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Choosing Where to Focus Your Energy

(Comments are in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001)

“We, and all those who work on this side, have not known precisely how things would unfold in the collective process of transformation, but we have been aware that there were pockets of people who would attempt to strike out, to create fear and terror, because that is their motive. They use fear and terror in an attempt to make their own position dominant, whether it be for religious domination, or self-determination, or patriotism, or whatever they would call it. They want your fear! What you give your fear to; which is yours to give, just as you give love, just as you give your resources; is in some way your energy voting as to what you will support and what you will give your life to. Every emotion, resource or energy that is focused externally is your life energy that you choose at some level to give to that person, circumstance, or thing.”

“You are now being called to consciousness more tangibly than ever before and this call has been triggered by these events. This process is not over. The events have just begun to grab your attention and shake your reality. When you give your fear to these unfolding events and to those who want to create an atmosphere of fear and terror, you are giving your life to them. When you give your emotional nature into the hands of the media; the media that continues to multiply and magnify insecurity, vulnerability, and patriotism with a resultant acting out in attacking back; then you are giving your life to that. Begin to realize that you can choose, that you do have a choice in every moment.”

“Those of you who have been working with your own personal transformation for some time have been counseled over and over to withdraw your attention from what is receding or dying, and place it with that which is growing and taking on new life within you and your culture. This includes making choices that align your energy, your focus of attention, and your money with what has life. This practice also includes releasing others from blame, taking responsibility for what belongs to you while discerning what belongs to you and what does not, discerning and acknowledging truth and awareness wherever you perceive it, and not giving attention to those places in culture that are continuing to create from a place of illusion, distortion, and duality without consciousness of their effects on the whole of creation. It is time to be discerning and make conscious choices on how to spend your time and resources based on what is alive for you, while noticing how others want or would try to manipulate you to spend your time, life energy, or money.”

“There are many now who are choosing to give their fear and their emotional power to those who want that power to fuel further polarity. Most are making these choices from a place that is not fully conscious. They are reacting out of previous patterning. But now those patterns are also lifting to consciousness. When the patterns begin to come to the surface, people become more open to learning, open to questioning, open to a greater awareness and perspective, and open to listening. Then there is an influx of awareness. Many, many, many people are becoming aware of things that they were never conscious of before. The awareness is actually painful for many, because it is so piercing and so deeply stirring, vibrating the illusion, the distortion, and the unconscious patterns that have been their experience and thus, their reality. So there are many in that place. It is these ones who need to hear your voices, to hear another perspective, and to be supported in this process. For they are awakening, painfully awakening, but awakening none the less, during this time as a result of the traumatic events in your collective culture and psyche.”

“There are also those who are choosing to wrap the cloak of righteousness around them, where they would stand in a place of judgment, and use their position and belief structures as an armoring around them. Standing in righteousness, standing in judgment of others, projecting, keeping their fear and vulnerability inside the armor. These ones are not open right now to other perspectives. Their armoring is protecting their own places of terror, fear, and vulnerability. Rather than go there, the armoring is their choice right now. These ones would attempt to make your voices seem insignificant. They would try to rob you of credibility and of power and strength in what you say into the whole. Do not allow that. You do not need an armoring of righteousness to speak the truth. The truth always has its own power. All you need do is speak the truth of what you know, what you perceive, how you sense, and allow yourselves to teach and educate gently, without righteousness, without an armoring. And you can do this as you stand in a place of awareness. Awareness means that you are not giving your life energy or resources to that which wishes to use that energy to perpetuate fear, retaliation, judgment, righteousness, and continuation of duality.”

“You can choose to put your energy into love, truth, and the wisdom that you are growing deep within you. You can choose to give it to those who are bringing forth life, supporting new forms, new ideas, new structures, new ways to proceed, and new resolutions that include a healing process that can encompass many more than those who have been wounded directly. That can encompass an awareness of how to gradually open and heal with those in the world, cultures of the world, peoples of the world that have been disregarded and disrespected by those in power who have worn the cloaks of righteousness in this country (US) and in others. We are not singling out anyone. The distortions have been woven throughout humanity.”

“It is for you to realize how truly powerful you are through your choices. Where you place your attention, you give your life. Where you give your life, you vote, in a sense, with your life as to what then has power in your world. It is time to know this, to each day make choices, with more and more conscious awareness, and if at times you act from an unconscious pattern, to notice without judgment, and choose again. As you grow more conscious you will automatically become aware of where you are yet unconscious, where the patterns are still woven in your own body or your own psyche. And they, too, will come to the light of awareness. Be with those who are feeling the piercing pain of coming to an awakening in this collective way. Be with them, offer to support them, offer what you have learned. Take their hand, if need be, and show them, give them books, do some healing work if they are open. Offer your awareness, your expertise, your skills in knowing how to open to what is real and what is true. Assist them through the trauma of releasing their beliefs of what reality has been.”

“These are ways that you can be present in this time, practical and useful ways that assist the unfolding that is much larger than any one of you. There is more to come. We are hopeful that those of you and the many who are making new choices in this time will continue to magnify the awareness that can then grow to larger choices being made by those who govern and are in policy-making positions. We have hope for this. However, the movement toward decisions made out of righteousness has a certain momentum. That is likely to play out for some time. We are hopeful that it will not last long. We are also hopeful that as duality plays out its desires to magnify fear so that it can feast further and last longer, awareness will pierce the veils of consciousness throughout the world and people will begin to see what is really going on beneath the veils. We are a resource for you, and offer a perspective that you can hopefully use in your lives at times when it feels helpful and supportive. We certainly cannot make your choices. That is not our part, but we can be a counsel, a resource.”

“In the world there are those who would perceive our voices to be something very different. Rather than counsel, in their reality they would see our voices coming through one in earth to be something harmful to them and to their world. That has been their conditioning. So, they would like to put you in that category with us. The conditioning of some religions and teachings say that unless there is agreement with their belief structures and dogmas, everything not in that frame is evil. Black and white is the way duality has worked. Do not judge in return. Do not throw back what they throw at you. Stand clear of it, knowing that your awareness and truth is truly impermeable to the distortions that are now rising up to stop the love and the light from proceeding into the practical plane of manifestation.”

“Do not allow the voices of those who do not desire duality to pass away, those who are behind the rise of fear and terror, to stop you. There are many more of you now present in the Earth than have ever been at one time before. Join together, find others, create new forms and structures and solutions, new ways of proceeding. Try them out amongst yourselves in your own relationships, your own businesses, your own awareness and life. Then you have something to share with others. Utilize what you have learned. Vote with your life, your focus, and your energy either for what you truly wish to empower to come to life, or for that which will draw you into greater fear and terror. It is your choice. And we bless and stand with you.”

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