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New Year’s Channeling 2012


Presenting the Earth Mother through Michele Mayama Hello, It is my great joy and pleasure to join you in this way. I'm with you always, I'm part of you, you cannot breathe without me, yes? So let us breathe together and begin to begin this year, this cycle together. Deep breath in, let that oxygen loosen up a few things that may need to move. Breathe out with a sigh, hahhhhhh. Relax. Breath Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 2008


Blessings, greetings, hello! [Hello] And Happy New Year to you! So, we have gathered, just as you have gathered, and it is quite a gathering. We also have been invited to share some perspectives on this time, and we are happy to do so. Each of you has a sense of your own unfolding. You look back, and some of you have a perspective of this life from childhood, or perhaps even your Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 2007


Hello, blessings for this new cycle. We are very pleased to join you this afternoon, and it is our pleasure to give our perspective on this time as well as to open to questions and perhaps some discussion from your own perspectives. Take a few breaths with us, and let yourselves open heartily. Open your hearts to receive in this new time. Breathe away some of what you might have carried along with Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 2006


Blessings, greetings, happy New Year. It is our great joy, our great pleasure to join you in this new cycle of life, new cycle of creation. It is also a new cycle numerically as well as in your spirit. We suppose you expect us to talk about what's going to happen, eh? [group laughter]. Of course, we don't have all knowing. We have perspectives and a sense of what is unfolding, and we have a Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 2005


The Spirit Teachers begin: Hello. Happy new year, in your cycles of life. It is for you a stepping forward, is it not? Each of you who is here today, either in person or via phone technology, feels as if you move forward in your lives. Feels as if you continue to open, continue to grow, continue to accumulate, and continue to do whatever it is that you do in a somewhat forward motion. The Continue →

Pre-Election October 2004


Transcript of a channeling Pre-Election, 2004. This channeling followed a facilitated group session where about 60 participants tuned in to the soul of the United States. From our friends in Spirit: Hello. We would like to add our gratitude for your participation this evening. With your willingness and choice to be present and listen, you have made a connection with the soul of a being that Continue →

Small Group Sessions January 29, 2004


Open your bodies a little…………. Aya Komaiya…………from my heart to yours........ Hello, thank you for inviting me. It is truly my pleasure to be here, of course. It is indeed a time of great wonder, in some ways. Are you feeling what is already beginning to shift in your lives, the time & space continuum? It is as if a great spiral wind, a great, whooshing spiral wind is moving through your Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 2004


Opens with friends in Spirit, closes with Earth Mother Blessings, greetings, hello. It is a new cycle, yes? And hallelujah, yes? Ah, so, let us breathe a little bit together. Open up, and we will introduce who is all present here with us, and you, we hope, will also introduce each other to us in your hearts and in your minds. We already have met most of you. So, today we have gathered a number Continue →

Small Group Sessions May 2003


The dance of Life and Death, Two ways of getting out of alignment, Stress in the world, Epicemic of prescription drugs, Impacting the world by the tone and balance in your life. Participant questions/comments are shown in UPPER-CASE Hi to each of you. It is our joy and our pleasure to be invited to be with you in this way. We are pleased to be able to utilize one who is easy to work with Continue →

New Year’s Channeling 2003


Notes about this transcription: Much of this New Year's channeling is focused less on what is taking place in the world, and more on the next phase of involvement for those who are actively participating in the transformation of consciousness. It is also an invitation to begin a process of shifting the emotional body and focusing as a group to bring more Love into Matter and into the world. The Continue →