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1-5PM – Materializing Light

February 14, 2015
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
$152, $134 subscribers
Chris LaFontaine   
(651) 224-4451

New for 2015 is a series of 6 events every other month starting Saturday, February 14th. For the past three years we have facilitated programs co-created by Michele, the Earth Mother and many friends in Spirit. The focus has been on the process of moving out of Duality, sorting what is not going forward into the new dimension and shifting the internal stance to one of Creator within Creation.

As we transition further away from the old reality we begin to embody more of our greater Self, and our experience shifts from healing to recreating ourselves. As with the previous series we do not know in advance what will be presented. Michele co-facilitates with energies joining her from Spirit and Earth, sharing information she receives along with a directly channeled segment and a process to assist integration of the energies working through the session.

The whole of us is learning as we go, including those beings of Spirit and Earth. At these events we work with the most current energies of change. At each session we are literally in the moment of its creation, without pretense or planning beyond the necessities of coordinating the group.

Here’s what we know so far:

• The sessions will run from 1-5pm on the second Saturday of every other month starting in February.

• The cost is $152, or $134 if you subscribe to The Lightsmith Deal.

• There is no pre-requisite and you can attend any or all of these sessions. Sequence is suggested for full effect, but not required.

• You can participate in person or remotely.

Use one of the buttons below to sign up for remote participation. Pre-payment is not required if attending in person.

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