing is to let you know that we have a CD or download available
of the Earth Mother channeling from November 10th.

Use the order buttons on our page here:

Next is the Tuesday Tune-Up, less than 24 hours away

Tuesday Tune-Up
November 20th , 7pm

"Honoring Ones Precious Self "

You can join us in person or by phone.
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Then, only 1 week away, we will
again be assisted by the Earth Mother

Earth Mother Monday Channeling
November 26 th, 7pm, In person or by phone

What can I say? These are some very focused and powerful sessions with
the orchestrator of this transformation and the creator of our
physical forms. She assists in the most profound ways. Sessions are
$30. Information and phone sign-up:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

What the Heck?!

What the Heck?!

It's already November 5th. I know we were told that the matrix of time
would continue to collapse, but yikes. Only a few years ago 24 hours
was experienced as roughly 16 hours as we once referenced our days.
Who knows what the equivalent is now. Then again, I suppose it doesn't
really matter since our journey appears to be taking us "out of time"
as a perceptual experience. The evolutionary map created by the Mayans
points to the year 2012 as a kind of gateway into a construct of
consciousness not bound by time, and those bindings sure seem to be

The Mayan "end of time" prediction is something that has captured the
imagination of many people, generating countless interpretations. To
me it means exactly what it says: we're heading into the end of time.
It's not the end of the world, just the end of time as a place of
reference. I would suggest that most of us are already feeling pushed
to move out of our co-dependency with the clock, and who knows what
the experience of our day will feel like by 2012.

In the mean time (ever wondered what that expression refers to?), I
have a whole different message to pass along. On October 20th,
Lightsmith hosted a pre-expo event for the Whispers of Spirit group,
and during that afternoon Michele channeled the Earth Mother. I have
to say, the Mother was in fine form and spoke clearly about what is
taking place right now in this stage of our embodiment process. I'll
give you some excerpts and a download option in a minute, but first I
wanted to fill in some blanks.

That pre-expo event, other recent channelings, and Michele's client
sessions of the past month have all been highlighting a significant
process of embodiment for those of us riding the current wave of this
transformation project we undertook. The big push we have been feeling
is from more of our soul now trying to come in. This process to bring
in much more of our Great Spirit is exactly what I view as our
intention all along: becoming a fully-embodied Creator within
Creation. At Lightsmith we speak of the merger of Light and Life, or
Spirit and Matter. This new blend we refer to as the New Living Field,
alchemically derived, never before in existence.

What we have been receiving lately is more clarity about our movement
into the New Living Field as connected to the sequence of the
embodiment process, the shifts that are needed for the greater
ensoulment to proceed, and the resulting experiences we may have with
physical issues. Rather than writing a further explanation myself, I
would instead like to offer a few quotes I pulled from the Earth
Mother presentation of October 20th.

"I am the mother of a great creation. ....You may relate to earth as
nature, and I have been with you always, but I have birthed a new
creation and it is the Living Light that you now get to experience.
Soul-embodied fusion and creation."

"Great Spirit, God, is now embodying in you. Your own Great Spirit
nature is embodying now. Your Light is infusing within your body and
your body is animating beyond where it has been able to be in the
past. That is the great story of earth, now. It is the greatest story
that is unfolding, and no one talks about it and very few report it.
Those of you who are here know. You have found an awareness within
you. Perhaps you have always had this awareness from the time you were
young, that you were being born for something different, something
beyond what you were witnessing around you. Something that you felt,
but did not have a language for. Something that no one talked about
and therefore you did not know if you could trust. But it is real. And
you know it."

"Do not look out into the world right now. What you are seeing are the
death throes of the old story. Some of you may feel as if some parts
of you, some of that old story, even your identification with your old
story is starting to loosen up and pass away, too. But you do get to
keep all that you have grown and learned, and you also get to
integrate that which is your experience of creation. All of the
skills, all of the awareness, all of that which you have grown in the
experience of creation.....that, you integrate. But some things are
leaving. Some things are not weaving-in to life. Some things your soul
says you don't need, particularly the contractions and the old
structures of survival. 'I don't need them, I can let go'. Yes, say
that to yourself and feel what happens in your body. 'I don't need
these old structures, I don't need the survival structure, I can let
them go, I can set it free, I choose to release it. I choose to let

"The young ones now coming in are your guide into body right now.
Their DNA is already activated. You cannot activate your own DNA
unless your soul begins to embody the frequencies of light that have
not been embodied since before Duality contracted your experience of
embodiment. Does that make sense to you? I'll say it again. You cannot
activate all of your capacity within your DNA, your embodied
experience, without calling in the light frequencies of your Great
Spirit so that they are here. And you cannot do that within the old
story. So, most of you, if you have an embodied experience while here,
still were limited in how much you could experience through your
physical body, because Duality was not allowing of a light-embodied
DNA activated experience. No matter how wonderful your experience
might have been in Egypt, or as a wizard, or a priestess or priest in
some incarnation, if it was in Duality you still did not bring in all
of your soul, all of your spirit, because your body could not vibrate
it. Does that make sense? Therefore, your reference in not into the
past to who you once were, or up into your spirit as to who you are
without a body. Your reference is to be 'who am I, and how am I
materializing this great being in this experience through this body
and activating a physical experience in this time beyond where I have

The greatest value of the channeling quoted above was not actually the
information shared, but rather the processes the Earth Mother did with
the group. She offered enough detail so we could understand, but her
purpose for joining us was to assist people to move through some
shifts. She spoke of listening to the body, breathing more, and
honoring what the bodies need in this time.

As usual, the Earth Mother spoke much of the time using her potent
energetic language of creation, speaking directly to our bodies. She
worked with clearing old thoughts and structures, opening the base of
the body, clearing the mental field and crown, and assisting the base
of the neck to open where portions of souls often departed when we
were in childhood. After much process with the body, she then began to
invite in more of the soul, again using her creation language.

After the processes, we had a few minutes to dialogue with the Earth
Mother. People asked about their profound fatigue, the adrenals, and
what they needed to shift to sell their house, among other things. At
one point she spoke about how we are moving out of fear, as it is only
needed in a limited way in the New Field. Most interesting to me was
the answer she gave when I asked her for the real story about global

I consider this channeling to be timely and a great help to our
embodiment process. The information that was shared with us is
interesting and helps us focus on where to place our attention, but
the processes are the true gift. Because we know this recording is so
potentially valuable to readers of this newsletter, we decided to make
it available for people on our mailing list at a nominal charge. Like
other downloads on our website, this one is offered for $7. I am
including a coupon code below that will give you $4 off the purchase,
making the cost a whopping three bucks. Please consider downloading
this excellent program. It runs almost an hour and twenty minutes, and
I know you will find it interesting and helpful. It's absolutely
geared for exactly where we're at right now.

I just had a thought. You know how so many of us have talked for years
about more light coming onto the planet? Here's what I'm wondering:
Did you ever think that you were talking about more of yourself?

Here's to your brilliance,


PS - Michele just informed me that she has an opening in one of her
personal mentoring groups. Contact her for more information:

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Tuesday Tune-Up
November 6th and 20th , 7pm

"Honoring Ones Precious Self "

You can join us in person or by phone.
The cost is $30. Please see more information on our site at:

Channeling with The Earth Mother
and Representatives of Indigenous Cultures
Our Second-Saturday Channeling, November 10th , 7pm

What has arranged recently is a significant number of sessions with
the Earth Mother. We just had a Earth Mother Monday event at the end
of October, the pre-expo channeling, and now we have another
opportunity to be with her this coming Saturday. We have been told
that she will have some special guests with her from iindigenous
cultures. More information :

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