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Cross-Quarter Planetary Event Thursday, August 1st

Discombobulation, odd spatial distortions, constant rearrangement of plans, erratic sleep patterns, lack of clarity, boredom, unexpected emotions with no apparent connection to a cause, lack of future vision, ringing ears, fatigued, and much of the time a lack of interest in much of anything. Yet still busy. There you have a sampling of the weirdnesses being experienced in the current energies.

You likely read other sources about these interesting times, including information about the astrological sextile of late July. Some are calling this the great star of David, or merkaba pattern. I’m not fluent in astrology so I can’t explain more about the configuration, but the general sense of a significant dimensional shift does seem to have settled upon us. I probably should add feeling inarticulate to the list in the first paragraph, because that is my experience right now. Staying focused takes a bit of concentration, and it seems that whatever used to compute does not. Whatever that means :)

And, I’m also feeling fortunate that we have a planetary event Thursday evening. We will be joined by the Earth Mother, and I trust that she will be of assistance in helping us navigate a time where nothing feels very solid.

The event begins at 7pm central time, and we usually are done well before 9pm. Planetary events are open to everyone at no charge, although we remain open to donations. On our calendar you will find information to connect with us by internet or phone. Of course we also prefer to have a group in the room, so we hope local participants will join us in person. Wherever you are, I’m sure you will find the session personally helpful even as our group assists greater humanity through whatever process we are guided.

Words, not so fluid right now….


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  1. How about adding unexplained pain (!!) to that list… prevalent, presistent and perplexing pain! I’ll be so glad when things settle back down and smooth out…
    Trying to ‘align with that light within’ and ‘relax into love!” Clinging to those concepts like a floating log in a raging rapids and trying to trust…

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