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Repatterning The Neurological System


"Greetings of love and much assurance to all who are in this path of awakening. Your guiding ones, your teachers in spirit, those who have been watching over and assisting you to pay attention in certain ways and at certain times are very proud of those of you who have passed through a most challenging time in these past few months. Moving into a new level and frequency of awareness is not an easy Read more →

Opening To Your Heart’s Deepest Longing


"In this time there is a great awakening and a great opening within hearts. It is not just the capacity to love self and others, but it is an opening of the deepest longing for fulfillment. Each one is born here with an imprint that is fulfilled by following the longing or the desire within the heart. When this is followed from very early on that imprint attracts to itself what is necessary in Read more →

Acknowledge The Seeker As The Soul Within


"Today we speak to those in the Earth who are growing in consciousness. Some are very curious and some are already very dedicated. Others are just beginning to investigate and look about. We also speak to those who, perhaps, have had many years of study , and yet their next step is yet to open to them. We address you with this message." "When you are looking in the Earth plane for your path of Read more →

The New Children

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Hello. We are present, we are here. It is our pleasure and our joy to join you, and for this occasion we have invited some of our own children in spirit to be participating with us since that has been the topic chosen for this evening. Welcome to all of you and to all of those that you touch who are little in body. For that which we speak of tonight is a most precious topic to us and we were very Read more →

A Story of Creation From Source Part 3: How We Are Being Assisted by Those from Other Planets and Dimensions


Blessings, Hello. We have brought friends tonight to assist this time of moving from the focus upon the human last week to all of that which is the evolution and how it will proceed into the future, as well as who has been part of the story. Perhaps the unseen part of the story, the nonphysical material aspects of creation that have been assisting as well as influencing this story. Welcome to Read more →

A Story of Creation From Source Part 2: The Design and Evolution of the Human Being


Ankara, Hello. Greetings and blessings and great love from my heart to yours. It is indeed a joy, I can't tell you how much of a joy, to be with you and to continue the story begun in the other time. Time is not much of a matter for me, so when focusing into this dimension of time and allowing the recorded story to come through in a way that you can receive it, I am getting some help from those Read more →

A Story of Creation From Source Part 1: The Creation of the Cosmos


The original presentation of this material took place on three Saturday evening events in February of 1995 with several dozen people asking questions. These transcriptions are derived from over six hours of recorded material. The closing blessings of the first two evenings will be noted, but are given in Universal vibrational sounds or a "language of creation" and are not transcribable. It was an Read more →

What’s Happening?


An interesting thing happened as I went through my preparation for writing this column. For several days I was jotting notes to myself about a particular topic I had intended to focus on. After a while I found myself with more and more information that bubbled up in my mind and I ended up with several pages of notes about several topics. Each topic seemed to want priority and began vying for my Read more →



"Welcome and thank you for inviting us to be present with you. We understood that there was a topic so we did our best to go find authority, those who would speak well on this subject. This is, as we understand it, an interactive evening taking on the purpose of religion, the purpose of a systemization of spiritual thought. We will attempt to give some perspective on this with a bit of background, Read more →

A Choice For Love


A note from Chris LaFontaine: This transcript is an excerpt from material that was given on May 1, 1994. I am used to the clarity of energies of the intelligence that presents through Michele, but this experience was powerful, profound, and life-changing for me. This level of communication was also out of the ordinary for Michele at that time, and earlier in the day she was energetically prepared Read more →