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New Year’s Channeling 2012

Presenting the Earth Mother through Michele Mayama

Hello, It is my great joy and pleasure to join you in this way. I’m with you always, I’m part of you, you cannot breathe without me, yes? So let us breathe together and begin to begin this year, this cycle together.

Deep breath in, let that oxygen loosen up a few things that may need to move. Breathe out with a sigh, hahhhhhh. Relax. Breath in, open up your lungs, your heart, your blood, and out. And breath all the way down to your toes, feeling and filling with life. Feeling and filling with life. Hahhhhhhh.

Are you glad to be done with the last cycle? Me, too. {group laughter}. And, as we roll forward into this next year, turning and spinning together, we have opportunities as well as refinement. Many of you have dedicated your experience in some way to transformation and healing, and you have chosen to move beyond what has been familiar and open to what is not. You perhaps have had challenges and struggles, yet you know that these have been the stepping stones into your own personal experience of greater joy and fulfillment in this life.

For you the numbers and the start of a new year mean something, yes? For me the cycle is a little more cyclical with the seasons, so solstices are a little more synching up with shifts. But, we are pretty close.

There is a kind of quickening. The quickening last year moved consciousness, and it was not always pleasant. It was, in some ways, insistent and persistent, and had a certain charge that would not be denied. As we move into this cycle the quickening of this year is one where there is a little more juice for creation, a little more excitement for possibility, a little more opening to what would be an on-going possibility in your own creative current as well as collectively. There is more of that.

It cannot shift completely into that yet, partially because the collective is still using so much energy to continue to do larger shifts out of duality, out of the old structures of consciousness that have continued to use fear and contraction as the medium to bind and hold the old in place. Those who are most bound and most vocal are running for president {said with playfulness followed by group laughter}. Not exactly {more laughter}, but you get the picture. Those who are most bound and most vocal are continuing to hold or try to hold the old structures in place or to even take them back a few steps.

Those who have moved or are moving wish to have a different experience, have a sense of something that needs to change and move beyond what has been bound. That momentum will grow this year. It will grow in not just one country, but in many nations, many experiences around the world and in many arenas. People who you have not yet heard of will emerge this year. Their voices, their possibilities as they verbalize or bring them into focus will elicit a kind of catalytic conversion in some way, where things begin to move with some focus. These people may not yet know that their voices, their currents, their creations and creativity will move into the larger plane of awareness. They are perhaps not even conscious of that, but because the living currents of creation are now beginning to have more coherency and more cohesion, there will be those that will surface to bring things into focus for us all.

Those people will move in ways that they feel that current within them, and some of you may be among them, who knows. You may feel that current that moves you, and as that happens it is for you to stay in integrity with it. If you do not, if you do not stay in integrity with your own core and the currents that may open up within you, then you will start to feel that same kind of charge and insistence and persistence and in some ways a kind of pressure to transform whatever is keeping you out of alignment. Another word or quality of experience for this year would be refinement.

Some of you have done a lot of transformation, those big blocks more or less moved, yes? But what about these places within the experience of your own consciousness that continue to move or shift out of alignment, continue to shift out of integrity slightly here or there, move here or there, vulnerabilities that have not yet had practice in the new experience? These places will be your places to pay attention to in your own experience, and they will have a little bit of extra current to work with. Those currents are what will move you through this year, and they will feel personal but they will feel larger than personal. You will feel them, but you will also open to others who are also simultaneously feeling these possibilities. And you might synch up with certain people or groups, or through another convergence experience. If you feel a more personal experience is moving through you, then open to support on other dimensions, levels from me, from life and from the field.

No one is solitary any more, all by yourself, independent lone ranger. That is passing away, yielding to collaboration, inter-relationships, co-creation, mutuality, cooperation and gradual experiences of a larger sense of community. This community will only be just those you know, but those you sense and those you see and those you hear in the larger domain, the larger experience. You will feel community, you will feel connection more and more. That experience will heal you in ways that nothing else can. Some of you have been longing for connection and community for so long, so may lifetimes that you’ve lost track. You may have found some of that community with individuals and friends, forming new families in a sense. But feel it in a larger arena, feel it in the larger world. That heals you. Heals your heart in a way that nothing else will or can.

So, healing this year comes from a kind of convergence and collective experience. Music will continue to emerge through individuals and groups that touch the heart of this emergence of life and creation beyond the old story. Movies, plays, dance, art and new fusion of all sorts of different combinations will speak to the heart, your heart, in ways that nothing else can. Ahhhh, breathe a little with me. Loosen up those hearts that have been in a kind of process, but waiting, holding, waiting for something that they could not articulate and did not know for sure would ever happen. Relax, your hearts are ready for convergence healing you might say, that which heals as touched by what is larger than yourself but includes and touches you nonetheless, as if it is personal to you.

Some of you were born into an old story you did not know how to cope with. It was too confining, too dense. Your souls fragmented and you did the best you could to survive. Some of you are still gathering back all of who you are. Some of you are still healing some of that fragmentation. It will be easier as this living field embraces this larger convergence and you begin to see or witness that you do actually feel like you’re part of, you do belong, you are part of something bigger than yourself, you are part of that which supports you and informs you and that you’re not alone. Breathe, take another breath, because your heart is trying to acknowledge that place of possibility, that knowing, that sensing.

Some of you have come through long periods of healing, and some of you have been through shorter periods of healing. It really doesn’t matter. More and more you will move into wholeness for yourself, greater integrity of your own core, and more embodiment of your great spirit. As you continue that process your experience of consciously being present, consciously choosing, and consciously creating will grow and expand and get stronger.

You will begin to create beyond your perception of lack. You’ll begin to create beyond your perception that was formed in the past. You’ll begin to create with greater awareness and presence in the moment. You’ll begin to create with collaboration, with all of life, and with consciousness that all of life is creating with you in whatever experience you’re having and they are having. It isn’t just people, but all of life, all of us, all. Animals, plants, oceans, mountains, rivers, great trees, the great Devas, minerals, Life, our body, our collective wholeness, our collective beingness.

So, take another breath. Relax your mind, relax your perceptions. Relax that place in your mind that decides that it already knows, or perceives, or concludes, or interprets based on what you’ve already known, based on what has come from your past in a sense, collectively or personally. This year will be the great challenge for that particular quality of mind. If you tend to be an interpreter, if you tend to conclude rapidly rather than allowing the experience to inform you, rather than allowing new awareness to be presented to you, that will be a challenge. As you relax your mind you will find yourselves opening with greater possibility and wonder, thinking ‘I wonder’, rather than ‘I already know and this is what this means’.

The mind has learned through many experiences of duality to try to interpret, to make something the way you think it should be or to interpret the meaning of it, to give it a kind of causality. What your minds do not realize is that the causality that they put upon the experience of you or someone else is limited to what you have known in the past. Your mental limitations will become apparent. You already see it somewhat in others, you see how their interpretations are very small, condensed, limited and you believe that you have expanded your own awareness, yes? But the tendency to interpret is still there, yes? The tendency to make meaning too fast, too quickly. Ah…..breathe and allow some loosening as you begin this year. Some loosening of that tendency.

I would encourage you to take several breaths before you interpret anything, before you attach a meaning to anything, and to actually ask before jumping to the conclusion about meaning or causality that your mind would want to jump to. Relax deeply, taking several breaths and opening to greater awareness and insight, opening to greater connectivity in the larger field of life and wisdom, opening to the living light that you are part of in every moment. Yes, relax the tendency to interpret, even if you have a very quick mind, perhaps even particularly if you have a very quick mind. This might be your challenge. Challenges are good.

You’ve already learned by experience that your interpretations about yourself or limitations that you held in the past made you feel contracted and not so good. So hopefully you have released much of those interpretations or are in the process of such release. This is beyond those personal limits and limitations. This is in every moment. This is when you walk through the street and you encounter people. This is when you have a relative or experience with your family and you think you already know that person. Relax, you are going to find out more this year and learn more this year that will come to you in the moment, and you will find it. It will reveal itself to you, and you will find in the revelation a kind of joy, a kind of fulfillment and a kind of excitement and you’ll want to share your revelations. Some of you have communities in which that will flow through. Some of you will find communities where you can share what you sense, what’s revealed, what is new. And yet, rather than attaching, the more you stay open the more will come.

For those of you who are enamored with past lives, my suggestion is to begin to let them go, rapidly. Expedite that process. Move it along and do not rest in any experience from the past, any identity from the past, any relational connections from the past, whether you think you’ve been together many times or whatever. That just adds a layer of interpretation to the mind and it clouds the possibility of the awareness in the moment. Those of you who love things like systems such as astrology or tarot, realize they can be fun and informative but do not let them add another layer of interpretation. Do you understand? Yes? Don’t let things get in to the place where direct informed awareness wishes to have access to your consciousness in the moment. Ah, there, breathe again. We’re just clearing a bit as we move through this experience together, yes. Clear a bit. It doesn’t meant that they can’t be supportive, fun, helpful but do not let them get in that place for your bodies this year, physicality, bodies. You have not yet embodied the fullness of your spirit, you’ve gotten started. In this particular cycle of creation your physicality needs a deepening with me, more intimacy with life and more integrity within your choices that affect your body.

That integrity is not mental, it’s not willed. It’s a kind of alliance or alignment with choice and with life, again, in every moment. The mind will be challenged this year to stay clear and receptive, and you in a personal way have another level of challenge with your physicality to stay in alignment with choices that affect you every day. Every day. This is not something that can be once a week such as ‘I will take a walk once a week’, or ‘I will do something good for myself once a week’, or’ I’ll eat good 5 days a week and on the weekends I’m free to do what I want’. Begin to realize that, again, you will learn. It isn’t something I am setting out as a rule. There are no rules in this new creation, there are no laws in this new creation.

There is growing alignment, growing awareness, growing presence in order to more fully embody your own spirit, your own light, and animate your consciousness even more. Your physicality, your body will be your attention, your integrity of choice. And, it does not need to be challenging or difficult, it is choice. And once you make choices and you practice making them in alignment with your own body’s juice and life and what feels in alignment, you will notice that there is more and more support for that level of choice. It will actually get easier rather than harder. It’s easier to stay in alignment with your body and with life after a time when choice and your awareness hook up to that level of support, that level of living field support. This is more refinement.

Some of you cheat sleep, and your bodies may require periods of deeper, longer sleep. And if you make choices that do not allow that length or depth of rest you will also find the sense that something is out of alignment. Food, rest, replenishment. The living field that I source for life and for creation includes all that your bodies need for replenishment if you are open to that replenishing and have enough time for it. If you race through your day and then fall into bed exhausted you will not have enough time to replenish and support the living currents that are needed for this experience of embodiment. Each of you knows for yourself what that means for you in your choices. There is no rule, it just means to recognize what you need and realize that what you need is not the same for everyone.

For some of you there is a need to breathe, literally, consciously to get more oxygen and oxygenation into your blood stream. You know that oxygen is needed for life. Your body, your cellular body a quality of life that is only received through greater oxygenation, greater breath you might say. So, however you breathe, whether it is through exercise or just consciously breathing, or through taking walks or however it is, include more breathing. If you feel as you breathe a kind of shallowness, a kind of tension, relax, open and begin to ask your body to remember how to breathe. How to breathe naturally, how to breathe deeply, how to breathe so that you live with greater vitality and your cells receive all that they need. Again, refinement.

Some of you are probably curious about the year 2012. It’s been in consciousness for awhile with the Mayans, who with their calculations a long time ago came up with this particular year of a kind of completion of one particular large cycle and the turning over into a new one. As you may already have realized, this does not happen in an instant so no matter whether or not there is a certain date it is already in process and it is continuing to be in process through this year and into the next. There are moments of convergence within it. Convergence that is much easier to do within the new field, which is synchronizing more and more people and life into a kind of greater harmony and coherence of creation. So, synergy and synchronicity become more and more and more the experience.

Synchronicity and convergence is easier and will continue to happen more within the larger field. There are collective moments that are formed by what is happening in the collective consciousness, convergences that happen because there are focuses that are chosen by many people together, timing that is synchronized in the cycles of the year. These will become more pronounced in some ways, just because there is more energy moving into a new creation even as the energy flows out of the old. Convergence will be harder in the old story, and you might have noticed that already. Convergence is harder, more challenging, because the energy is not there to synchronize, to synergize. It’s actually fragmenting, and the fragmentation that is part of the old story is more obvious, and will get even more obvious as this year unfolds. You will find yourselves mystified at times by how many people in the collective can continue to choose to maintain fear and fragmentation as their reality. You may feel mystified by that choice, but continue to make your own choices and you will find that there is greater synergy, greater synchronicity and greater convergence with greater and greater ease. And you will feel that sense of how this works, that it’s efficient and there’s support, it’s mutual. Relax into that level of creation and you will find it happening more and more.

Perhaps not by the end of this year, but gradually into the next year or the next there will be so much coherence within this living, synergistic field that even those who are maintaining the old, fragmented, fear-based reality will begin to notice and be affected by it. That is what the Mayan prophecy was all about. And it isn’t a moment, but it is this process that is happening already, and there will be moments of greater and greater convergence. There will be times when what you have wanted, hoped for, and felt deep in your heart will begin to open in your life, and there also will be other things in your life that will start to feel as if they are not as in alignment, not converging as you would have hoped or wanted. There are continuations of letting go. Release, knowing that the alignments and choices, the convergence and synchronicity will bring you into what matches you better, what synchs up better and what is in alignment. That will happen, too.

It is a great year for those who already are moving into this new field, know about it, choose it, live in it, and create from it. Some of you have already heard about the karmic council. These are great beings of light who work with me and have chosen to be part of the balancing of consciousness on personal and collective levels, and they will be a little more active this year. Do not fear, it is nothing you need have any fear about. But you may observe and notice as certain situations or people come into the news or through your media. You may experience a kind of awareness if you stay present, knowing ahhhhh, this is coming to completion here, or ahhhh, this needed to happen, even if it looks very challenging. Rather than an old interpreting about what is happening with these events or people, you will just have a sense. Every once in awhile you might just nod and acknowledge the work of the karmic council. They have been busy, and they will continue to be more and more engaged as they and I work together in this next time. They work with me, I work with them. If you do not know how things will shift, watch. Watch and allow that current that is bigger than you to make shifts within collective consciousness, within the bigger story, within the economic systems, within institutions, within old structures that look as if they are embedded in stone. Within even places where the rigidity and the hold of great fear in the earth has been seemingly without end. There were revolutions last year as part of that great uprising of spirit from life that says no more, and there will be more this year in ways and places that now is their turn.

So, dear ones take another breath. Take another breath and allow yourselves to align in your own beingness, in your beauty, in your wonder and wonderment, in your core presence, in your life. Some of you have wanted some shifting to happen in your life, as well. This is the year. Take a breath. Breathe in to those places that have needed to have enough wholeness, enough integrity to make the shift, the choices in the outer world, the life, the experience, the manifest life. Take a deep breath, and as you open each day notice where is the living current, where is the sense of possibility in this experience of life, and what are the choices to be made today. And yes, you have continuations of things that are part of life, and yes you have relationships that will continue, and yes you have many things that will be structurally supportive, AND there is a current of change, a current of life, a current of creation also moving. Start to notice where that is, what it feels like and how it moves through you each day so that your choices can align with it. Notice it, feel it, sense it. Align and choose.

Perhaps some of you will pick up these currents and want to move more rapidly than they might be moving. Some of you may pick up these currents and want to move more slowly than they are moving. Noticing each day, staying present in and with the current rather than getting ahead of it or holding on and slowing it down will benefit the experience of your own shift and your own creation. Start to notice it right now. Notice in your own field, your own body, your own experience this living current, this living current of change, of shift, of creation, of that which is moving in and through you. Ahhh, feel it, notice it, or at least ask for the awareness of it so you can sense and notice it. Pay attention to the subtle. It’s not in the mind, it’s a feeling, it’s a sensing. It could be an emotion to some degree, but a feeling, possibility of excitement, of opening, of movement. Breathe and let it move you a little bit. Breathe and let it move in your body, in your core, in your energy body. Let it move in you a little bit more than perhaps it has been moving.

There is a wisdom in this current because it’s synchronous with life, not just your own but with all of life. That is why the timing is not fully your own, it’s synchronous. Feel synchronous in the larger field, feel how your current of change, or creation, is moving through you but in its own way and time synchronizing with a larger creation so the timing is synchronous. Relax, relax you’ll get there. For those of you who are impatient, relax. For those of you who need a little more buoyancy to move along with, open up, feel the buoyancy, feel the support. Feel what you need.

Dialogue with Participants

So, I’m willing to dialogue with you for a little while if you have specific questions that might relate to the larger story. I’d be very happy to receive them and respond to them. So, take a few breaths. We’ve been a little bit into your own experience, your own life experience. Feel the synchronous experience of this group and the larger field in which all of us live. Do you have wonderings for this year, this unfolding, this experience?

[Q. As one will come into contact with groups and people that they feel they may want to connect with, is there something similar that we would all feel when we find our group or we find a place that is ours to collaborate in?]

Yes, synergy, synchronicity does provide a kind of similar experience in a way where all sense that there is something here, and that this convergence of people has some energy for each person in the group. So, there is a kind of acknowledgment of that. And, if it doesn’t synch up for an individual then they may not remain in that particular group because that is how the field works. It’s a combination of noticing, acknowledging, choosing to align, but often there is more similar experience of that sensing, synchronous synergy, you might say.

[Q. I have a question about a project I’m working on but feel I’m more sort of facilitating. I feel that I’m a part of something that’s so much larger than me, and I just sort of said OK. But lately I’ve been struggling to find the inspiration or motivation. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m not needed there anymore and if it’s something I should let go our if there’s still a contribution I have to make to that larger current.]

Sometimes the initial spark for something moving into form comes through individuals such as yourselves, and as you experience and flow with it, it opens into its nature, it creates something. After it has been created and starts to live your part may shift and you may now need to allow it to shift. Listen to your own energy current. Where is the living current? Where is that juice now? It doesn’t mean you just drop it, but your part within it may need to shift now, do you see?

[Q. And then I had a curiosity about the coming election and how it relates to everything you’ve been talking about, because we still have these elections and these big, sweeping things that go on, and I was wondering if you could comment on that?]

That is one of those places that humans create, which is elections with dates. Some of it synchronizes with the larger field and some of it doesn’t. As you notice this year in terms of the elections currents, notice which ones feel like there is some synchronous motion, some living current and notice which ones look very fragmented and do not seem to hold much juice or energy. Just notice, without interpreting a lot, notice. It still is necessary to have leaders for nations that have a certain amount of integrity, hopefully, and someone who can listen into the larger field and help focus it, help focalize it. And you will notice who is supported by that living current. Align your choices with the currents of life, and do not let your mind get too involved. It creates a lot of clutter in consciousness, so if you pay attention too much to it your mind will get full of things that will distract you from all of what I suggested earlier you pay attention to this year. So, it still has its own place in the whole, yet notice where the currents of life are supportive and converging and where it’s pulling apart.

[Q. Most of what I hear (in this channeling), if it is specific, refers to continents other than Africa. Is there anything you can say for this time that refers to Africa, specifically sub-Saharan Africa?]

The community of consciousness in sub-Saharan Africa has a little more coherency than in the northern part of Africa at this time. So, in some ways your experiences will be a little bit more aligned with life and the possibilities of something new without having as much fragmentation experience as the north may have. There is great upheaval yet for Africa, and yet there is also more and more aligning with life, more and more aligning with a kind of choice for life. Not just life for people, but the larger life of the planet and the continent. The upheavals are necessary. It’s rather like Africa has yet to have its own sense of itself, not just as a continent but in its communities of people, its nationalities. There has been so much fluctuation and rigidity and competition for resources and great control in various places, and great famine and great death and great challenge, and all of that has affected the whole field. Even if you’re in a southern region, the continent as a whole has been affected by all of this. So, there is greater stability where you live, there’s greater stability in the south, and it will continue to actually grow so that there is a kind of coherency or convergence at some places in the continent that assist stability while other places continue to do their upheaval or shifting. There is within Africa itself a great wealth, a wealth that is yet to be fully discovered or acknowledged. It isn’t just minerals or something in the earth, but it is of the earth, of us, and that is what will start to surface. The people, the land together, growing something and more that is sustainable for all. So hold that as your vision.

[Q. I’m trying to figure out where my place is, bringing about the synchronicity and consciousness and shifting up to a higher energy level. I would love to do as much as I can and still make a living but I don’t want to charge for creating synchronicity, I guess. That’s a real dilemma for me. You mentioned all those systems like past lives, tarot cards and astrology. A lot of people who do those things charge for it, and that’s always been a struggle for me. I feel these things should not be charged for, but one still needs to make a livelihood. Could you comment on that for me?]

There is mutuality in this new creation. That is part of its nature. Mutuality needs an exchange of some kind, and sometimes the exchange has been considered monetary. In the past it has been simplified to that. Exchange doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary. It can have different kinds of experiences that are shared and each benefit in a way that they feel that there has been a mutual exchange. So, consider mutual exchange as your sense of possibility for creating in your life what is yours to create, but also to receive what is yours to receive in the experience. It cannot be only one way or there is an old story operating. And it can’t be just free, because there is not a mutuality in that sense that everything is just given by one and another just takes. So, what does that feel like, how does it look, how do you create that with perhaps more creativity than before. It doesn’t have to be money, but exchanges of sorts that feel mutual. That will grow your experience as well as any other people who are in experience with you. It will grow abundance for all.

A monetary system is still a part of how things operate in this field in life. There are bills to pay and there are rents and mortgages, etc. because of the way it’s been established. So, some of the exchange will still need to be in that medium. How you determine that is up to you, and is up to others who are in that experience with you. But at least have an open dialogue and allow more creativity into the experience of that dialogue for the experience of mutual exchange. And much can happen in that arena. In a sense it has been an arena that has had a limited amount of creativity, so engage it and allow it to inform you. Because yes, it isn’t about making a living, but it is about living. You do need to live, and there is still this need for a monetary exchange because it’s still part of the collective experience. But how much, that’s up to you to create.

[Q. I would like to ask a question about the elderly in our world. How are they making these shifts, how are they being supported and how can we best support them.]

Some of the pathways that they yet engage in their minds and consciousness are very woven into what they perceive as real, and is their reality. It is unlikely that that will shift greatly as they mature into a place where their lives are completing. That completion process is their focus. They are not focusing on shifting consciousness, their focus is on completion of a life that they experienced and lived. So, supporting them would be supporting them in that process, whatever is helpful to their experience of completion. Sometimes there are things that have not been addresses emotionally, or healed with individuals relationally. That may be part of completion. Sometimes there are needs for physical support or material supports so they can complete their experience with grace or greater ease. That may need to be part of it. Sometimes there is need for listening to the stories that they remember that have been meaningful to them, and that is their completion, their process. And sometimes there is pain. There are physical ailments and physical experiences of pain, and sometimes that is also part of their completion. Please remember that pain is part of karmic completion. That is not the only thing that pain represents, but particularly in the last years of life it is often part of it. When consciousness cannot process it, or the emotions cannot allow it all the way through, then the body does the transforming, does the healing, does the finishing, and it often does it through pain.

So support them as you can with whatever means you can. They will take their consciousness with them into the next dimension. There they will begin to realize what has been unfolding in earth, even if they did not see it while it was happening. Their eyes, their awarenesses will be informed, and they will have a choice of whether to learn and begin the process of opening hearts and minds. They will choose whether to open to what is necessary for them for the purpose of reincarnating in a time when they can grow consciousness, become aware, become more fully present, just as you did in this life. Many of them will do it in the next. Partially because they birthed you, and they have the benefit of what you have done.

Your transformation, your healing work is blood communicated. Some of you have known this, and you have been of benefit to them whether or not they have appeared to shift or heal. That is a gift and a blessing that is with them and will follow them into the next experience beyond this life. It’s a beautiful gift, one that you can know they will appreciate and perhaps not be able to say thank you in the way you would have liked to have heard, but they will appreciate and they will make use of in the dimensions that are beyond this physical one. They are part of earth, as you are, whether you have a body or not, and so bless them, support them as you can in the processes that they are experiencing for their completion and know that your process has been of benefit to them and will continue to benefit them. Blessings.

[Q. Speaking of the monetary system, there’s a pretty strong belief that the dollar and the euro are going to collapse in the near future. Is it true that there is a massive amount of hidden gold and people working behind the scenes bringing that forth as a new currency as abundance for all of us?]

{brief timing pause} News to me! [long group laughter] No one is I know of is working with masses of gold. The abundance is not going to be so tied to something like that. In the new field the abundance is that which is generated through the mutual exchange of living beings that have the energy of life to exchange and create with. That is what has value. Can you sense the shift as I speak? Yes, breathe it in. Breathe it in, because there has been so much focus on money, and gold, and possession on what has been valued in the old story as having worth. What if the big shift for the monetary or abundance system is what has value. What if what is valued is what is created and generated through human awareness and intelligence and consciousness that is converged with each other and there is greater and greater creativity of mutual exchange within what is valued? Then in the material plane each person begins to know and open to receive and create what they need for life, what supports for life, what manifests who they are for life without competition, without comparison and without a kind of ‘this is more valuable than that’.

So, I do not have any awareness of masses of gold that are being readied for something. Mm, I do have awareness of masses of gold that people are sitting on in order to keep a kind of sense of ‘I have more than you do’. That is part of why the shift of value is so important in the next years.

[thank you, I just wanted to hear that from you….laughter by EM and group]

[Q. Many of us carry the responsibility for keeping the current of income flowing into a family, and as we look at and try to consider the larger currents both personal and collective, one of the things that I have experienced is the confusion of understanding the current with a wish. In other words, wishing that this way was the way my life should go, going off that way and finding out that although I called it a current it was only a wish, and finding myself not in alignment with that and in the process losing much of the current of the flow of the income that I and my family may have needed. Can you provide any hints as to how to delineate between those things we wish for and sensing the true current within?]

Excellent question! That which is a wish, you might say, is something that you feel, you want, you can in a sense make believe, and you can make believe to such a degree that it can govern your choices. A true current is synchronous. It is not something that is only yours, it is somehow also within the larger field with you and supporting you. And if you need to, take a longer period of time to recognize whether or not that living current is indeed synchronous so you can relax more deeply into it and each day you sense and know what your choices are within that. And it doesn’t necessarily have to diminish your living current and currency, in fact it will increase because what is needed by you or your family is felt in the larger field. What is needed for life by you and your family is part of what is recognized and felt and known, so the more you relax into this synchronous field of creation and you feel what you part is, your choices are within it. Perhaps members of your family do the same so they, too, also begin to sense that this field, this current, is within them and they also have their own experience. Sometimes there is an excitement within it because that is the nature of the human to feel, especially when things synch up, you like it, it’s fun. There’s a kind of joy in it that’s natural, but there is also an ease of manifestation. It’s not about suffering, it’s not about putting all your energy out and getting very little back. So, take your time. Relax, feel, sense those currents that are with you and part of your experience, part of you and your family for all of what you need for life as well as for your part in the larger unfolding. So, it all can happen simultaneously, synchronistically, not by you.

[Q. I know lack is an illusion, but how do I overcome those restricting beliefs practically in my everyday life?]

Ah, yes, lack. It is a persistent one is it not? The perception of how you see governs your sense of reality, or vice versa in that reality in the collective governs your sense of perception. Ask to begin to interrupt that. Interrupt it in some way. It’s as if your perception has had a certain conditioning, and that conditioning has made it feel real. As you move into each day I would suggest a process in the morning where you clear your mind. You do whatever clearing practices you know how to do, but particularly for the mind. And you sense or connect with your own sense of what is alive or living or the synchronous experience or where you synch up in the field. Do that each day so you begin to have more alignment of choices with what is more essential, more real, than what has been conditioned in the mind to see it as that.

The more you begin to acknowledge and align with what is greater current, greater choice and your choices that move with it, your own sense of reality will gradually shift. Maybe not right away, but gradually your perception will catch up with your experiences. They will begin to align more, so that you are less bound by the old and more and more informed in your experience by the new, by what is real and mutual. And I, along with the great Devas and all of those in spirit who have been supportive in serving the unfolding of the field, we all understand that humanity was hoodwinked by structures of consciousness that made itself so real and bound with fear that you’re all waking up out of this old dreamfield, you might say. And yet, clear your mind consistently and align with what you feel, sense to be the living currents. Choose accordingly, physically, stay open with your own awareness as much as possible and your reality will change. It’s already in process, it’s already happening. It does matter some times when you are in a collective, like a family or neighborhood or community where there is very strong conditioning still happening. You may need to be aware if that’s true that you need some separation energetically, even physically to clear so that you are not influenced by a very dominant conscious field.

[Q. There’s much talk in spiritual communities about things like DNA activation and ascension, etc. Are these practices in fact real, or are these interpretations of the new living field and how it works? Does this process create any physical symptoms? For example, people talk about vertigo, anxiety and numbness. If so, how does one move through these symptoms?]

Well, the process of embodying your greater spirit, light, does have physical ramifications and influences the body, particularly since the crown needs to evolve, in a sense, as well. The crown is governed much by how open your mind is. It’s very simplistic to say that, but when there is a kind of mental patterning that wants to clamp down and say ‘this is the way it is’, or ‘this is the way I want it to be’, or ‘this is the way it should be’ and has a tendency to bind or hold a particular thoughts, the crown grows a kind of rigidity. The process of embodying greater light, your own spirit, requires the crown to evolve enough to expand enough to allow the descent of your spirit into matter, into body, into experience. There is a precipitation of experience in the body while that process is happening. It can be facilitated and speeded up by those who are aware of the processes and supports that can assist that. This one [Michele] has facilitated over the years a kind of fusion process. It moves it more quickly so that the processes in the body are supported, consciousness opens up more easily within the physicality and it’s supported. But it also is happening whether you are doing such things or not, it’s happening. So yes, vertigo, a kind of sense of dizziness, headaches, things that have to do with the head often are related to a kind of holding or binding yet in the structures that have come forward from the past and are trying to move or shift.

Is there an activation within the DNA? Of sorts, yes. More light. Light communicates into the cells, the DNA and there is a kind of illuminating of possibility or potential that has been semi-latent. It depends on how much your physical body is able to take in and activate. There may be limits based on some of the ways your cells have been affected by your own experience in the past, or your genetics. So there are some influences that are beyond your capacity to completely transform or transmute, but there exists the potential for as much as possible.

Ascension doesn’t mean you’re leaving. That has been the interpretation, and it’s been an overall interpretation based on an overall myth that has lived in Christianity or various interpretations of religions, and then the new age has put an overlay upon it saying you’re leaving or you’ve got the rapture, as you might say in another language. But it’s the opposite, you’re actually embodying. This ascension process is the infusion of great spirit, light, heaven, all-that-is, within life, matter, this experience of this new creation which is the marriage, the fusion of life, spirit and earth so that there is a shift of the matrix of consciousness, matrix of creation because of the fusion. More light informing matter informing creation informing experience informing life. So, ascension is happening here, and as it happens you do move beyond karma, you do move beyond those things that have been imbalanced and binding from the past, you do have more choice for your future experiences of embodiment or not embodiment, whatever you decide to experience, but you will not make those choices from a place of rejection or a place of ‘let me get out of here’. In some ways much of what has impelled the ascension movement is ‘I’m done here, let me go’. That perception views this experience as a place of school and learning, and once you’re done you ascend, you graduate and go on to spirit and happily-ever-after is in spirit. That is the illusion. That is the myth that has been overlaid.

Much of what you will find as you move through this experience while embodied will be that yes, there are experiences that move through over a period of time. Work on dissolving the limits, the constrictions, the old patterned ways of thinking or perceiving in the head of those experiences. Or the heart could be the region that you find your challenges, or other place in your body. Wherever there has been binding, that’s where the experience will show up as a challenge in the physical experience. But open those places, work with them, dissolve what’s been there and allow more of your spirit in, fully. More descent of light, more ascent of matter, fusion. And then your body starts to move into greater and greater ease with that experience.

[Q. I have a question on earth changes. In has appeared to me that this last year had to do with water as a major shifting factor with much water movement and so forth. The last couple months our area has had no snow, and it’s like the water effect has changed. Is there another attribute that will be more dominant in 2012, or is it going to be more water, more emotions?]

We’re moving, you can already sense it, from water and emotion into earth. More movement of earth, and more structures that will need to move structurally. Shifting of what has been materialized, you might say. Shifting of what has been rigidified, you might say. So it may affect bodies a little more because it’s earth. Water is emotion, earth is body. That is partly why my message was to align with choice each day, and to come into greater integrity with that choice because the shifts will affect not just you, but all who are physical. So body, earth will be the realm of shift this year. And it is the nature of transmutation that it needs to affect all dimensions and levels. To be as gentle as possible there has been a kind of stepping into this transmuting experience, stepping more gently on the big collective level. So earth is next, and you and bodies and life and structures. Earthquakes may also be part of it. I can’t tell you where, for there is in some ways a lot of pressure and compromise that continues to be working in and through my body, our body, and the places where there can be more gentle release the movements will perhaps be more on-going but gentler. In places where there is greater pressure and resistance and rigidity there will be perhaps more challenge in that experience.

[Q. I was part of a worldwide group that was working with you with your body. Is there an effective way to help work with you in terms of easing in areas of more contraction and rigidity.]

Convergences, synchronicities of people coming together for those purposes do assist in different places of the world, our body, to release or undo some of the resistance or some of the rigidity. That is helpful. We are informed of light as well as matter, so the light focus does support what is happening within the matter as well in those places. So it does have an effect and it does support. There are perhaps more of you aware now that listening to your own current may engage you in ways where you feel moved to travel, or moved to go with a group, or moved to be somewhere at a certain time. And you may or may not know why, but listening to those prompts, those sort of spontaneous experiences will assist you to assist me. Sometimes I do need human support because what is bound has been bound by human awareness or consciousness, or lack of awareness, or blood or violence in a particular area. Some of what is bound is human consciousness, many souls who have passed on who don’t have a body but whose energy continues to stay present in a place, and sometimes I need support or assistance to help them release and move on. So, you can be assisting and you are called, in a sense, rather spontaneously. Some of you will find that there are convergences of larger focus perhaps, but more and more it will be more spontaneous, more small groups of people, and more and more as needed. As we synchronize, this becomes much more possible, and it’s very helpful to me to call out 5 people and have them assist in a certain place and then 4 or 5 over here to move something over there, and then this whole area begins to have more fluidity.

And thank you for your support and your willingness to be helpful. I do appreciate that, you know, all of you who have been supportive in various times in ways and places. I am very grateful. [we aim to please you] So you do.

Anything else? No? Then I will offer you a blessing as well as a few words moving into this new creation, this new year. This year will open within you a greater awareness of who you are, greater awareness of what is possible within you for your own experience, a greater awareness of your own synchronous nature within the whole, and a greater awareness of possibilities. Perhaps you have known some of those possibilities or perhaps some will be new, and another level of synergy will open your own individual light to magnify itself by being converged with the beautiful presences of others so that there are collective and collaborative experiences of creation that are mutually beneficial to all.

Begin to breathe and open to your own great being, your own embodied experience of who you are. You did choose to be here after all. I am grateful for that choice. You may as well make a full choice, you may as well make it and commit to it and be here, and open to ever-greater merging and fusion. Call forth more of your being, your great spirit, all that you are into this life, into this body, into this collaborative creation. You may as well, because we are going to have fun. We are going to play, we are going to create, we are going to manifest, we are going to blossom what has not yet been seen, and we are just at the very beginning of this experience. So, you may as well.

Instead of leaving, choose to come and join the party, for even if everyone is not yet at the party there are more and more each day, synchronizing, feeling, sensing that there is another reality beyond what they have known, beyond what they thought was real. They sense a kind of quickening, a kind of aliveness, a kind of possibility that lifts them out of whatever has been dense, whatever has been resistant or old, and into a current that you and others already know about, are already a part of. So feel, sense, not just yourself but the whole. Sense, feel, synchronize, allow, breathe and be all that you can be. Hah! It is interesting, is it not, that the statement ‘be all that you can be’ conjures up something in your mind. Use it as a particular practice right now rather than interpreting it in the old way through a lens that someone else created. Open be all that you are, all that your life, your beingness can open, open it without a lens, without interpreting. Ah, there, practice.

{In closing she speaks her language (which cannot be meaningfully translated), uses her breath in several waves, completes a mudra (a motion of her hands) ending with a gentle kiss expressed on her fingertips}

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