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New Moon Session Monday Night May 21st – Focus: Heart Chakra

Another “New You” Session. Last month (yes, a MONTH already!) we worked intensively with the Solar Plexus, and we will continue having a more specific focus tonight as we work with the Heart Chakra. All the chakras are changing to fully function within the New Dimension of Living Light, and this session will use the energies of yesterday’s New Moon Eclipse to assist your Heart Chakra to move more fully into the wholeness needed for the shift.

The Heart Chakra sets the tone for health and well-being in the body and establishes the clarity of one’s soul magnetism for manifesting fulfillment within life. It is often over-ruled by our mind and unconscious patterning from our past. It is time to clear, realign, heal and release what has kept the Heart limited in its desire to create wholeness at all levels of experience!

Join us in person, by phone or by internet stream.

Additional New Moon Session information and registration

$25.  (no charge for subscribers to The Lightsmith Deal)

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  1. I may actually drive over and join you in person tonight. That’ll force me to get out of my PJ’s ;-)

  2. Or, show up in your pajamas.

    I’ll take a photo.

  3. LOL hum… tempting offer, but me thinks that would not be wise. Lord knows where that photo would end up.

  4. Lovely evening. My take away: “Heart has a softer voice,” more sensed, more feeling, much more subtle. Acknowledge soul wisdom in your own soul/heart.
    Listening: MY heart wants to be strong vibrant vital open playful CONNECTED to other strong vital vibrant playful hearts.

  5. I just completed listening and being with this New Moon session. Incredible. I am understanding so much more about my heart that I previously blocked. My emotions are tender, painful, and joyful all at once. This is big for me to be sharing here. I am taking small steps… I would also love to know what the music was that was played at the end of the session. I would love to listen to it again. Will you share the title and artist of this music? Thank you so much… Namaste… Ama

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