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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mama Mia


Comes off like a bad fake headline in The Onion. Just when I think my
well-scrubbed floor is ready for inspection, I discover another little
patch of gunk waiting for the dissolution of the cleanse. Will I ever
be done swabbing the deck?

The bright news is that I am feeling a big yes; that I'm closer and
closer to being done. I can't even remember how many weeks (months?)
it has been since I haven't felt the pressure of the immense waves of
light washing over and into the earth. It's so easy to forget how
physically challenging it is to shift out the old structures and how
exhausting it can be. Most nights when I go to bed I quickly drop off
to sleep and then continue oodles (as opposed to scads or slews) of
processing in my dreams. Sometimes I wake up feeling like I've been
working all night, wishing I could remember what I've been doing and
feeling somewhat grateful that I can't. Who needs more old stories to
cling to. Better they just dissipate, no?

This past weekend Michele and I offered our workshop of "immersion"
into the new living field. The program had significant differences
from the last presentation we did in March, and I expect that it will
continue to evolve each time we do it. I really enjoyed the day and
the people who participated, and I had my own new experiences to boot.
I was really reminded of how this movement out of duality and into the
new field is not primarily a journey of the mind (don't worry dear
mind, you still get to play). Fundamentally, the mind cannot think its
way into a new experience. My sense is that the mind seems to be
pretty much the last holdout in the process of transformation,
gripping mightily to its concepts of how things should go. The
illusion of beliefs is not equivalent to a state of being experienced.

So, we head into August with a new event or two and additional
opportunities to trust our processes, wherever they may take us. The
following is a brief list of upcoming events. The reminder of the
Earth Mother Monday channeling (tonight) may reach you a bit late, but
I wanted to include it.

Hope to connect soon,


July 30, 2007, 7pm

A Visit with our Planetary Mother

Earth Mother Mondays are new events for us, and will take place once
or twice per month (check our calendar). When she visits during our
Second Saturday Channelings she is often working with other beings,
and there is a specific purpose for the session. Earth Mother Mondays
will give both her and us an opportunity to dialogue in a more
personal and intimate setting. She is always entertaining, funny, and
desiring to assist our bodies as we make our way through this
transformation. The cost is $30 at the door. This first session will
not include phone participation, but we will add that capability in
the future. Watch for CD's and downloads from these evenings.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"Wear Who You Are"

Many people have spent years clarifying who they are, healing from
past wounds, and discovering their own innate gifts that they now are
beginning to share with others. It is time to be visible, to allow
your own inner beauty, essence, and wisdom to come through clear
channels to others so they may receive you and your message without
confusion or filters. The focus of �In Your Element� is on learning to
"wear who you are," in other words, to choose and wear clothing that
is in harmony with your physical energy and soul essence. When you do
so, you feel supported on many levels and show up with amazing
clarity, beauty and power. Ultimately you will be able to tailor both
your wardrobe and home decor so that it more accurately reflects who
you are from the inside out.

Playshop 1

The first Playshop of "In Your Element" is a kind of makeover of "how
you project yourself into the world." At its core, it is discovering
your soul�s essential vibration and learning how to amplify your
vibration out into the world, so there isn't "static" in the way
people experience you. In Playshop I, you learn about the four primary
elements used in this program, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth, how to
distinguish their characteristics and color palettes, and how they
translate into clothing, hair styles, eye glasses, jewelry, and
accessories. Each person then discovers their personal primary Element
and receives a laminated color/texture fan to take shopping with you.
The cost for this Playshop is $100.

If you have already participated in a Playshop and would like a
refresher, the cost is $30, if you bring one person, your cost drops
to $15, and if you bring two or more, you are in free!

Please pre-register with Michele.
Call 651-224-4451, or send email to

Playshop 2 will continue the adventure
on Wednesday, August 8th

Playshop 3 will be presented for the first time
on Sunday, August 12th

check our calendar for more information at

August 11, 2007, 7pm

This evening will again provide an opportunity to receive from the
Earth Mother. We don't know any specifics of this evening, but we feel
sure that it will provide another piece for our collective puzzle. We
feel confident that we can also count on a potent process to assist us
with the integration of the current waves of light.

You can participate in person or by phone. Read more information on
our site at

Monday, July 23, 2007

Shifting Our Reference to the New Field

Our current focus is the shift of reference from the old story to the
New Field. Most of our events are connected to that theme.

In this update:

Message from Metatron (download PDF file)
Tuesday Tune-up July 24th
Immersion into the New Field July 28th (with a special guest)

I wrote in a previous update about what I perceived as a turning of
the page. Many of us who were born to shift the old, dualistic
structure of consciousness have completed the purpose for which we
came, and are ending our relationship with that reality as we make
some new choices. As articulated by Archangel Metatron in our recent
channeling, those choices include staying here and changing our
reference to that of the New Field of the Conscious Creator, leaving
for a rest and celebration and eventually returning to another life on
Earth, or perhaps leaving to continue our soul's expression in another
dimensional experience.

Metatron also spoke of the gift we have received in having the choice
to shift reference, since the overlap of the incarnational waves was
both needed and unusual in the scheme of things. Other highlights of
the channeling include: an explanation of Metatron's part in the
evolutionary process, the difference between the group incarnated as
the transformers (most of us) and the new wave of creators (we may
refer to as the 'new children'), the pushy effect and timing of the
light now coming in, a comment about the elections of 2008 and 2012,
and how shifting our reference into the next wave moves us into joy
and allows us to bring in part of our creator.

Because this channeling seems so pertinent to the intensity of these
months and the shift of focus we are talking about, we wanted to make
it available to you. Since Metatron did not do a process with the
group, a transcript can share the story this Archangel came to tell. I
have uploaded a PDF file of the transcript, and you are welcome to
download it using this link:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or an equivalent program to
download, save and/or print the transcript. As I noted on the
document, please feel free to pass along the information with credit


As I wrote at the top, this theme of shifting our reference out of
duality and into the New Field is our focus for many of our upcoming
events. We begin with our next Tune-Up.......

July 24, 2007, 7pm

"Shifting from the Old to the New Matrix
as the Foundation for Creation"

To create a new experience for ourselves, we need to change where we
are coming from. Within the field of duality, our reference has been
our pain, sense of lack, powerlessness and all the other things with
which we are plenty familiar. If we reference those places within us,
we may attempt to change the experiences by defining what we think
will stop the feelings we have had. For instance, we want more
abundance, but it is referenced to our experience of lack. We want
intimacy, but it is still bound by a fear of vulnerability because of
past experiences. We then employ techniques that worked to some extent
within duality, but find that our circumstances change little.

This Tune-Up is about restructuring our 'operating system' to to shift
the pathways used in creating our experiences. You can join us in
person or by phone. The cost is $30. Please see more information on
our site at:

A Day of Immersion with Chris and Michele
with guest Tamara Ober of Zenon Dance Company

Saturday, July 28, 2007, 10am - 5pm

When we bought the building for Lightsmith, one of the primary
intentions was to have a place where the New Field of Living Light
could land and begin to create its own field. The space itself would
then support people to choose to move beyond their old stories and
step into a process of re-creation from their soul essence out into
form and experience. Michele has been guiding people into a personal
experience of the Field in personal sessions and within the Mentored
Groups, and has been learning much along the way. It feels like it is
time to create a group experience that specifically focuses on the
process of choosing and then creating within the new Living Field. We
will share information about our collective story, talk about the
transition we are in and, or course, Michele will work her magic with
powerful guided processes.

The focus for the day:

*Creating a day of immersion with the Living Field
so it becomes more real and conscious.

*What is the New Field? How do we release
from duality and our old stories?

*An overview of the choice in this time of our collective story.

*Facilitated processes to support that choice and the
re-creation of our energetic structures.

*Sharing about your own experiences
while collecting/growing language for this experience.

*Guidelines for individual practices that grow your own
experience of creating with and within the Living Field.

A special part of the program will be an experiential, guided
process of movement and integration offered by our guest presenter
Tamara Ober. Tamara is a performance artist, who for five years has
taught and danced nationally and internationally with
Minneapolis-based Zenon Dance Company. Zenon has received the McKnight
Excellence in the Arts Award, the Twin Cities Mayors Public Arts
Award, and has been hailed as "The Best Dance Company" by City Pages.
We are thrilled to have Tamara's energy and expertise woven into the
day's event, and look forward to what we all create together.

We do hope you will join us for this unique event. The cost for this
full-day event is $140. Pre-registration is preferred but not critical
if you decide to come at the last minute. It will be helpful to us,
though, to have a note of your intention to attend, especially now
during this last week before the event. Please email or call 651-224-4451.

And Remember.............

Earth Mother Mondays start July 30th at 7pm.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Page Turns

I know there is plenty to read here. Please bear with me because it
feels like a page has turned in our collective story, and there are a
few things to explain.

Perhaps you can sense how much has been moving around since the
Solstice....shifting, clarifying, coming into alignment. We're all
finding our pathways through this transformation, and even though it
may seem that our individual stories are different, a common thread is
usually running just under the surface. Sometimes what is RIGHT THERE
is missed, and in a moment seems to be revealed. So goes the journey
of becoming more conscious, and so goes our journey here at

The intent within Lightsmith is to assist in bringing about a New
Creation. In part, we do that by listening for what's next in the
scheme of things, and then sharing what we find. Often, the shifts
present themselves in the personal sessions Michele has with clients.
When numbers of people are working through similar processes, a
pattern becomes evident and we become aware of �what�s up� in a
particular energetic period.

What we are becoming aware of in this moment is something to which
virtually everyone will likely relate. Have you spent years doing
healing, releasing, and preparing to enter a new experience? Do the
words of seemingly endless articles touting the promise of a new world
hold little energy for you these days? Do you find yourself
unsuccessfully trying to apply spiritual teachings or learned
techniques in an attempt to create a different set of circumstances in
your life? Have you felt depressed or down, wondering what all your
effort has been for, especially when things don�t seem to be working
the way you were led to believe they would? If so, take some comfort
in knowing that you�re not alone. Below, I'll share a perspective on
why your experiences of re-creating your life may currently be less
than optimal.

Over the years, our core message at Lightsmith has been that one
template for reality is dying, a new one is birthing, and many people
are completing a long soul journey within one while becoming aware of
the other. Assisting that transition and helping to navigate uncharted
territory is what we offer through Lightsmith programs and events. We
speak of a New Living Field, a merger of Light and Life, now present
and existing simultaneously with the old duality template. This
temporary arrangement of two accessible, yet vibrationally separated
worlds provides a time for transition, while also allowing each soul a
choice of reality in which to continue. For many years, a number of
people have been more or less consciously releasing from the old
structures and embodying the new. Others are in the process, but are
doing so less consciously. It's only a matter of what path each has
chosen, and the details don't really matter.

What does matter now is which system you reference as you make your
choices in each moment. The New Field is present as an option, and I
believe that most of us desire to be in that new experience. Yet,
creating within it requires a focus of attention different than what
was learned in duality. To be sure, none of us have a good deal of
expertise in the new system, so don't expect to find any kind of
operator's manual. We may share what we have been discovering, but
we're learning as we go.

One thing we have been learning more recently is how we often
reference our experiences in duality while attempting to create within
the structures of the new matrix. The New Field, for example, does not
respond to thought directives attempting to realize agendas or goals.
That quality alone makes obsolete most duality-grown systems where
mental energy is attempting to control outcomes. We learned such
systems in an attempt to make our experiences different, but we have
since found them much less effective as the duality matrix continues
to disassemble. Also, we likely don't wish to remain in that old
system, so expertise established within it will need to evolve as it
references the new operating system of Living Light.

Most of us are coming out of a long immersion in duality, and we
continue to reference our experiences within that structure. We may
lay claim to everything about the New Field, yet we may also tend to
unconsciously relate to what is most familiar. It's completely
understandable that we have done so. And, now we have a new practice.
The practice is not meditation, ritual, or recitation of more dogma.
The practice is one of paying attention to what we are referencing.

Within the field of duality, our reference has been our pain, sense of
lack, powerlessness and all the other things with which we are plenty
familiar. If we reference those places within us, we may attempt to
change the experiences by defining what we think will stop the
feelings we have had. For instance, we want more abundance, but it is
referenced to our experience of lack. We want intimacy, but it is
still bound by a fear of vulnerability because of past experiences. We
then employ techniques that worked to some extent within duality, but
find that our circumstances change little.

Referencing the New Living Field of Creation has a different effect.
Within it we stand as Creators within Creation, Light within Life,
merged within a new medium for creating experience. The entire system
is set up for one thing: to bring to manifestation the fulfillment of
our soul embodied, and to support each one to express fully and freely
according to their innate design while everyone else does the same.

Do you really have any idea what that fulfillment and co-creative
experience would feel like? Probably not, and not surprising given the
number of lifetimes we created in the old duality system. We've been
letting go of old structures, and it seems that the next step is to
let go of how we related to that reality, to shift the place of
reference completely beyond the old story and begin to choose a new
reference for creating all of Life.

Might it be that choosing soul fulfillment as the reference in an
operating system designed for that purpose is way more effective than
saying all the affirmations in the world to create a fatter paycheck?
I'm just asking. And that, by the way, happens to be one of the
principles of creating in the New Field. Asking. We just need to be
clear from what place we are doing so.

And then there's receiving. Next chapter���.

Back soon,



As you might expect, the commentary above is a prelude to what
direction we will take with some of our events over the coming weeks.
We begin with the Tuesday Tune-Ups for July. The focus is "Shifting
from the Old to the New Matrix as the Foundation for Creation".

The first Tune-Up is next week on Tuesday the 10th, and the second is
on Tuesday the 24th. Even though we title them the same, they are
often quite different in process depending on who is participating.
You may find benefit from either or both. As I've said before, I
consider these Tune-Ups some of the most potent and effective
processes we offer, partly because of the group energy field that is
formed. Remember that you can join us in person or by phone.

The cost is $30. We start at 7pm CDT, and you'll find more information
on our site at

NEW! We're excited to add a new event to our schedule. We wanted to
created the opportunity for the Earth Mother to more regularly
interact with us, and will be offering Earth Mother Mondays. We're
not yet sure whether these sessions will be once or twice per month,
but we do know that the first channeling is scheduled for Monday, July

The Earth Mother is a regular visitor to our Second Saturday
Channeling series, but those visits usually have a specific purpose
and she is more merged with other Spirit beings that join her for
those presentations. Earth Mother Mondays will be more intimate
evenings with opportunities to dialogue and experience her nature more
directly. You will have a chance to ask questions, and you can be sure
that she will have lots of information and a process or two.

The cost is $30, and we will begin at 7pm, CDT. I do not yet have a
web page about Earth Mother Mondays, but watch our site for a link in
the coming week.

On Saturday, July 28th, Michele and Chris will be co-teaching a
program we call Choosing the New Field of Living Light; a Day of
Immersion with Chris and Michele. We last offered this event at the
end of March, and it is continually evolving along with us. If you
want to begin to have the experience of what the new field feels like,
we invite you to join us for a full day of information and
experiential processes. The cost for the day is $140 (lunch on your
own). Pre-registration is appreciated, but not essential. You can read
more about the day on our calendar description at


I will have additional updates about each of these events as the dates
approach. For now, we invite you to join us next Tuesday evening for
the Tune-Up on referencing the New Field, and the following Saturday
for our Second Saturday Channeling with Archangel Metatron.