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What’s up with July 28th?

Questioning (or questionable) thought for the day:

Hey Lightsmith community peeps, what’s up with July 28th?

Michele and I have social plans for that day and have had at least 6 other things offered to us as options. I haven’t learned to beam around or enter quantum states of simultaneous existence, so it looks like we’ll have to pass on several events.

Anybody else noticing a jam-up?




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Chris LaFontaine is a consciousness geek who shares his perspectives on life with minimal prompting. He may profess through writing, media, photography or music. Leave a comment below or


  1. Hi Chris and everyone,

    From a Mayan Calendar perspective, the big days coming up are the last day of the year, July 24, the Day Out of Time, July 25, and the first day of the New Year, July 26. You can read more about that here: link to blog.mahalasastrology.com and many other places on the web, I am sure. From an astrological perspective, the Moon is in Sagittarius on Saturday, July 28, and that placement bodes well for happy social fun. Whatever the alignment, it sounds like it is bringing people together!

    Aureal Williams
  2. Only 4 simultaneous opportunities for me! But, Aureal, I will be reading up on the July 24 “Day Out of Time”, it’s my birthday. Does this mean I don’t have to turn 60! Blessings to all — wherever you choose to spend July 28.

  3. Doesn’t feel so much like a jam up to me. Words that resonated with me this week were: Possibilities not yet activated. Vast potential taking a nap in the sun. Something EXCITING,FOCUSING, or CATALYTIC is required to get things moving in the direction of fulfillment. So many people gathering and gatherings that week end sound like a way to get things moving.

  4. Hi Carol,

    Happy Birthday! The day out of time is actually July 25. The last day of the Mayan year is July 24.
    Having made the turn myself, I can share that it is quite okay to turn 60!



    Aureal Williams
  5. HI All, I chose July 28th to present my Hara Lab because that day just seemed to have a certain charge. My musician husband is also performing that day. And yes, Chris, I’ve had to decline several social invitations because my day is already so full. Hmmmm.

    Jeanne Cherner
  6. Happy Birthday Carol!!! Hope you have a lovely day!

  7. Yes, happy birthday, Carol. We just have two events Sat., one for me, one for my husband. Maybe the true aligned you is in demand, Chris.

    Sharon Hylton
  8. Me? In demand? Now that would be a real paradigm shift!

  9. I certainly want to SEE and HEAR more Chris — on the keyboard, on drums, speaking as you do so eloquently. You are the one I first resonated with way back when at Lake Harriet.
    Thanks all for the birthday wishes : )

    Carol Neal
  10. Hey, it IS a fundamental paradigm shift we’re in, is it not? Time to get used to it. The world wants YOU. The new world, anyway.

  11. Now resonating with Arch Angel Michael’s comments about this time. Felt the impact of this.
    link to spiritlibrary.com

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