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Thursday, February 14, 2008


It seems that some things enter awareness in multiple ways, just to be
sure that the message doesn't get missed. Okay already, message
received. 10-4 and all that.

Why do I say such a thing? Well, first there's Valentine's Day.
Michele says to BE SURE to tell everyone Happy Valentine's Day from
her. I will be happy to report to her that I have done so. Apparently
the day has something to do with the emotions of the heart, so some
confusion persists. Previously self-described Norwegian studying
opportunity intently. She loves me anyway.

Second reason for stated observation: last Saturday we were paid a
visit by Jesus. Love in abundance, Heart evident.

Next, Michele's upcoming class is on the Heart Chakra (most popular in
the series, BTW), which re-arranged itself for this time through an
earlier weather cancellation. Coinkydink?

And finally, among many of Michele's clients the focus is shifting to
the area of the heart.

Following the energy is our thing, and so you'll notice that we have
changed the previously announced topic of our Tuesday Tune-Up next
week. We had intended to carry over the theme from last month
(clearing mental structures formed by fear), but now we have moved
along to what's next. I'm grateful that our communication these days
is via such a fluid medium as the internet. Wasn't so long ago we were
trying to print and mail postcards and newsletters in a timely
fashion. Can't say I miss those days.


I would like to add one more thought with this update. I personally DO
understand what it's like to keep hearing about letting go, trusting
the process, and going with the flow. It's not that these aren't great
suggestions, but they're more reflective of the feminine aspects of
our process and can start to set up an internal irritation if the mind
isn't invited to participate. Perhaps some reframing might be helpful.

The notion of surrendering can seem like a "have to". What if it's
actually a choice? What if we realize we're coming out of an old story
in which we embodied many survival structures that are no longer
necessary? In fact, what if they are not only unnecessary, but now
inhibit our movement out of that old story? Might we then feel more of
a participant in a grand transformation, rather than having to endure
seemingly endless demands to give away all that we have held so

We ARE letting go of a large body of experiences, and we surely have
evolved many gifts within that old story. Yet, it is when the mold is
removed that we find what has been formed. I prefer to think of our
rather challenging processes as the removal of what has shaped us.
What's left is what's real.

Impatience and irritation seem to be "up" right now. I'm wondering if
our souls aren't just so anxious to get moving that we feel the
internal push at the same time we feel the bindings that remain. Like
a suit we've outgrown, our small sense of ourself might feel ready to
pop under the pressure of a larger version awaiting its debut.

So, we tidy up a few more things to prepare our entrances. So it is. I
believe our time of greater expression rapidly approaches. We're still
in a bit of winter contraction doing some deep, inner work. This time
won't last forever. My own anticipation is of spring, when energetic
currents of rebirth blossom into new beginnings. We're part of the
whole, and the change of seasons is an organic benchmark. Winter will
move into spring. It always does.


You may have noticed that the latest channeling with Jesus is now
available. The session was quite different from his first visit two
years ago, and seemed a nice reflection of how far things have shifted
in our experience. We were greeted as old friends, and the energy of
the evening was quite mellow. For me, there was a greater sense of
being among equals rather than feeling any kind of heirarchical
separation. It seemed as if people were just being more conversational
with an old, wise companion rather than feeling intimidated or in awe.
Yeshua was very supportive, stressing that he may have gotten the
spotlight but everyone who participated with him made the shift of
consciousness possible. He said it was a "we", not a "me".

He stressed a few main points, the primary one being that Love is the
key that was seeded 2000 years ago as the basis for the new
experience. He also spoke of the future of what is grown in our part
of this galaxy, and how it would go out from here to be shared.
"Visitors" from other parts of the galaxy were also mentioned, and it
was refreshing to hear him say that they would not be broadcasting
their presence anytime soon ("regardless of the predictions others
have perhaps brought forth") because of the need for this new field to
further evolve, grow and strengthen without us being drawn off course.
Several people asked questions of broad interest, and a question about
current presidential candidates was handled with finesse.

The closing portion of the evening was a time where we were invited to
just sit with him and feel the love and support. As he spoke more of
our story, he urged us to acknowledge our past and not predict our
future. He spoke of the sense of things being new, that we don't
consciously know ourselves very well and only know who we've been.
Additional guidance was to speak on behalf of and give form to what
has life, light, and love, and to take our attention away from what
does not.

The most supportive piece for me was perhaps the explanations about
how we really don't know what our souls are up to, that we shouldn't
try to figure things out right now (about our future), and to learn
how to let our own beings inform us about who we are.

My limited descriptions barely touch on the energy of the evening.
Please do consider downloading the recording (or ordering a CD) for an
experience rather than a summarization. Here's a link right to the

From our hearts to yours,

Chris (and Michele)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Right On Time

Or is it Right On, Time? As a kid, I remember seeing a sign expressing
the sentiment "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get". I may as well
post that on my wall. January has evaporated like a whoosh of flash
paper, and even though it is February 4th as I write this, I know darn
well I'll wake up tomorrow and be joking about the ides of March.

When I hear about the expanding and inspiring energies of the coming
months, I start to wonder just how much more activity can make its way
into my experience. Something's gotta give is what comes to mind, and
the mind's attempt to control every little aspect of life is probably
what has to give. That theme of releasing the mind's tenacious grip on
what IT thinks is vital to survival in its reality continues to be
part of our focus here at Lightsmith this month. You may have
previously read it here or elsewhere, but I offer the reminder that we
simply can't move on into the fullness of a new experience if we still
embody structures binding us to the old.

Our single Tuesday Tune-Up this month (you may have noticed that we
cancelled one) continues the theme of releasing mental structures
formed by fear. Many of us seem to really be working on this area in
preparation for what is next. It hasn't proven so easy to disconnect
from the only reality we have known for a very long time, and we are
receiving lots of assistance to move beyond a world programmed by
fear. That assistance includes the channeling this coming Saturday
(more below).

FYI, we are cancelling the Tune-Up scheduled for the 5th because
Michele has laryngitis, which makes it a bit difficult to facilitate a
guided process. I would also mention that we may be offering only one
Tune-Up evening per month in the future, although we will have a
better sense of scheduling as March approaches. That would be
tomorrow, no?

I would also like to announce that the second coming of Jesus will be
Saturday, February 9, 2008.

At seven pm.

Central time.

C'mon, you know I HAD to write that. Two years ago this Saturday we
were blessed by the presence of Yeshua (Jesus) who came to begin a
series of channelings we did not plan and were not expecting. Now a
cycle completes and we will again be graced with the love, humor, and
presence of this being. I remember from that first visit with us that
he talked about being born without fear, and I wondered what that
would be like. I'm hoping that I will soon be able to have such an
experience as my normal state, and I look forward to what he is coming
to share with us at this significant time in our transformational

Attempting to stay up with what the heck is going on,


This coming Saturday, February 9th, 7pm

You can join us by phone, too. More information here:

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February 19th , 7pm

"Releasing Structures of Mind formed by Fear, con't.

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Playshop 3 February 10, 12-4pm

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February 25th, 7pm, In person or by phone

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